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Future Trends in Digital marketing


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A look at 4 key future trends that will influence digital marketing in the coming years. Examples and ideas to inspire marketers.

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Future Trends in Digital marketing

  1. 1. Future trends in Digital Marketing Barry Holder October 2016
  2. 2. August 6th, 1991 The past, the present…. First website goes live!
  3. 3. 1994 First PPC ads launch on… 2000 First banner ad on? Hotwired 1998 Google launches PPC Auction model. First AdWords customer? 2005 This happened 2006 Facebook launches ads. First ad?
  4. 4. 2010 Microsoft & Yahoo launch… 2007 First iPhone says hello… (But It’s Not Google) 2016 Value of programmatic ads tops $2bn for the first time 2012 Ad spend on digital to overtake TV in US with $72bn and growing… Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19bn. Zuckerberg thinks it can go from 450m user to 1bn ‘a few years’ 2014 It takes less than 2 and there are currently 42bn WhatsApp messages per day
  6. 6. Facial recognition 18 kph Cattle prod!! The Anbot – Shanghai Airport Source: The Shanghaiist
  7. 7. • What is a bot? • Software applications that run automated tasks • Why are they a big deal? • The idea of a bot is to speed up and automate day to day tasks by finding, storing and serving up useful bits of information • Why are they a big deal now? • At the recent Developer conference, Facebook announced they were letting chatbots into Facebook Messenger • What does that mean for marketing? • It means we have another way to interact with customer of a brand.. And customers will expect to interact… Rise of AI in marketing
  8. 8. Louise Delage 0-16,000 followers Following 3,100 influencers via Bot 50,000 likes Raising awareness of alcoholism in the young
  9. 9. The AI wants to talk to you
  10. 10. 1. SEO needs to change to adapt content for voice activated intelligent search – Invest in informative content – video, personalized & social content 2. Huge amounts of data. – IPAs will connect to multiple devices in the household and share data – That data will tell us a LOT about our customers. 3. Systems will start to anticipate customer behavior – Just in time marketing will come of age What will this mean in the future?
  12. 12. • The brands that we will market in the future won’t just sell products or services, but interconnected experiences • Expectations of customers grow continuously and brands that aren’t at the front will fade away • This is happening now though, and will only increase in the future Brands will continue to innovate
  13. 13. Fitness brands connecting with use
  14. 14. Ferrari IPO - $11bn (150x annual profits) Ferrari cars sold – 1,699 Ferrari Profit - $70m
  16. 16. Awareness Consideration Purchase Service Loyalty How customer journeys used to be TV Radio Outdoor Print Cinema Word of mouth Browse in store Buy in store Return items to store Buy further items from store
  17. 17. Todays customer journeys Awareness Consideration Purchase Service Loyalty Physical touchpoints Digital touchpoints PR Radio TV Print Outdoor Word of mouth Online ads Viral email Digital OOH Search Landing page Blog Review site Website Mobile app Chat IVR Invoice promotion Blog Email Newsletter Store Call centreDirect mail
  18. 18. Customers increasingly script their own journey
  19. 19. • We need to be on our A game all the time to service them on their terms • The customers dictate the terms of engagement, they expect us (or our Bot) to be there 24/7/365 • They know how to kick up a stink or lavish us with praise • Online has created markets in every vertical – When did a client last say “We don’t operate in a competitive market place” What does that mean for us?
  20. 20. MILLENIALS
  21. 21. What is a millennial?
  22. 22. • You have grown up as digital natives • Your smart phone is welded to your hand • You’ll use it to tap into AI to get to your favorite brands • These brands will have to work harder to engage with you • And when they do, you’ll be in control of the journey • So we really need to think hard about how to market to you…. And why are you so important
  23. 23. Millennials trust strangers over family and friends. They lean on User-Generated Experiences for purchase decisions. Source Brian Solis’ Future of Business, 2013
  24. 24. Only 1% of Millennials said that a compelling advertisement would make them trust a brand more Source: Elite Daily
  25. 25. Treat Yo Self While millennials save an impressive amount each month they still enjoy the finer things in life. Source: Experian
  26. 26. Amount spent by millennial shoppers in the US in 2015 - $600bn. Forecast amount spent by millennial shoppers in the US in 2020 - $1.3tn Source: Accenture
  27. 27. Millennials involved in making 73% of B2B purchasing decisions Source: Sacunas
  28. 28. Source: IBM How millennials currently interact with Vendors and how they would prefer to in the future
  29. 29. • Rise of AI in marketing – Bots, just-in-time marketing, use of Siri/Cortana • Brands continue to innovate – Pressure from consumers will heap pressure on brands to raise their game, need to find new ways to create value • Optimised customer journeys – Consumers will discover, engage and embrace a brand on their terms – we need to optimise throughout this journey • Millennials spending power and influence grows Ok, so what’s the take out?
  30. 30. THANK YOU