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Global Service Jam


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Introductory presentation to the Global Service Jam in Antwerp on March, 11 2011.

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Global Service Jam

  1. 1. 11-13 March 201148 HOURS TO DESIGN A NEW SERVICE
  2. 2. Every product is already a service Tim Brown
  3. 3. Business, just as architecture and painting, are concerned, not with how things are, but how they might be - in short with DESIGN. The manager is a Form-Giver who shapes organizations and economic processes. Herbert Simon
  4. 4. EfficientDistinctive
  5. 5. Useful Efficient UsableDesirable Distinctive
  6. 6. Useful Efficient UsableDesirable Distinctive Experience
  8. 8. ANTWERP ANTWERP ANTWERPDesign a Service in 48 hours
  9. 9. Perspective on the theme
  10. 10. User-centered
  11. 11. What customers DoSay ≠ Think Feel
  12. 12. Ideas & Concepts
  13. 13. Sketch!
  14. 14. Be different
  15. 15. Serious play
  16. 16. Tangiblepresentation
  17. 17. Make Stuff Have FunMake Friends Learn
  18. 18. Global Service Jam Just 48 hours to design a service SIX JAM TIPS (presented by the GSJ Global Council) ADJUST EXPECTATIONS (Kleber Puchaski, Curitiba Jam) No one expects you to design, prototype and present an entire education system or futuretransportation network in only 48 hours. So dont try. The best innovative ideas for a Jam are small, self- contained and have one really cool new aspect. So thats what you should aim for. PLAY, SERIOUSLY (Patti Hunt, Melbourne Jam)Being playful makes you more creative. It lets you make mistakes, and is a really enjoyable way of working together. But - keep your play focused on your goals. So laugh a lot, be playful & enjoy the weekend! TRY NEW THINGS (Bengi Turgan, Istanbul Jam)You probably brought your own tools and techniques to the Jam, and thats great. Share them, butplease dont forget to use and try out other peoples methods too. Learning other ways to work - or developing brand new ones - is one of the best things that can happen in the next two days. DOING, NOT TALKING (Joel Van Dyke, Greenville Jam)In 48 hours, theres no time to discuss stuff. If you spend too much time talking, maybe your ideasare too complex? Turn your ideas into something you can DO, then get up and try it out. Its a faster and more creative way to make decisions and move forward. CO-CREATE (JaEun/Joanne Kim, Seoul Jam) Co-creation is a key concept of service design - we say "dont be a prophet, be a wise guide". But you might not have your real service users or customers in the room to work with you thisweekend. So think about ways to get out, bring in ideas from outside, and use other people around you to co-create your design. DONT FALL IN LOVE (Adam Lawrence & Markus Hormess, Nürnberg Jam & GSJ) Your first ideas might be great, but your later ones will be better - if you give them a chance. So never fall in love with an idea, or with a prototype. Always be happy to throw everything away for the next idea. Work fast, and work dirty.
  19. 19. Eat carbs Play & Laugh Jürgen’s survival guide forThink visually Move around
  20. 20. GLOBAL Jam #gsj11 #gsjantwerp
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