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  1. 1. 
 Michael Buffa
  2. 2. Michael Boo fa buffa [noun] (boo-fuh) 1. a human being with the writing skills of a robot. 2. a cattle driver, leading humans, not animals. 3. a media arts militia packed with an arsenal of marketing artillery. 4. a savvy social communicator often seen schmoozing on the digital playground.
  3. 3. “Your blog is the unedited version of 1 yourself.” - Wise Buddha 2 3 4 5 6 1. The Good Life: Insights, ideas, and opinions on all things advertising. 2. The Daily Interest: Analyzing Media | One Day At a Time 3. Buff’s Blog: Communications 2.0 | Influence Media 4. Yo: Content + Copy. Infographics and Infrastructures Of Advertising 5. Posterous: Design, digital, and data (Microblog) 6. MichaelBuffa.com | The Future of Business Is Social
  4. 4. Work History (past  current) Company: Westminster College Position: Marketing Intern/College Relations Role: As a college relations intern at Westminster College, I was responsible for creating content for our quarterly Alumni publication Leadership. Below you will find one of my articles, 11 Ways to Be a Leader in the Age of Globalization.
  5. 5. Problem: The Alumni aren’t coming to Westmisnter College. Solution: Westminster will go to the Alumni. Role Helped strategize and conceptualize a mobile marketing tour for the college. Four students, hit 18 cities in 20 days, took video, tweeted, posted blogs, pictures, and videos from each event and posted them on Facebook. Success Put Westminster College “on the map.” Literally.
  6. 6. Title: Marketing Specialist Roles: Traditional marketing: Direct mail, email, press releases Digital marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging Success: Increased online presence and SEO. Within three months, referring sites made up 39% of website traffic, overtaking direct traffic and search engine traffic as the number one source of website visitors.
  7. 7. Talk + Play _ a digital communications agency. Mission: To help small businesses create, cultivate, and share content on the web. Talk + Play was born out of an avid interest in social media and the digital marketing community. More and more brands were on Twitter, and less and less content was being produced for these brands. Empty accounts were everywhere. I have worked with brands on multiple campaigns offering writing, marketing, and video production services from inception to completion.
  8. 8. Talk + Play _ Clients Goal:

To increase brand awareness, Medium:

Facebook Fan Page, generate speaking leads, and Twitter, Email, Youtube. Marketed, promote books/events via digital managed, and maintained media media.
 relations for the Continued Fight.

To introduce the brand and to Medium:

Created a 12-15 minute recruit, and train individuals on how video to promote on Facebook, to become a U Design Jewelry Rep.
 Youtube, email, and website. 

To increase brand awareness, Medium:

Created content that will get more people in the door, and excite partiers in STL, and delivered build relationships with prospective that content through Myspace, customers.
 Twitter, and Facebook to targeted 

  9. 9. 10 Interesting Facts 1. I don’t do web design, but I’ve worked with web designers. 2. I don’t do graphic design, but I’ve worked with graphic designers. 3. I don’t have agency experience, but I know more about an agency than you’d think. 4. I’ve written over 50 articles on advertising/marketing. 5. I write for Rebus. 6. I once created an ad campaign for myself. You can view the video here. 7. I've always had an eye for design. Never for creating, but for evaluating and understanding. 8. When I’m not working, I enjoy movies. I’m working on content for a movie blog in my free time. 7 Awesome Skills 1. Writing (It’s no longer a skill, it’s a habit) 2. Social Media Platforms (still learning, way ahead of the curve) 3. Management/Delegation (working w/ agents, clients, brands, timelines) 4. Organization (multiple brands, multiple projects) 5. Versatility (real estate, bar/live music venue, college, speaker/author) 6. Passion (reading, learning, blogging, educating) 7. Strategy (from conception to completion)
  10. 10. Michael Buffa M|B 
 Address: 1800 S. Brentwood Blvd St. Louis, MO 63144 Apt 313 tel: 636.284.5354 eml: mailto:buffamj@gmail.com url: http://www.michaelbuffa.com MY STORY I’m a recent college graduate with an ever-increasing interest in all aspects of communications, marketing, and media. I’m a writer, a thinker, a strategist, an accountable, and a planner. While many people are specialists in one category or industry, I am a generalist, looking for ways to expand and integrate into any business. Past leadership positions, prior work experiences, and a successful undergraduate education have provided me with the skills necessary to succeed in almost any business scenario. I’m ready to learn, launch, and lead in an exciting new atmosphere. MY EXPERIENCE DIGITAL STRATEGY/MANAGING DIRECTOR | TALK + PLAY ST. LOUIS, MO 2009-PRESENT Talk + Play is a social communications company. Talk consults businesses on social media strategies. Play produces visual content for social networks. I write, create, design, market, manage, and promote for three major brands: Upper End Properties, Sky Music Lounge, and the Continued Fight. MARKETING SPECIALIST | UPPER END PROPERTIES ST. LOUIS, MO 2009 Implementing an online and social media strategy into Upper End's business model. Working with the company and its agents on branding initiatives. Helping increase brand awareness though direct mail, press releases, blogging, and other integrated social media marketing strategies. MARKETING INTERN | WESTMINSTER COLLEGE FULTON, MO 2008-2009 Work under the Executive Director of Alumni and College Relations and in coordination with Multimedia Designer on various marketing and public relations projects such as billboards, postcards, flyers for campus events and lectures, redesign of Alumni publication, the building of a brand awareness campaign for the college, and the strategy behind a mobile marketing tour. MY BRAIN Westminster College | Fulton, MO — B.A. Marketing, 2009 Student Ambassador President Kappa Alpha Order Students in Free Enterprise Westminster Men’s Soccer Team Advertising Club St. Louis: Rebus Writer Social Media Club St. Louis MY LINKS http://www.michaelbuffa.com http://www.talkplaystl.com http://www.twitter.com/mbuffa http://www.facebook.com/buffamj http://www.linkedin.com/in/buffamj
  11. 11. Michael Buffa Thank you. Website: http://www.michaelbuffa.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mbuffa Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buffamj Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/buffamj Posterous: http://michaelbuffa.posterous.com/