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Outline meet the world 2013 (June)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Outline meet the world 2013 (June)

  1. 1. Dare to Play Innovation! Meet the World 2013 Outline June
  3. 3. Innovation and PlayfulnessHow to innovate is one of the central questions, and obviously there iswritten a lot about it lately.Incremental, disruptive, modular, discontinuous, radical, collaborative, etc. innovation. What you could say is that each kind of innovation asksfor a different approach, but one of the main aspects in dealing withuncertainty and creativity is to approach it in a playfull way. Succesfulorganisations like Apple, Google and Ideo have implemented Play intheir way of working, which makes them more creative and flexible thenmost of their competitors. Even the worldfamous Project ManagementInstitute is talking about Improvisation. So how do you use something sonot professional like Play in your so serious organization?
  4. 4. “At IDEO, we believe in the power of play. It is an essential part of our approach” (IDEO CEO Tim Brown)
  5. 5. “Improvisation May Be the Key to Successfully Managing Change” (prof. Orlikowski, MIT)
  6. 6. “The next thing after Social Media is Gamification” (prof. Nicholson, Syracuse University)
  7. 7. “I found eBay boring, and am creating a fun new one.” (Brendan Smith, 28 year old CEO of the unkonwn new startup Bizzulu)
  8. 8. Festival at Maitland’s PlaygroundThe Meet The World event takes place at the newMaitland’s Playground in Driebergen, and we’re going tolearn about Innovation and Playfulness by experimenting.Like being at a festival you can explore new methods youwant to use like AppliedImprovisation, Gamification, Lego SeriousPlay, Prototyping, etc. Find what you need, it’s all there! Ifyou’re bored, create something new!
  9. 9. There will be a seperate room for people who want totalk about it (like why it’s never going to work, and thatit is really interesting to watch childeren play), and wetotally agree with them in there.
  10. 10. Building Blocks• Meaningful Gamification• Applied Improvisation• Rapid Prototyping• Serious Play• …
  11. 11. Outcomes of the Day• Becoming familiair with Playfulness (methods) in Innovation. – “I can work with this!”• Getting insprired by new ways of thinking. – “I didn’t think of that before!”• Getting to know interesting people for your innovation network. – “Let’s work together tomorrow!”• Having fun together! – “I’m not going to forget this!”
  12. 12. Numbers Location• Break even • Driebergen• 150 participants • Maitland’s Playground• Max. Maitland full • Blauwgedicht
  13. 13. Concept Program Outline: The Innovation GameDuring the day the participants will play in teamsthe Innovation Game. With a Game we mean that…• there will be a real business challenge to solve,• everybody has to act and cheat where possible (read: challenging existing rules),• learning, adapting and creating take place simultaneously,• the outcome of the day will be possible solutions for these challenges.
  14. 14. Flow-a-gram Phase 2: Phase 4: Phase 1: exchange Phase 3:Kick off Final Diverge with other converge results teams
  15. 15. Morning (1 & 2)When people come in there will a way to get them in the right mindsetand mood for the day. Alcoholic befferages and loud music will be (forinstance) profided, because we don’t want to wait for the fun to start.There will be a central kick off where an inspirational Gameleader /Speaker will explain what we’re going to do, and what could beimportant things to be aware of. The participants will be defided inteams and will be assisted by a facilitator to work on their teamchallenge. The rest of the morning they will work on new ideas(divergence) via different working methods (phase 1).
  16. 16. Lunch (3)During the lunch (phase 2) teams can exchangetheir experience and outcomes, to get to newideas and understandings. Helping each other iskey!
  17. 17. Afternoon (4 & 5)• In the afternoon we’re going to focuss on how to get from prototypes and ideas to concrete products or services (phase 3). How do you facilitate this proces without people wanting to win this innovation game because their Ego says so.• We end the day with presenting the end results (phase 4) to the owner of the busines challenge. And there will be a great connection to these two dayparts and the New Years receptions that will take place afterwards.
  18. 18. AtmosphereWe’re confinced that the atmosphere of the dayis really important. We like festivals, and most ofthe time hate conferences. So our challenge is tobuild a new festival with an interesting storyline,and a kitchen hangout where you can find thefun people having a break.
  19. 19. DraftBe aware that thispaper is just a firstdraft, and we needyou to make itspecial!
  20. 20. Eat your own DogfoodWe believe that we get the best event if wework with interesting and fun partners. Pleasecontact Team MTW to be part of this event!Rutger Slump - r.slump@debaak.nlJelle Ganzeveld - j.ganzeveld@debaak.nlRalph Blom - r.blom@debaak.nlLindy van Santen-
  21. 21. “Because we want to create a better and funfuture together”