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Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing and Online Commerce for Retail Growth


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Presentation and panelist notes handout shown at the 21st National Retail Conference & Stores Asia Expo last August 9, 2012 held at SMX Convention Center. Panel composition included: Janette Toral (, Jack Madrid (, Me-Anne Bundalian (, and Gigi Mabanta (

Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing and Online Commerce for Retail Growth

  1. 1. Harnessing  the  Power  of  Digital  Marke4ng  and  Online  Commerce  for   Retail  Growth  
  2. 2. The  backdrop  to  e-­‐commerce  in  Philippines   Tradi:onal   Presence  of   High  reliance  on   IT  and  Banking   counterfeits  and   inter-­‐personal   infrastructure  trade  legacy   knock-­‐offs   rela:onships   “evolving”   Buyers  need   Buyers  feel   Low  levels  of  Lack  of  ‘accredita4on   and  guarantees…by   to  ensure   the  comfort,   confidence/default  modern  trade   quality  by   dealing  with   trust  in   actually  encourages  des4na4on  shopping   physical   known   transac4ng   inspec4on   vendors   online   There  is  an  inherent  reluctance   to  “trade”  through  the  Internet  
  3. 3. Online  transac:ng  remains  in  it’s  infancy   Online  Transac:ons  (%)   3 1 2010 2011 Ques4on:  Have  you  purchased  products  online  in  the  past  12  months…  payment  could  be  online  or  offline?   Base: Past month Internet users aged 10+ across National Urban Philippines Source: Yahoo!-Nielsen Net Index 2011
  4. 4. Payments  largely  made  offline,  given  current  trust  and  comfort  levels  with  e-­‐payment   Payment    methods  (%)   Cash  (face  to  face)   53 Credit  card   36 Transfer  via  ATM/Bank   10 Internet  Banking   9 Deposited  cash  at  bank  branch   4 Online  accounts  such  as  Paypal   1 Cheque   1 Debit  card   1
  5. 5. Projected  e-­‐commerce  revenue  in  the  Philippines  is  at  P5  billion  pesos  excluding  airline  bookings.  If  online  booking  included,  that  will  be  an  addi4on  of  es4mated  P17  billion.  (factoring  50%  of  Cebu  Pacific  sales  which  is  online)  
  6. 6.  has  established  its  remarkable  strength  in  the  internet  owning  to  its  high  rankings  in  the  internet  search  engines,  searching  from  the  different  search  engines,  looking  for  products  and  services  plus  the  millions  of  users  directly  browsing  and  searching  the  website.      
  7. 7. #  Prepare  for   the  sweet   spot   #  Home,   hangout,   hideout  h^p://­‐says-­‐popula4on-­‐will-­‐bolster-­‐growth/  
  8. 8. Help  me  belong…  Help  me  be  significant…   Source:  h^p://  
  9. 9. The  10%  (fans)  that  influences  the     90%  (mass  market)  •  Teenage  Pirates  •  Cashless  Innovators  •  Disrup4ve  Diva  •  Discover  the  social  currency  in  a  product   Source:  h^p://  
  10. 10. Brand  vs.  fan  ambassador  •  No  more  big  ideas.  •  Ideas  from  ground-­‐ up.   Yahoo  Purple  Hunt  2009  
  11. 11. Disrup4ve  Diva  •  Social  tools  (product,  story,  usage  behaviors)   to  reclaim:   –  Social  space   –  Social  arrival   Source:  h^p://  
  12. 12. h^p:/  
  13. 13.   Established  in  2004    Moved  from  Social  Media   to  E-­‐Commerce  in  2011    The  biggest  online  mall  in  the  Philippines    Mul4ply  enables  thousands  of   Businesses  to  sell  online  
  14. 14. The  New  Mul:ply  
  15. 15. Quick  Stats  6M  members  130,000+  online  stores  16  categories  to  shop  from  85M  monthly  page  views  
  16. 16. Deep  Engagement  28  mins  average  4me  spent/visit  2,500  new  seller  registra4on/month  50,000  new  items  uploaded/month  50,000  new  users  sign-­‐up/month  
  17. 17. How  Buyers  Buy  on  Mul:ply     #1  Merchant  posts   #2  Buyer  visits  Mul4ply  products  for  sale  on  Mul4ply   to  purchase  the  product   #4  transfers   #3  Buyer  pays  via   collected  money  to  merchant   #5  Merchant  ships  the   item  to  the  buyer  
  18. 18. Mul:ply’s  New  Process   #1  Merchant  posts   #2  Buyer  visits  Mul4ply  products  for  sale  on  Mul4ply   to  purchase  the  product   What  Mul:ply  does  for  Merchants?     Provide  the  payment  facility     Verify  transac4ons  of  Buyers     Receive  payments  from  Buyers  and  disburse  to   Merchants  the  following  day       Don’t  charge  any  transac4on  fees     Provide  delivery  op4ons  
  19. 19. E-­‐commerce  Pla]orm  
  20. 20. – Founded   in   early   2012   to   become   the   No.   1   fashion  e-­‐commerce  in  the  PH  – Successful   start   with   customers   and   orders   falling  above  plan  – Backing   from   experienced   German   investors   who  launched  many  other  fashion  ecommerce   ventures,   e.g.   market   leaders   in   several   EU   countries,  Russia,  Australia,  etc.  – Strong   presence   in   the   region   with   sister   companies  in  most  Southeast  Asian  countries  
  21. 21. Offering  – Offering  already  includes  500+  brands  and   15,000+  products  – Service  includes  free  delivery  na4onwide,  COD   and  same  day  shipping  in  Metro  Manila,  30day   returns  
  22. 22. TV   PRINT   POS   CRM   digital   digital   digital   digital   social   social   social   social   game   game   game   game   mobile   mobile   mobile   mobile  Suppor4ng  each  other  online  and  offline.   Fascina4ng  the  audience  in  a  variety  of   ways  to  s4mulate  diverse  engagement.  
  23. 23. •  Slide  1  -­‐  About  you-­‐  PLEASE  FIND  ATTACHED   MY  SHORT  DESCRIPTION  AND  PHOTO   Started  her  career  as  an  Account  Officer  in  the  Corporate  Banking  Group  of  Unionbank  of   the  Philippines.  Looking  for  a  more  exci4ng  and  dynamic  working  environment,  she  then   joined  in  2003.  She  started  as  a  Business  Development  officer  for  web,  then   she  was  eventually  given  the  role  to  manage  the  mobile  business  as  well  as  the  Marke4ng   team.  Aner  spending  6  years  with,  she  was  then  offered  to  join   in  2009,  in  which  she  now  leads  the  Business  Development,  Marke4ng  and  Sales  Groups.    
  24. 24. Jack  Madrid  Country  Manager  Mul:ply  Philippines  25+  years  of  general  management  experience  with  the  following  companies  
  25. 25. Gigi  Mabanta  –  head  buyer  
  26. 26. Genera4ng  interest  to  the  site  
  27. 27. Above-­‐the-­‐line     Web  Adver:sing      TV  Ads     Google  Ads        Print  Ads       Facebook  Ads      Radio  Ads       Youtube  Ads      Out  of  Home  (Billboards,  Bus  Ads)     Engagement    Below-­‐the-­‐line       Facebook      Trade  Marke4ng/Giveaways     Twi^er      Event  Management     Google  +      Event  Sponsorships       Pinterest      Promos  &  Raffle     Instagram        Youtube  
  28. 28. December  2011  vs.  June  2012•  Slide  1  Sta:s:cs   you-­‐  PDecember  2011     ATTACHED   -­‐  About   LEASE  FIND   June  2012     MY  SHORT  DESCRIPTION  AND  PHOTO   Members      1,  204,  300    1,587,894   688,684   985,347   Ads  Posted       112,715,036   177,570,756   Page  Views     Unique  Visitors     6,916,741   16,054,568   Visits       16,047,516   29,056,363   Facebook        Followers     176,983   367,687   Twi^er                    Followers     25,145   31,126  
  29. 29. Campaign  Info.   Analysis  of  On-­‐Site  User  Behavior   Analysis  of  Off-­‐Site  User  Intent   Breakdown  of  Relevant  User  Behavior   into  Segments   Define  Solu4ons  for  Users  in  each   Segment   Cran  Targeted  Search  and  Display   Campaigns  around     each  Segment    
  30. 30. Mul:ply  User  Behaviors  
  31. 31. Expected  Results.   Average  Display  Network  CTR  of  0.2%   Average  Search  Network  CTR  of  10%   Average  Conversion  Rate  of  3%  
  32. 32. E-­‐commerce  retailers  benefit  from  be^er  knowledge  of   customers  and  their  behavior  –  More  informa:on  about  customers’  demographics    •  Upon  registra4on,  customers  typically  reveal:  gender,  age,  address,  contact  info  •  Brick-­‐and-­‐mortar  stores  would  only  get  this  upon  asking  individually  –  Track  clients’  shopping  behaviour  in  the  store  •  Every  single  click  can  be  observable  •  Store  layout  can  be  adapted  accordingly  –  Observe  pacerns  over  :me  and  learn  about  customers’   preferences  •  Allows  custom-­‐tailored  marke4ng,  e.g.  ads  related  to  previous  purchases    •  Category-­‐Brand-­‐Age-­‐rela4ons  transparent  •  Other,  more  difficult  ques4ons  can  be  examined  and  used  for  marke4ng    
  33. 33. Lessons  learned?  
  34. 34. •  •  Experiment,  and  dyou-­‐  PaLEASE  mIND  ATTACHED   Slide  1  -­‐  About  on’t  be   fraid  to   F ake  mistakes     MY  SHORT  DESCRIPTION  AND  PHOTO   •  Should  have  an  integrated  campaign  across  mediums     •  Measure,  measure,  measure     •  When  doing  a  campaign  in  Social  Media,  it  shouldnt  just   be  your  bulle4n  board.  Engage  your  users     •  Involve  your  whole  team  
  35. 35. Lessons  Learned.   Understanding  On-­‐Site  User  Behavior   and  Intent  is  Important   Having  Properly  Segmented  Data  is  Key   Accept  that  any  Conversion  Funnel  is  a   Leaky  Funnel   Define  Solu4ons  to  Patch  the  Leaks  and   Find  Crea4ve  Ways  to  Remarket  to  the   Spills  
  36. 36. E-­‐commerce  very  different  from  tradi4onal  retail   regarding  skills  required  for  success   Ecommerce   Brick-­‐and-­‐Mortar  •  Data  analy4cs  is  key:  ability  to  design   •  Key  success  factors  (among  others)   and  run  smart,  automated  and   are  loca4on  and  face-­‐to-­‐face   integrated  system  and  react  based  on   customer  experience   pa^erns  in  the  data    •  24/7  up4me  required  and  expected   •  Customers  used  to  opening  hours   by  clients   •  Customer  more  tolerant  towards  •  Seamless  integra4on  across   push  marke4ng  and  disconnected   interac4ons  (via  customer   services  processes     communica4on  mix);  need  to   respond  to  feedback  immediately   •  Shopping  part  of  larger  (mall,  etc)  •  Need  to  deliver  entertainment  value   experience,  no  need  for  in-­‐store   on  top  of  shopping  func4on   entertainment  
  37. 37. h^p://^etoral