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French gardenculture


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French gardenculture

  1. 1. Historical Gardens of France - Jardin Des Plantes •Opened to the.public in 1640. One of the most famous botanical gardens located along the River Siene in Paris. Originally known as Jardin deu Roi or Garden of the King •Planted as a medicinal garden by Guy de la Brosse (Louis XIII’s physician) (Photo Benh Lieu Song •French Garden Culture •Modified------- Originally created By Sarah Law (Isabelle)
  2. 2. Historical Gardens - Jardin Des Tuileries Photo: Kieth Pancione • Building began 1564, Louis XIV’s gardener André Le Notre laid out garden construction in 1664 . Catherine de Medici planned this palace after the death of her husband Henry II Of France. Photo: Kieth Pancione
  3. 3. Historical Gardens – Gardens of Versailles •Located on Paradise Island ns were formal and symmetrical in design. • Three important aspects of french formal gardening were aviaries, menageries and fountains.
  4. 4. Historical Gardens – Gardens of • In the Garden of Versailles theV stateuer osf Aapiolllol (eThse Sun God) represent Louis XIV who was known as the Sun King.
  5. 5. Historical Gardens - Chateau De Vendeuvre • A country house –Located in lower Normandy • Originally built between 1750 – 1752 for Alexandre Le Forestier, ‘seigneur ’ (lord) of Vendeuvre. Contains the first miniature furniture collection in the world
  6. 6. Historical Gardens - Chateau De Vendeuvre • Gardens created by the present Count of Vendeuvre • Restored to the original plans from 1813 • Symmetrically designed to create a sense of balance to the eye
  7. 7. Historical Gardens - Chateau De Vendeuvre
  8. 8. NOTRE-DAME Square 2008
  9. 9. Historical Gardens – Arboretum de balaine • The oldest ‘private’ botanical garden, started in 1804. Located in Villeneuve-Sur Allier. The park remains in the same family since 1804 (currently 7th generation). •
  10. 10. Historical Gardens – Garden at Giverny • Created by Claude Monet in 1883. Claude Monet lived in Giverny for 43 years. His own personal garden located in Giverny, France. He grouped things by color
  11. 11. Historical Gardens – Garden at Giverny Photo: Giverny France
  12. 12. Modern Times – Techniques • Due to France being a small country, many backyard gardens are small; they’ve had to learn to do a lot with a small plot of land. They use a technique called French Intensive gardening •Plants are very close together • Very rich, loose soil is used so plants don’t need to spread far to get nutrients How to plant a garden using French Intensive Gardening 1. Layout the size/shape of your garden (The diagram garden is 4x8) 2.Dig square 1 about a foot and a half deep, placing the dirt in square D 3.Fill square 1 with about 1-4 inches of manure, Turn the manure into the subsoil. Repeat for other squares. Photo: Sarah Law