The most beautiful gardens around the world


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If you can't visit these gardens in real life you can always visit them online

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The most beautiful gardens around the world

  1. 1. The Most Beautiful Gardens Around The World
  2. 2. Villa Lante, Bagnaia, Italy - One of the most beautiful green spots in Italy; - It was possession of the Lante family back in the 17th century when it was already 100 years old; - Features cascades fountains and sculptures; - The garden’s architect was Tommasio Ghinucci; - In the 20th century the garden was under restoration due to Alliend bombing.
  3. 3. Jardin Botanique de Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Comprising 79 hectares (190 acres); - In 2008 was designed as national Historic Site of Canada and considered as the most important garden in the county; - However, the garden was founded in 1931 by the mayor Camillien Houde; - The garden is divided into different sections including Chinese, Japanese and Alpine garden.
  4. 4. The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Mevagissey, UK - The style of the gardens is typical for the 19th century Gardenesque style; - Created by the members of the Cornish Treamayne Family; - Before the WW1, the gardens required the service of 22 gardeners, but due to the war, the number was reduced to only 8; - In 1996, the British tv Channel 4 restorated successfully all the gardens.
  5. 5. Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia - The gardens were open to public in 1816 and are open 24/7; - The oldest scientific institution in Australia; - Once the gardens housed a zoo; - Still a home to a colony of over 22,000 Grey- headed Flying foxes- a large species of fruit bat.
  6. 6. Byodo-in Temple, Oahu, Hawaii - The temple is a replica of a 900-years-old Buddhist place of worship at Uji, Japan; - Inside the temple there is a nine-foot Lotus Buddha covered in gold and lacquer; - Build largely by concrete; - The gardens follow Zen-style design.
  7. 7. Kew Gardens, London, UK - Kew gardens are responsible for the for the world’s largest collection of living plants; - The collection includes more than 30,000 different kind of plants; - It also has a library, which has more than 750,00 volumes and more than 175,000 prints and drawings of plants; - Other attractions part of the gardens are the Alpine house and the Chokushi -Mon replica, as well as the Kew house and Marriane North gallery.