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Integrating Digital Marketing Into Your Business Strategy: 2011 Agriculture Media Summit


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The Agriculture Media Summit (#AgMS) is the largest gathering of crop and livestock publications professionals in the U.S. The annual event is hosted by the American Agricultural Editors' Association (AAEA), the Livestock Publications Council (LPC) and the ABM AGri Council. The mission of the Ag Media Summit is to provide professional development and education opportunities for its members, as well as to promote, support and enhance the viability of ag media as an efective communications medium

I was asked to present at the 2011 #AgMS, held in New Orleans, LA on the topic of Integrating Digital Media Into Your Business and Measuring ROI. This presentation was intended to show #AgMS attendees how they could focus on bringing added value to their clients and prospective clients using digital channels, and then measure the impact of their efforts.

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Integrating Digital Marketing Into Your Business Strategy: 2011 Agriculture Media Summit

  1. 1. Integrating DigitalMedia Into Your Business + Measuring ROI Shelly Kramer CEO, V3 Integrated Marketing INTEGRATED MARKETING Vision + Voice + Value
  2. 2. INTEGRATED MARKETING Vision + Voice + ValueWhat  I  do:    Own  a  full  service  integrated  marke4ng  agency  located  in  Kansas  City  and  doing  business  with  clients  na4onally.  I’m  half  marketer,  half  geek.    What  I  am  really  good  at:    Helping  clients  develop  effec4ve  strategic  integrated  marke4ng  plans,  understand  and  use  digital  media,  build  brand  awareness,  grow  new  markets,  convert  leads  to  sales,  develop  communi4es  and  master  ROI  across  all  mediums.   Find  me  on  Twi5er:    h5p://  
  3. 3. Who Are You? Trade Associations 20% (93)Brand Agency, Education Awareness PR, Marketing 18% (80) 19% (86)Finance Ag Business2% (10) Media 19% (87)Government 20% (93) 2% (9)
  4. 4. e ss e sB u s in ur C us tome rs) (Yo d N H e E e L P
  5. 5. Toda y?M y J ob You S h ow To H ow
  6. 6. Business Owners Are Uneducated, HaveQuestions, Need Information Source: J-Wire Mobile Audience Insight reports Q4, 2010
  7. 7. Business Owners Don’t Have Time to Figure Out New Digital Tools Source: Fanminder – Mobile Marketing Survey (August, 2010)
  8. 8. Business Owners Don’t Know How to Get Started Source: Fanminder – Mobile Marketing Survey (August, 2010)
  9. 9. Business Owners Cited Their Current Marketing Programs are Working Source: Fanminder – Mobile Marketing Survey (August, 2010)
  10. 10. Are Not So Sure
  11. 11. Digital ServicesGet in the game with your customers
  12. 12. SMB Opportunity•  SMBs need to learn to use digital channels•  They need to understand how to measure•  There’s an opportunity to educate them•  And an opportunity to serve them
  13. 13. So … How Do I Do This Crap?
  14. 14. Understand The Web of Today  Today’s  Website  
  15. 15. TraditionalMarketing DigitalMarketing
  16. 16. Traditional Marketing Print Ads Television Ads Cold Calling Trade Shows Email Blast
  17. 17. What Is Digital Marketing? Blogs Ebooks White Papers Videos SEO Social Media Webinars Feeds, RSS
  18. 18. Why This Matters…..
  19. 19. Inbound Marketing is More Effective Outbound Ave. Cost Per Lead Inbound is $332 60% lower per lead Inbound Ave. Cost Per Lead $134 Source: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  20. 20. 1Option Your Digital Brand
  21. 21. d n ra lf !B se Y ou r as the number one digital resources provider for your market
  22. 22. O Ne W dg! Kn owle Provide News, Information, Services, Content, Training
  23. 23. 2Option Video Services
  24. 24. Search EnginesVideo
  25. 25. is  the  second  largest  search  engine   next  to  Google  with  490  million   unique  users  per  month  
  26. 26. Help Customers Create and Post
  27. 27. Set up a YouTube Page for your Company and each business
  28. 28. Ask  the  Experts  Your Company Name Here Channel  
  29. 29. Your Company Crawfords Ask  the  Experts   Ag  Supply  Store   Channel  
  30. 30. Videos can also be created for a print and online “Ask the Expert” program.
  31. 31. Videos can bearchived onlineand promoted in a print edition, association newsletter or corporatewebsite or blog.
  32. 32. 3Option Local SEO ServicesHelp clients increasetheir online visibility
  33. 33. Learn this, Live it …Is Your Client…
  34. 34. Reputation Management
  35. 35. Your Google Image is?  Your Online Identity?Claim It
  36. 36. Local and Industry Directories? Use “Places Management” as part of your suite of offerings with the goal of getting people to theirbusiness through multiple channelsthat you create or manage for them.  
  37. 37. Resources  
  38. 38. Resources  
  39. 39. 4Option Mobile Services
  40. 40. Smartphone penetration continues to rise in allcategories
  41. 41. Business Owners Are likely to try mobile Source: Borrell Associates  
  42. 42. of businesses have mobile enabled websites
  43. 43. Most websites look fine on a desktop computer…
  44. 44. …or on a laptop.
  45. 45. Most desktop websites werenot designed to be viewedon the small screens ofmobile devices.Fonts can be too small,images are too small,navigation can be clunky,Flash won’t work, lengthypage loads, and the listgoes on and on.
  46. 46. of businesses have never checkedthe appearance or function of their website on a smartphone. Source: Fanminder – Mobile Marketing Survey (August, 2010)
  47. 47. Percentage of Smartphone owners accessing the Internet or email
  48. 48. Mostly go online using their phone2011 - Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project.
  49. 49. Many of the “Cell Mostly” individuals haveother sources of online access at home...
  50. 50. …but roughly one-third of these users lack a high-speed home broadband connectionAre these your readers + customers?
  51. 51. Offer mobile website design services
  52. 52. Hold seminars/webinars and teach
  53. 53. A mobile app isnt a strategy"I need an app” is the 2011 version of "I need a Facebook Page.”
  54. 54.  Apps  are  cool  –  and  ubiquitous  
  55. 55. Smartphone usage withfarmers, growers andproducers are on the rise.Tools in multiple categoriesare available in mobileversions and Apps.
  56. 56. Research/Field Data
  57. 57. Information Resources
  58. 58. Weather
  59. 59. News, Futures
  60. 60. Calculators
  61. 61. 5Option Social Media
  62. 62. Social  Media  Why  bother?   93%  of  people  expect   companies  to  have  a  social   media  presence  
  63. 63. Primary  Social  Media  ObjecOves   27%   28%   Brand     Other   Awareness   Customer   AcquisiOon   Customer   Growth           19%   &  Loyalty   25%  Source:  2010  COLLOQUY  &  DMA  Social  Media  Study  
  64. 64. People has  over  640  million   registered  users  
  65. 65. People has  over  200  million   accounts   Over  75  million  tweets  per  day  
  66. 66. of  users  across  all  social  media  plaXorms   are  18  to  50  years  of  age  
  67. 67. 35  years  or  older  65%  are  35  to  54  
  68. 68. We’re  a  Wired  Bunch  –  And  We   ParOcipate  in  Social  Media   51   %   Higher Email  
  69. 69. A blog is social media. Not just another place to push out yourmarketing message
  70. 70. In Case You Forgot Why This Matters
  71. 71. 6Option Lead Generation
  72. 72. FindingNew Customersis the greatest challenge for SMBs New Study by Bredin Business Information
  73. 73. Tactics to find new customers 2010   2011   Website   51% 85% Search   38% 74% Video   20% 54%Source: New Study by Bredin Business Information
  74. 74. Tactics to find new customers 2010   2011   Coupon   Offers   (Groupon)   - 53% Mobile   - 49% Twi5er   27% 50% Facebook   43% 65%Source: New Study by Bredin Business Information
  75. 75. Leads by Indexed Web PagesSource: State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report -
  76. 76. Source: Data from over 1,500 small businesses -  
  77. 77. Why Does This Matter???It’s Money, Plain and SimpleMore Indexed Pages = $Companies with more indexed pages on Google,Yahoo and Bing generate more sales leads.  Every 50 to 100 incremental indexed pages canmean double-digit lead growth.  Growth in new leads accelerates significantly oncewebsites achieve 300+ pages indexed by Google.
  78. 78. Social Media is for Leads and Sales Percentage of companies that have acquired a customer from: Company Blog 46% LinkedIn 41% Facebook 44% Twitter 41% Source: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  79. 79. Now, Understand Influence
  80. 80. Stats  =  Influence  +  Crediblity  How  Do  I  Measure  +  Show  Value  -­‐  h`p://  
  81. 81. Understand What This Really Means…
  82. 82. Influence  +  Crediblity  How  Measure  +  Show  Value  -­‐  h`p://  
  83. 83. Influence  +  Crediblity  How  Measure  +  Show  Value  -­‐  h`p://  
  84. 84. Influence  +  Crediblity  How  Do  I  Learn  +  Measure  -­‐  h`p://  
  85. 85. Influence  +  Crediblity  How  Do  I  Measure  +  Show  Value  -­‐  h`p://  
  86. 86. Influence  +  Crediblity  How  Do  I  Measure  +  Show  Value  -­‐  h`p://  
  87. 87. Brand  +  ReputaOon  Tracking   Who’s  Saying  What?  –  h`p://  
  88. 88. Brand  +  ReputaOon  Tracking   Who’s  Saying  What?  –  h`p://moni`  
  89. 89. Let’s Talk Numbers… 5!
  90. 90. Analytics:From Nemesis to Roadmap
  91. 91. What’s the big deal about numbers? •  What and How •  Predict Growth,Trends •  The Competition •  What’s Working •  What’s Not
  92. 92. First Step – Know Thy Website •  Analyze Site Traffic •  Do Your Keyword Research •  Stalk the Competition •  SEO Content For Your Site
  93. 93. How Do I do That?
  94. 94. What’s the big deal about analytics? •  Want •  Care About •  Find You •  Do There •  Oops, What Did I Do?
  95. 95. Don’t Just Install Analytics, Read the #$@% Things!
  96. 96. Be a Skeptic: Don’t Rely On Just One Set
  97. 97. -- Know Where Your Stuff Goes!
  98. 98. Information … my crack cocaine
  99. 99. PostRank Analytics Rock
  100. 100. Your Stats Are Your Roadmap
  101. 101. Your Stats Are Your Roadmap
  102. 102. Now,where’s the #$@*% ROI?  
  103. 103. Settle Down
  104. 104. The Key is BENEFITS ort vs. Long Sh Financ ial vs. n-Fina ncial No
  105. 105. Create a SCORECARD
  106. 106. Before ROI, You Get This•  Increase in site traffic•  Increase in time spent on site•  Views of a specific landing page, blog post or offer•  Increased follower/like/friend base•  Increase in Share of Voice•  Increase in Positive Sentiment (this means they like you) (more)
  107. 107. And the Payoff …•  Increased revenue•  More leads•  Shorter sales cycles•  Lower customer acquisition costs•  Lower customer service costs•  Lower customer retention costs (Are You Happy Yet?)
  108. 108. ScorecardFinancial Have Revenue/Profits increased?  Financial Have Costs decreased?   Have consumer attitudes about Brand the brand improved?   RiskManagement Better prepared to find/respond?   Has the company enhanced Digital it’s assets?  
  109. 109. “It is not the strongest of thespecies that survives, nor themost intelligent that survives.It is the one that is the mostadaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin
  110. 110. Change is hard. But it’s worth it.
  111. 111. Stalk Me … I don’t bite 816.200.2520   LinkedIn  twi`   Shelly  DeMo`e  Kramer  
  112. 112. INTEGRATED MARKETINGVision + Voice + Value