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A day in the life


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you can find the missing song on the second to last slide here

this song is Young by Hollywood Undead this is for educational purposes only!

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A day in the life

  1. 1. A Day In The LifeWhat I Do Every Day Sean A, Academy @ Lincoln Thursday, March 22, 2012
  2. 2. Mornings1. I get out of bed at 6:30 in the morning and get dressed2. I take my dog outside to use the bathroom3. I eat and then practice playing the guitar or percussion instruments4. I leave for school at 8:00
  3. 3. Before School ActivitiesMath Club: In math club we participated inmany state wide competitions doing andlearning how to solve more math equations.Percussion Ensemble: In percussion Ensemblewe are working on different patterns forhitting the drum, learning new music, andplaying at percussion festivals.
  4. 4. EEETriple “E” is a time in the school day wherewe learn extra things from our homeroomteacher on any variety of subject, or we aregiven time to read during this time.We normally spend Triple “E” with ourscience teacher or our homeroom teacherMr. Eastwell who also teaches us SocialStudies
  5. 5. First Class of the Day My first class alternates between social studies and science where I have one every other dayIn Science we are learning aboutecosystems In Social Studies we are learning about European Countries
  6. 6. My Second Class is MathRight now in class we are working withgeometry, trigonometry, and pre-algebraAn example of us finding the area of theshape on the paper
  7. 7. More Math Versa tiles which allow us to solve problems and create patterns when answers are correctIn math we have a SMARTBoard which allows us to writeand use a touch sensitive boardwith a projector. A panorama view of our math classroom
  8. 8. Our third class is Language ArtsMost recently in language arts we have donea poetry unit. In this picture we are • We have daybooks which are journal’s cutting out and creating a where we write about things in our lives, collage for the meaning of specific topics, and glue things in for a poem we read writing, reading, and test taking strategies • About every month we have to read a book and do certain assigned activities with it
  9. 9. 1st Encore: Art• Encore’s are extra classes such as art, drama, band, orchestra, and chorus we have drawn fragmented scenes of any subject to learn shading, in edition to this we have done many more In art we have made we have drawn jungles with sculptures based on a oil pastels to learn depth in Mexican art style called art based on a Haitian art Alibrije technique.
  10. 10. 2nd Encore: BandI play all percussive instruments in our band.My favorite instrument is the Marimba whichis a tonal instrument like the xylophone, butproduces a more deep sound.
  11. 11. GuitarI take guitar lessons every Friday night for a halfhourI focus on learning both blues techniques as wellas rock ones.I own an Ibanez Gio electric guitar which lookslike thisMy favorite song that I have learned to play isWake Me Up when September Ends by GreenDay
  12. 12. ScoutingI am part of The Boy Scouts of America inTroop 214 located in Greensboro NorthCarolinaIn scouts we learn new skills with rope, lifesaving and first aid plus many other things.My favorite thing about boy scouts is that weget to go camping every month.
  13. 13. My FavoritesA excerpt of one of my favorite My favorite sport is Baseballsongs; Young by HollywoodUndead My favorite food is fajitas My favorite color is blue
  14. 14. All in SummaryMy LifeI get up in the morning to get ready for school. I take care of my dog and then practice my varietyof instruments. After that I leave for school or I might leave a bit earlier to go to percussionensemble or math club.I go to my homeroom to get ready for my first few classes. After that I go to social studies orscience and learn about history or ecosystems. Then I go to math and learn about trigonometry,pre-algebra, and geometry.After these two classes we go to lunch and then to our third class language arts. In Language artswe are working on a poetry unit involving types of poetry and aspects of it. We normally havesome crafty or electronic related project going on for a book or some skill set. This is the last coreclass or class that everyone has to take. Next we have encore classes which are somewhatenrichment such as band, orchestra, art, and drama and then physical education which is requiredto be taken. My first encore alternates between P.E. and art. In art we have worked on many formsof art from around the world. In P.E. we are working on a variety of skill sets. After this I have bandin band I play percussion instruments.After school on either Tuesday or Friday it alternates between Boy Scout meetings where I learnmany valuable skills, and guitar practice where I am learning many guitar skills. And on weekends Ihelp clean and do maintenance around my house and go to scout camps.