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Why is it so important to have an effective web site? We will tell you why and we are the ones who can help you.

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New media marketing from OSG Marketing

  1. Recession Reversal 5 Marketing Marvels That Will Have You Thriving In 2010... While Your Competition Wonders What Happened...
  2. What Do These Industries Have In Common? Train/Locomotive Newspaper/Publishing Manufacturing
  3. They all missed a massive shift in their industry and rather than capitalize on it... They were crushed by it.
  4. Here’s How It Happened Newspaper/Print Internet and electronic readers...
  5. Here’s How It Happened Train / Locomotive Cars and Trucks came along...
  6. Here’s How It Happened Manufacturing Offshoring and developing countries...
  7. It Can Happen To You Too... If You’re Depending On Old Media If you’re currently using the newspaper, yellow pages, postcards, or space ads for run the risk of being crushed by your competition... I’m here to make sure it doesn’t happen. Old Media Doesn’t Work As Well As It Used To... Your customers, young and old are using new media to decide whom they are going to do business with… ...and right now that choice is not you.
  8. introducing: The New Media Revolution
  9. The New Media Revolution Search Engine Optimization, Online Video, Social Marketing 26 BILLION online videos viewed per month in US alone. Online video is more than 60% of all internet traffic. YouTube is now the #2 search engine.
  10. The Mobile Media Revolution Mobile Phone Market 4 TIMES as many mobile phone users as internet users 33% of phones use high speed data services iPhone, Blackberry and Android Mobile App Market OVER 3 BILLION iPhone Apps Downloaded Apple iTunes has over 100,000 apps Blackberry and Android also have app stores Why Mobile Media Matters Mobile advertising has a 10 TIMES HIGHER click through rate than online advertising. Mobile advertising has 8 TIMES HIGHER brand awareness. Mobile traffic has a 6 TIMES HIGHER purchase intent than online traffic.
  11. This Is A Paradigm Shift You need to be where your customers are every day: Online and on their phone. Just having a web page isn’t enough anymore. You want to be a respected and trusted authority and a yellow page ad isn’t going to get it done for you.
  12. But Does New Media Work Locally? More than 30% of ALL internet searches are local and include the location in the search Even non-local search includes local data
  13. But Are My Clients Really Looking For Me Online? You Bet They Are... It takes years to build a good relationship with a client and seconds to lose them to a competitor...
  14. New Media’s “Dirty Secret” Revealed I’m going to show you how to capitalize on all the new media we just discussed for less than you’d spend on a paltry, text- only, yellow pages ad in a book someone is using to prop up a table...
  15. And The Crazy Part Is... You can do this month, after month, after month ...until your competition begs for mercy.
  16. Let’s Talk About Our 5 Marketing Marvels Short videos and articles Lead capture campaign Follow-Up campaign Local search visibility Targeted Internet Ads
  17. And 5 More To Ensure Market Domination Video Blog Podcasting Facebook Twitter Smartphone Applications
  18. And we Do It For You Optimize your website or Create a new one Establish all the New Media accounts Produce short videos and distribute them to over 100 places Setup online lead capture mechanisms Setup automatic follow up - make money while you sleep Get you listed in all local search directories Setup and run a full New Media advertising campaign
  19. And we ONLY Do It FOR YOU That’s right, we will only contract with one business in your category in your marketplace as long as we are working together. Contact Linda today for a no obligation marketing consultation! 416-884-1542