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  1. 1. Strasbourg means "Town of roads". Strasse from Latin strata ("street"), German -burg ("fortress, town "). Situated on the Ill River, which flows into the Rhine on the border with Germany.
  2. 2. Petite France is the name given to the small area between the rivers Temperature here fluctuates between 38.5 °C & −23.4 °C.
  3. 3. The early history of Strasbourg consists of a long conflict between its bishop and its citizens.In 14 February 1349 several hundred Jews were publicly burnt to death, remaining expelled from the city. Until the end of the 18th century, Jews were forbidden to remain in town after 10 pm. A special tax, the Pflastergeld (pavement money), was to be paid for any horse that a Jew would ride into the city. Strasbourg Cathedral in 13th century became the World's Tallest Building. In September 1681 it was annexed by King Louis XIV of France. In 1836 Napoléon Bonaparte unsuccessfully tried to lead his coup in Strasbourg. During the Franco-Prussian War Strasbourg, the city was heavily bombarded by the Prussian army. In 1871 after the war's end, the city was annexed to the newly German Empire. Strasbourg was rebuilt. In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles reattributed the city back to France. . River Ill, seen from the terrace of the Palais Rohan.
  4. 4. Parliament of Strasbourg
  5. 5. Ponts couverts bridge
  6. 6. City transportation in Strasbourg is served by a tram system. With more than 500 km of bicycle paths, biking ,walking in the city is convenient and is encouraged.
  7. 7. Strasbourg features a number of prominent parks, e.g. the Parc de l'Orangerie Orangerie park
  8. 8. In January 2009 three universities in Strasbourg, merged into the Université de Strasbourg,the second largest university in France, with about 43,000 students Université de Strasbourg
  9. 9. Petite France