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Competency new 156


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Competency Mapping

Published in: Business, Technology
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Competency new 156

  1. 1. The Changing Face of Human Resources Management “From IR to HR to HRD” Competency Mapping
  2. 2. What are Competencies Competencies are the human capabilities and work-related behaviours that provide a competitive advantage to an organisation Any quality or characteristics of a person which underpins successful performance
  3. 3. The Behavioral Iceberg Observable Behavior AptitudesCompetencies Attitudes / Traits Skills Knowledge
  4. 4. Types of Competencies Natural ability that prepares theAptitudes person to fulfill the responsibilities Way of thinking or behaving needed toAttitudes fulfill the responsibilities Acquired ability or experience neededSkills to fulfill the responsibilities Information and understanding needed toKnowledge fulfill the responsibilities
  5. 5. Competency ClustersBusiness Knowledge Customer Focus Communication Result Focus Leadership Proactivity Innovation Collaboration Stamina & AdaptabilityConceptual Thinking
  6. 6. Benefits of Competency Framework Recruitment & SelectionJob Design & Performance Grading Management Career Succession Pathing Planning Training & Potential Development Assessment Reward Management
  7. 7. Competency Mapping : Flow ChartJob Description Role Clarification Competencies reqd. for the Job Competencies a Job Holder has Competency Mapping Bridging the Competency Gap
  8. 8. Methods to Identify Competencies In Basket Exercises Stress Interviews Focussed Behavioral Event Interview Presentation Vision / Strategy Speeches Leaderless Group Exercises Role Play Business Games Structured Group Discussion Psychometric Tests Case Studies Peer Coaching & Counseling Exercises
  9. 9. The Five-level Scale WRITTEN COMMUNICATION Write and transmit information1 2 3 4 5 Write Write Write in a Write in a standard structured simplified simplified documents and manner manner developed complex complex notes and messages in messages in documents order to sustain order to the choices of influence the the reader reader
  10. 10. Competency Mapping : Competency Identification Worksheet Role : Regional Sales Manager To achieve Sales objectives of approx. Rs.300 Mio Plan, develop & control the regional sales strategy for a specific range of products To manage a team of 6 Area Managers and 40 Sales Reps To ensure efficient regional field force support systems Interaction with 80-90 distributors and 5 Clearing & Forwarding Agents To establish timely effective communications within the region and with Corporate Marketing /Sales To maintain harmonious industrial relations
  11. 11. Competency Mapping : Competency Identification Worksheet Match Person / Position Position : Regional Sales Manager Person Position Score Competencies 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Person Position Business Knowledge Leadership Result Focus Customer Focus Collaboration Sales Skills Proactivity Conceptual Thinking Innovation Communication Stamina & Adaptability Score Competency Ratio Pay for the Person Develop Competency Pay Scale
  12. 12. Business KnowledgeUnderstands the IndustryFinancial acumenKnowledge of company productsOverview of business
  13. 13. LeadershipSets out clear standards and goalsMotivates others to achieve and maintain high standardsWorks to reach consensus and agreement whereverpossibleWelcomes constructive criticismIdentifies and shares success stories
  14. 14. Result FocusTakes on challenging but achievable goalsIdentifies gaps and seeks to overcome themSets targets, monitors efficiency and effectivenessDecides on optimum work approachMaximises use of available technology
  15. 15. Customer FocusAnticipates and forecasts customer requirementsDefines quality standards for customer serviceDevelops partnership with the customerEnhances long term relationship with customerCreates new solutions to meet customer needs
  16. 16. CollaborationBuilds effectively team within a function/ countryEncourages and supports colleagues to achieve goalsDevelops information-sharing networksCreates team effectiveness using people skills
  17. 17. ProactivitySeizing opportunities as they ariseHandling crises swiftly and effectivelyExceeding the bounds of one’s formal authority
  18. 18. Conceptual ThinkingDevelops concepts/ patterns perceived in a set of factsRapidly identifies key issues/ actions in a complex situationSeeing connections or patternsUsing vigorous, original analogies or metaphors
  19. 19. InnovationAdapts and applies different new approaches tosituationsModifies standard approaches for more effectiveoutcomesDevelops original approaches to non-routine situationsEncourages innovation and creativity in others ,supports new ideas
  20. 20. CommunicationListens carefully to others, tries to help people withproblemAdapts language and style to meet the needs of theaudienceStructures information in a way that addresses others’issuesEncourages open discussions through questioning
  21. 21. Stamina & AdaptabilitySustain and work long hoursFlexible and adapts to changeMaintain high performance under stress
  22. 22. Competency MatrixH Search for Consider for transfer orYEARS IN POSITION alternative position promotion Pay below Pay at Reference Salary Reference Salary Train for current High flyer - Develop position Career Plan Pay at Ref. Salary - Pay below Consider marketL Reference Salary premium L COMPETENCY H
  23. 23. THANK YOU !!! Abhilash Sivan