HUDSON TALENT MANAGEMENTOne of the most important assets of any organisation is the people it employs. The effectiveness w...
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Hudson Talent Management


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Hudson Talent Management - Speak to the Experts

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Hudson Talent Management

  1. 1. HUDSON TALENT MANAGEMENTOne of the most important assets of any organisation is the people it employs. The effectiveness with which thatorganisation attracts, develops and motivates individuals with the right skills, experience and behaviours is a majordeterminant in its success. All too often, however, management find that they do not have the right people in the rightplace to fill critical positions when they appear, or that they simply cannot retain or harness existing talent. Worse still,talented people are often not be operating at their optimum levels.We believe that the key to achieving great performance through people is the alignment of organisational and talentstrategies. This important understanding is the underlying ethos on which Hudson Talent Management is built.Comprising a team of professional consultants, occupational psychologists and assessment specialists, and withaccess to the most advanced tools and techniques in the industry, Hudson’s Talent Management practice spans thefull range of attraction, selection, engagement and development of human capital, throughout the entire employmentlifecycle. SELECT ATTRACT: Establish a competency-based approach that defines requirements, attracts the best people and creates a pool of candidates with strong technical and cultural fit. SELECT: Eliminate guesswork during selection by using a variety of screening and assessment techniques to assess suitability in terms of cultural fit,AT T R A C T personality and aptitude. ENGAGE ENGAGE: Ensure engagement, optimal performance and retention through the clarification of objectives, roles and responsibilities, in line with the organisation’s strategic goals. DEVELOP: Develop and retain key employees by recognising their potential at an early stage and enabling them to reach their full potential through D E V E LO P effective career planning and personal development.Hudson Talent Management is about delivering business success through an understanding of the nature of talent andharnessing it in the achievement of key strategic goals. It is about ensuring that the natural talents and aspirations ofpeople are valued and optimised. It is about ensuring that leaders in all kinds of organisation understand the blockagesthat may threaten hard work. And finally it is about understanding how to manage people for alignment as well asability.Through adopting these principles, organisations can reap the rewards of a fulfilled and effective talent pool.The Hudson Talent Management Toolkit ATTRACT SELECT ENGAGE DEVELOP Audit: HR/Resourcing Graduate Recruitment Competency Profile & Talent Identification Processes Frameworks (5+1)TM & Development Flexible Assessor Programmes Consultancy: HR, Programme Job Profiling & Job Resourcing and ArchitectureTM Development Centre Assessment Strategies Assessment Centre Design & Delivery Design/Delivery Balanced Scorecard Job Profiling 360° Feedback Personality, Questionnaires, Surveys Analysis of Exit Interview Psychometric Testing & Executive & Performance Data Training Performance Coaching Management Tools Career Fit Indicator (CFI) Leadership & First 100 Days Coaching Development Training on Competency & On-Boarding Programmes Based Interviewing & Assessment Exit Interviews For further information contact: Clayton Badland on 02071876408;