6 Ways to Unlock Innovation and Employee Engagement with Social Learning


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  • Human capital is additive
  • Social capital is multiplicative
  • Here to talk about Social Learning, which is about how to use the social side of your organization to fuel development and growth. This discussion usually focuses on the learning side with lots of tactics for how to apply technology to learning. The social side may be more important because without good connection, the social side will fail. If the social piece fails, your learning tactics aren’t of much use. Example: expensive TV and Digital Cable but without a quality connection, the benefit of both is lost or highly diminished. So, we need to think about how to cultivate connection within our organization.
  • 6 Ways to Unlock Innovation and Employee Engagement with Social Learning

    1. 1. Jason Lauritsen • CEO, Talent Anarchy • Former HR Executive• Consultant, LeadershipTrainer, Keynote Speaker • Wrote a book about Social Capital
    2. 2. Work has changed.
    3. 3. What about this stuff?
    4. 4. Baker, Wayne. Achieving Success Through Social Capital. 2000.
    5. 5. Baker, Wayne. Achieving Success Through Social Capital. 2000.
    6. 6. PROXIMITY –We don’t seek out friends, we associate with people who occupy the same small, physical spaces we doACTIVITY –We are friends with those with whom we DO things
    7. 7. JOB RESEARCH 56% got job through contactMark Granovetter, Getting a Job, 1974
    8. 8. Innovation SpeedOR Learning Engagement
    9. 9. 1. Teach social skills and connection mindset.
    10. 10. Help people understand theimportance of relationships.
    11. 11. Teach the skills of connection and networking.
    12. 12. 2. Unleash the power of social technology.
    13. 13. Surrender control of social networking tools.
    14. 14. Teach people how to use social networks to do better work.
    15. 15. 3. Make sharing and helping easy.
    16. 16. Cultivate an internal social network. Photo courtesy of StockMonkeys.com
    17. 17. Encourage people to“narrate” their work for the network.
    18. 18. 4. Encourage socializing at and through work.
    19. 19. No Connection No Overlap
    20. 20. Connection Made Still No Overlap
    21. 21. Significant OverlapMeaningful Relationship
    22. 22. Intentionally design time for connecting and networking into work.
    23. 23. Make connectedness and networking a component of performance.
    24. 24. 5. Break down the wall between business and personal.
    25. 25. Encourage people to share more about themselves at work.
    26. 26. Create a place for sharing stories andcelebrating personal accomplishments.
    27. 27. 6. Support and organize “causes” at work.
    28. 28. Use meaningful activity to generate social capital.
    29. 29. Provide tools to make it easy for employees to organize around common interests.