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The third crusade


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The "final" upload of the powerpoint on The Third Crusade

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The third crusade

  1. 1. BY: MikaylaHansen, OliviaGreer, CaseyHoover, andJillianBeauford
  2. 2. WHY DID THIS CRUSADE BEGIN? This crusade began because it was a plan to capture the Holy Lands in Jerusalem as well as Jerusalem itself from the Turks/Muslims. After all of the crusades, they were successful in capturing the Holy Lands
  3. 3. WHO FOUGHT? King Richard the Lionhearted (the king of England) fought for the Christians along with the British and French forces against other religions such as the Jews, and the Muslims for ownership of the holy land.
  4. 4. WHERE DID IT TAKE PLACE? It took place in the medieval times in Jerusalem which would be modern Lebanon, Syria and Israel.
  5. 5. WHAT WERE THE EFFECTS OF THE CRUSADE? After this crusade, the successor crusades continued to fight over the Holy Lands. The effects that are still present today are that people continue to fight over these lands for rights/ownership. The positive effects were that this crusade allowed the whole group of crusades fighting over the holy lands to advance further on their mission. The negative effects are that this crusade did not achieve the holy lands by its self so the others had to fight as well
  6. 6. HOW DID THIS CRUSADE END? King Richard and Saladin agreed on a truce that Christians could visit Jerusalem and not pay. They could go to the holy lands and no one could take the land from Jaffa to Tyre. The third crusade came to an end.
  7. 7. DID ANOTHER CRUSADE FOLLOW THIS? Yes, another crusade followed this. The fourth crusade followed this and they fought over Jerusalem as well as the rest of the the Crusades.