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Competency mapping ppt


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Competency mapping ppt

  1. 1. COMPETENCY MAPPINGBy : Jithin Das
  2. 2. Competency The basic requirement to do a job well Satisfactory not outstanding Any attitude, skill, behavior, motive or other personal characteristic
  3. 3. Competency Mapping Competency Mapping can be defined as a process through which one evaluates and determines ones strengths as an individual worker. Individual’s level of competency in each skill is measured against a performance standard
  4. 4. Competency Components Skill Knowledge Personal Motive
  5. 5. Observable Behavior Knowledge Attitudes SkillsMotives, Values , Traits, Self Concept
  6. 6. Competencies for Managers Understanding what need to be done Taking people with you Getting the job done
  7. 7. Need for competency mapping Training and Development Recruitment Replacement and Selection Planning Competency Mapping CareerCompensation Planning Succession Planning Performance Appraisal
  8. 8. Process Job Analysis Competency based Job description Performance evaluation Identifying competency and deciding the required training.
  9. 9. Competency MappingMethods Behavioral Event Interview (BEI)  Competency Requirement Questionnaires  Expert HR Panel  PIQ (position information questionnaire)  360 Degree Appraisal
  10. 10. Implementation of Competency Mapping Recruitment & Selection Training & Development Career & Succession Plan Reward & Recognition Performance
  11. 11. Conclusion Required to perform each role effectively Serves as a base for all HR application
  12. 12. Any queries please ?THANK YOU