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Cradle mountain presentation.


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Cradle mountain presentation.

  1. 1. location • Cradle mountain is located In western Tasmania Australia in cradle valley. • Its geographical coordinates Are 41°41′4.72″S, 145°57′4.59″E • A map of Tasmania showing the location of cradle mountain. >>>> • Web link
  2. 2. • Cradle Mountain was named in 1826 by an English land surveyor ‘ Joseph Fossey’. • He instantly named it Cradle Mountain because of its appearance. • /
  3. 3. Aboriginal use • Archaeological research has revealed many old aboriginal sites containing caves, rocks, shelters and stone tools indicating the aborigines traveled through Cradle Valley occasionally resting on the mountain itself. Aboriginal use of Cradle Mountain and surrounding areas date back to the last ice age. The use of the mountain was non-permanent, and used for seasonal hunting during summer. •
  4. 4. Development • About 20000 years ago a slow moving glacier covered the central plateau. The glacier developed hollows in the highland surface which created the beautiful lakes we now find in cradle valley. As the ice moved down through the valley it tore away rocks from the sides of mountain peaks like Cradle Mountain. Therefore Cradle mountain was carved by glacial ice. • web link •
  5. 5. • Cradle Mountain summits 1545m above sea level. • It is rich in flora and fauna and its beauty attracts people from all over. • Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, part of Tasmania's World Heritage area. The park covers an area of 124 942 ha which is characterized by a rugged, glaciated landscape with over 25 major peaks and a wide range of glacial formations • Web link •
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