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design report for a collaboration project on retail brand experience.
Project is done by students Chow Tim Shing, Leung Man Ho, Mangus Kwan,
Kwong Wing Yan and Mak Chi Ching of HD in Visual Communication, Hong Kong Design Institute

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Retail brand design_proposal

  1. 1. Design Proposal1
  2. 2. 2 ContentDesign Proposal 01. Introduction 02. Research and Analysis - Marketing Mix - SWOT - Open Question - On site visit - DNA Workshop - Questionnaire - Comparison with other brand - Position Map 03. Project Insights - Brand attributes - Tagline - Mood Board 04. Deisgn Application - Design Method 05. Scenario 06. References 07. Reflection
  3. 3. Introduction 3 Design Proposal This was a collaboration project initiated by i.d. Stores. This project aimedto revitalize the brand of i.d. for new era of market needs, and differentiate it withemerging competing retail brands.
This was our Project for the Brand Design. Itdemonstrated the knowledge and various skills of brand design acquired in thiscourse.
This report documented the project development of our project, frominitial research and analysis stage, to idea generation and concept execution. Byunderstanding the problems and opportunities faced by i.d., insights were identifiedand relevant solutions were suggested accordingly. It was expected that this reportcould serve as a proposal for further development and execution for the benefit ofincreasing popularity for i.d. .
  4. 4. 4 Research and Analysis Marketing MixDesign Proposal Product Promotion - High quality, well design, functionality products that enhance customers lives and homes - Poster to promote the products and brands - Product type including floormat, furniture, home appliance, kitchen wares, table wares, barware, - Offer discount to customers decorative accessories, bedding, home fragrances - Magazine and newspaper ( Eat & Travel, Elle, - Offer 1000 products in the shop, and 40 brands Home Jounal, Time Out, Ming Pao Weekly ...) e.g. Alessi, Bellara, Baobab, Jia, Chilewich, Egizia, neri&hu, Ritzenhoff and La Mediterraner, etc. - More than 90% products import from foreign Place Price - Two stores in Tsim Sha Tusi, Kowloon - Provide a discount to customers and Prince’s Building, Central - Credit cards accepted - One showroom in Tai Po, N.T. - High Class
  5. 5. 5 Design Proposal - Competitor: JUSCO,SOGO,Yata,Marks &Threats Spencer
  6. 6. 6 Research and Analysis Open Question Management Interview & Workshops:Design Proposal 1. Marketing Opportunities Any evolvement / change of business model over the years? Any projection on future business development in 3 years? Do you have any other new business want to develop in the future? Do you have any crossover project with other brand(s) in the future? Ans: - No yet to change the business, as i.d. has just start its business for 4 years - Import more now product and different brand periodically - Develop Hong Kong and China market 2. Competitive Environment Who are your major competitors, in the region and in the world? What is the Key Business Challenges? How is the competition affecting your company in the ways of doing business? What does your brand stand for in the customers’ mind? Could you analysis the prospects and situation of current market? Ans: - Major competitors is Lane Crawford, Aluminum - How differenct product go together under one identity - Limited budget for advertising - Lan Crawford has a long history than i.d., consumers have more confidence on Lan Crawford 3. Brand Positioning Differentiation from the competition - What your company brand needs to be perceived in order to succeed What makes your company brand unique? Other issues important in making the your company brand a success What is the unique selling point of the product/service? Ans: - Closer relationship with consumers - Different product go together under one identity - Develop a long- term promotion strategy - Diversified product - Unique products designed by different designers - Good design product with high quality
  7. 7. Research and Analysis 7 Open Question4. Brand values Design ProposalCore attributes best describe and identify the value of the your company brand3-5 most important values/aspects of the your company brandWhat criteria affect your purchasing decision of product?Ans: - Core attributes: brand experience: “identify” - Important values/aspects: European, modern, innovative, aspirational, “look at me now”, “design yourself” - Criterias affect your purchasing decision of product: who designed the product, quality, multifunction5. Differentiation (SWOT)Strength (U.S.P. of product / service, market strategy…)Weakness (Rising rents, appreciation of the RMB, export restrictions…)Opportunities (Individual travelers in China, open new market,routine customers, people’s interest in the products…)Threats (main competitors…)Ans: - Strength: products of brands distributed by the company are favored e.g. Chilewich floormat - Weakness: no further promote strategies, seldom to promote the shop itself - Opportunities: exclusive distributed brands - Threats: main competitor: Lane Crawford (high-end, high quality and very innovative)6. Future visionDo you have any planning to expand your company in the future? Why? How to take action?Ans: - Expand business in Hong Kong and China7. Target AudiencesInternal/ExternalHow to promote your band to target audience? Which methods?How to retain your existing target audience?Which kind of target audience you would like to expand to in the future?Ans: - Both: 30-50 year old men and women, middle to upper income, have graduate and / or post graduate degrees,yearn for modern, European lifestyle - Internal: locals who work in office e.g. office ladies - External: foreigners who are interested in Chinese brands - Ways to promote the band to target audiences: magazine advertisement, press release - Way to retain the target audiences: frequent review the brands and import new brands to keep the freshness of visiting the shop - Kind of target audiences would like to expand to in the future: Chinese in Mainland China
  8. 8. 8 Research and Analysis Open Question 8. Key brand communications channelsDesign Proposal Company leaflets, Website, Short promotional video, Uniform, Price list, Company logo, Advertisement (e.g. TV, magazine, web ads), Groupon, Youtube... Ans: - Magazine and newspaper ( Eat & Travel, Elle, Home Jounal, Time Out, Ming Pao Weekly ...) - Consider the budget and cost - Website is still making now 9.Other Questions: How to coordinate different brands or type of product / service in your shop? How would you describe your company culture? How would you describe the personality of the company? Would you describe your brand as contemporary, classical or others? Does your company have any after-sales service for customers? How do you find your partners to cooperate?( e.g. Alessi) Ans: - The personality of the company: 1. Modern 6. Western lifestyle 2. Up market 7. Innovation 3. Ease of use 8. Pleasing to the Eye 4. Functionality 9. Quality 5. Non-traditional 10. Must have in order to up image - Ways to find partners to cooperate: 1. Use media to find ( internet, magazine...) 2. Go to different manufacture to find 3. Buyer search the suitable products around the world, for example, Paris and Milan
  9. 9. Research and Analysis 9 On site visit Design Proposali.d. stores has great services on different aspects:Sales Window displaySales in i.d. stores are always friendly with smiling. Window display will change regularly by themeThey provide one-on-one services for customers and New arrived Product.and know product ’s information very well,including product’s background, story, function,design…Environment Others Here is free product delivers service for customerProducts inside i.d. stores will change the way of who buy more than $3000. If not, customer candisplay every month. Also, information (catalogs) pay $250 for one product delivers service.were put near some products. Influence factors of i.d. storesExperience ConditionFloor mat on the ground, clock on the wall and For the Ground floor. It was a food court before.air purifier inside the i.d. stores help to persuade But now it is built into a lifestyle shopping mall.customers to buy the product. As they can try the Book Shop next to i.d. , The Commercial Press,products before buying. brings more customers to i.d. Also there is no competitor on same products inside the mall.
  10. 10. 10 Research and Analysis On site visitDesign Proposal
  11. 11. Research and Analysis 11 On site visitObservation of the on-site visit Interview with Sales Design Proposal(1) Staff play a music in the store e.g. Avril Q: What is the different from local andLavigne, Lady gaga foreign customer in choosing products?(2) Window Display shows some discount A: Major considerations of local customeroffer product, with a view to attracting are price and function, foreign customerspeople. more pay attention on their home decoration, so they concentrate on the(3) Interior Design is not very well, quality and material of the product.because sense of space is not enough Q: What is the customer different between(4) Placing the product is very crowded Tsim shi Tsui and Central?(5) Sales may talk about the material, A: There has much young people todesigner, function of product, when they purchase in Tsim shi Tsui, because thoseintroduce to customer store is at plaza. In Central, the range of customers are between 20 – 45 cause(6) Many lifestyle store in the same level those customers has higher consumption and their design sense are better than the(7) Customers are full of design sense other.(8) Customers are high consumption Q: What is the theme of the interior design?(9) Lot of non-local costumers A: The interior design doesn’t follow any theme. But the display will change every month because every month will has some main product to promote.
  12. 12. 12 Research and Analysis DNA Workshop PurposeDesign Proposal DNA Workshop aim to know more i.d. stores from choosing different image card.It is easy to show what style of i.d. stores form the image card. During the workshop,we use 3 sets of image cards to ask i.d. stores staff, we also understand what the feeling and style of i.d. stores is during the disscussion. 1. Material List: Diamond Golden Pottery Glass Stone Bamboo
  13. 13. Research and Analysis 13 DNA WorkshopResult Design ProposalDiamond and Golden:It is very expensive ,Premium and ValuablePottery and Glass:It looks like product of i.d. storesStone:It is not valuable,you can get it everywhere.Marisa also said that you can see the facevalue from the stone,because of color andappearance of the stone can reflect peoplesfeeling and psychology status as well as showtheir unique personalities. 2.ArtisticResultIt is so hard to choose some image cardrepresent i.d. stores* Marisa and Tiffany used to choose the whiteflowers,but products of i.d. stores are not verypure,because there also have some grand,elegant and unidue style products
  14. 14. 14 Research and Analysis DNA Workshop 3.PatternDesign Proposal Result Home Graphic: It can represent selling product in i.d. stores. It can match with diversification. and colorful product can also be elegant and high class. Many colorful products in Tsim Sha Tsui stores:many black and white products in Central stores.
  15. 15. Research and Analysis 15 DNA Workshop Design Proposal 4.Other QuestionsQ1: What newspaper headline do you expect after 5 years?They never think of it and no headline in the magazine reports of i.d. stores ,what they hope is to readershave to get the feelings by themselves ,because a lot of high class advertising also dont have headline ormuch words.Q2: What the image/feeling is i.d. stores looking for?Base on marketing,customers hope get more fresh,so they always find surprise, innovative product in i.d. stores.Window DisplayThey will change the window display twice a month and updata a theme (or story ) to match with i.d. stores.For example, they would put a lot of gifts when chrismas is comming soon.It is so flexible and the feeling ofgrand and colourful are combined together.
  16. 16. 16 Research and Analysis DNA WorkshopDesign Proposal
  17. 17. Research and Analysis 17 Questionnaire(Central) Result of questionnaire: Design Proposal i.d. stores (Central) This result is combining the first and second questionnaire, there are 37 respondents done the questionnaire when they buy the products in i.d. stores.Q.1 How do you know about i.d. stores?Ans.: (a) Relatives & Friends (1 respondents) (b) Magazines & Newspaper (3 respondents) (c) Pass-by (35 respondents) (d) Other (0 respondent ) Analysis: Many customers know about i.d. stores when they pass by Advertisement can attract poetical customersQ.2 How often do you visit i.d. stores? (a) Less than once in a few months (13 respondents) (b) Once in a few month (14 respondents) (c) Once in a month (7 respondents) (d) A few times in a month (3 respondents) (e) A few times in a week or above (0 respondent) Analysis: Many customers visit i.d. stores in a few month or less than few months, infrequently
  18. 18. 18 Research and Analysis Questionnaire(Central) Q3. What is your average expense in i.d. stores? Analysis: (a) <HK $1001 (23 respondents)Design Proposal (b) HK$1001-4999 (13 respondents) The range of expenses (c) HK$5000-10001 (0 respondent) around $1000 to $5000 (d) HK$10001 (0 respondent) Q.4 What is your impression towards i.d. stores? Analysis: (a) Fashionable (25) (b) Elegant (7) The shop and products (c) Stylish (14) make customers feel i.d. (d) Simple (12) stores is fashionable, (e) Cool (3) stylish and tasteful
  19. 19. Research and Analysis 19 Questionnaire(Central)Q.5 How do you satisfy with the services provided by i.d. stores? Analysis: Design ProposalAns.: (a) Very Satisfied (27 respondents) (b) Satisfied (10 respondents) Excellent sales establish a good (c) Unsatisfied (0 respondent) image to customers (d) Very unsatisfied (0 respondent) To provide a good service to customersQ. 6 Which of the following media do you often use? Analysis: (a) Facebook (17) (b) Blog (6) i.d. stores can use different media (c) Website (24) to promote the products, expect (d) Television (20) newspaper and magazines (e) Newspaper/Magazines (26) (f) Others (0) Website and facebook is a good platform for promotion, as low cost have great effectiveness
  20. 20. 20 Research and Analysis Questionnaire(TST) Result of questionnaire:Design Proposal i.d. stores ( TST) This result is combining the first and second questionnaire, there are 65 respondents done the questionnaire when they buy the products in i.d. stores. Q.1 How do you know about i.d. stores? Analysis: (a) Relatives & Friends (1 respondent) - Many customers (b) Magazines & Newspaper (2 respondents) know about i.d. stores (c) Pass-by (61 respondents) when they pass by (d) Other (1 respondent ) - Advertisement can attract poentical customers Q.2 How often do you visit i.d. stores? Analysis: (a) Less than once in a few months (38 respondents) - Many customers (b) Once in a few month (14 respondents) visit i.d. stores in a (c) Once in a month (9 respondents) few months or less (d) A few times in a month (1 respondent) than few months, (e) A few times in a week or above (2 respondents) infrequently
  21. 21. Research and Analysis 21 Questionnaire(TST)Q3. What is your average expense in i.d. stores? Analysis: Design Proposal (a) <HK $1001 (47 respondents) - T h e ra n g e o f ex p e n s e s (b) HK$1001-4999 (16 respondents) around $1000 to $5000 (c) HK$5000-10001 (0 respondent) (d) HK$10001 (1 respondent)Q.4 What is your impression towards i.d. stores? Analysis: (a) Fashionable (31) - The shop and products make (b) Elegant (15) customers feel i.d. stores is (c) Stylish (27) fashionable, fresh ,stylish and (d) Simple (11) tasteful. (e) Cool (14) (f) Diversified (13)
  22. 22. 22 Research and Analysis Questionnaire(TST) Q.5 How do you satisfy with the services provided by i.d. stores? (a) Very Satisfied (39 respondents)Design Proposal (b) Satisfied (25 respondents) (c) Unsatisfied (0 respondent) (d) Very unsatisfied (0 respondent) Analysis: -Excellent sales establish a good image to customers - To provide a good service to customers Q. 6 Which of the following media do you often use? (a) Facebook (43) (b) Blog (14) (c) Website (33) (d) Television (34) (e) Newspaper/Magazines (38) (f) Others (0) Analysis: - i.d. stores can use d i ffe re nt m e d i a to promote the products, expect newspaper and magazines - Website and facebook is a good platform for p ro m o t i o n , a s l o w cost have great effectiveness
  23. 23. Research and Analysis 23 Position Map Design Proposal
  24. 24. 24 Insight Brand AttributesDesign Proposal DNA Workshop Image card: Material Other Question: Pattern Window Display Artistic Innovative Fresh Unique Attributes Homey Modern Innovative
  25. 25. Research and Analysis 25 Brand Attributes Design ProposalHomey Modern InnovativeRelating to or having the Modern, in its broadest definition, The term innovation derives frommeanings of a family. Making is modern thought, character, or the Latin word innovatus, whichpeople feel warm just like being practice. Modern was a revolt is the noun form of innovare "toin a family / home. against the conservative values of renew or change," stemming realism. from in-"into" + novus-"new". Although the term is broadly used, innovation generally refers to the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society.
  26. 26. 26 Insight TaglineDesign Proposal DNA Workshop Image card: Material Other Question: Pattern Window Display Artistic Innovative Fresh Unique Attributes Tagline: Homey Modern be more Innovative Innovative
  27. 27. Insight 27 Mood BoardModern & Lifestyle Design Proposal
  28. 28. 28 Insight MoodBoard Homey & WarmDesign Proposal
  29. 29. Insight 29Mood Board Design Proposal
  30. 30. 30 Design Application Design MethodsDesign Proposal Design Proposal Aim: Be more innovative Design Methods Short Middle Long Term Term Term To promote i.d. Create a Create more by innovative social shopping accessories platform experience
  31. 31. Design Application 31 Guideline Design ProposalShort Term Middle Term Long Term Poster QR Code Interactive ScreenGreeting Card Apps i.d. mobile Online StoreNew Packaging i.decorate i.dec.
  32. 32. 32 Design Application Short Term 1. PosterDesign Proposal Idea From different angles, you can have different experience. As i.d. stores, it means Flesh, Innovative no matter product or service. That is what we want to strengthen about i.d. brand. Application Magazine Network Promotion Inside the Store
  33. 33. Design Application 33 Short Term Design Proposal 2. Greeting CardFunction- Apply QR codeQR codeUsing mobile phone to scan the QR code andconnect to i.d. stores website to promote i.d.
  34. 34. 34 Design Application Short TermDesign Proposal Case Study DIY Pop Card By Goldfish Creative 14.8cm x 21cm Introduction DIY Pop Cardfeatures 200 removable dots on the front cover of the card. They can be popped out to create different patterns from the instruction sheet or by own self. It has considerable sales in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, UK and other countries, andwas one of Neenah Paper Paperworks Contest Winners in 2007. DIY Pop Card: thepros Various patterns can be created Very creative and fun for senders to customize patterns for receivers Good looking DIY Pop Card: thecons Not eco-friendly Not suitable for senders who want to send cards quickly after bought Littering when popping out the dots
  35. 35. Design Application 35 Short Term Design Proposal3.New PackagingConcept:A more innovative packagingCreate your own imageEyes-catching
  36. 36. 36 Design Application Short TermDesign Proposal Case Study
  37. 37. Design Application 37 Middle Term Design Proposal 1. QR CodeConceptFunction- Preview i.d. stores information- Rating i.d. stores- Check the comments of i.d. stores- Connect to i.d. stores websitePreview i.d storesPreview information about i.d. stores, such ashistory, brand, location, etc.Rating i.d. storesCustomers can rate about i.d. stores and someconsumers may attracted by high rating.Check the comments of i.d.storesConsumer can leave and preview commentabout i.d. stores.Connect to i.d. stores websiteConsumers can connect to i.d. stores websiteeasily by using their mobile phone. it is really work,try it!
  38. 38. 38 Design Application Middle TermDesign Proposal Case Study This Australian franchise organization included a QR code as part of a contest in its catalogue— entering the contest via QR code made participants eligible to win a laptop. Twenty-five percent of householders entering the contest did so via the QR code, and 60% of those took the time to download the QR code scanner (the contest included information on how to get one). According to one report, this suggests that not already having a scanner—and the time and trouble required to download one—isn’t a barrier (one of the arguments Frommeer made).
  39. 39. Design Application 39 Middle Term Design Proposal 2. Apps i.d. mobileName: i.d. MobilePrice: FreeFunction- Receive Latest News- New products & Discount Notification- Products Preview- Leave Comment- Bookmark ProductsNew products & Discount NotificationIf there are some new products arrive or discount offering of the brand, it willpresent as a small logo next to the brands name.Product PreviewUser can preview all the products in i.d. stores and it provides all the basicinformation about the product, such as designer, price, story, etc.Leave CommentAllow user yo share their opinions about the product.Bookmark ProductUser can check the products which are bookmarked before easily.
  40. 40. 40 Design Application Middle TermDesign Proposal Case Study IKEA iPhone App 2010 Catalogue: The Cons No interactivity Lack of features or value adds Can’t download unless you’re on wi-fi No store locator Can’t bookmark favourite items Doesn’t allow sharing I guess to wrap up, it’s great they’ve actually put it into an iPhone app, it’s fantastic they included the entire catalogue and not some cut down mobile version, but customers will be disappointed with the experience and lack of functionality for what is their entire 2010 cataglogue. It desperately needs an individual product view so you can click on items for more info. While I think it’s critical to include share functionality, as people tend to share from their mobile like they are text messaging their loved ones! Therefore, our app should be: And to not have a store locator seems almost criminal to me?! Using nice interior photo to show the product I guess it all comes down to budget, which Thumbnail Preview this probably didn’t have much of, but it really Including all the product feels like a massive missed opportunity and Interactive user interface something that I wouldn’t have expected from Bookmark function IKEA! Including basic information of i.d Communicate with other users, comments, rating, etc Allow Sharing to social network, facebook, twitter, google+, etc
  41. 41. Design Application 41 Middle Term Design Proposal 3. i.decorateConceptName: i.decorateFunction- Interior simulator- Share to social network- Products Preview- Designers Recommandation- Shopping List- Online Store(Long Term)Interior Similator Designers RecommendationYou can upload one of your house photo(In right Some of the designer may invited and displayangle), then you can put the produce into the their interior design and provide some tips forphoto and figure out the initial image. the users.Share to social network Shopping ListWhile you finished decorating by the similator Automatically create a list about the productsyou can share the rendering to socail which are dragged in to the photo and alsonetwork(facebook, twitter, etc). User can receive calculating the sum of the products.comment from their friends.Products Preview Online Store(Long Term)User can preview all the products in i.d. stores Can buy all the product from the shopping listand it provides all the basic information about through the internet.the products, such as designer, price, story, etc.
  42. 42. 42 Design Application Middle TermDesign Proposal
  43. 43. Design Application 43 Long Term Design Proposal1. Interactive ScreenIssue- Not enough space- Too many productsIdea- Interactive Display ScreenAim- Increase interspace- Increase the Curiosity of consumer- Consumers can get the product information by themselves
  44. 44. 44 Design Application Long TermDesign Proposal Case Study Interactive Screen Introduction A holographic screen is a display technology that uses coated glass media for the projection surface of a video projector. "Holographic" refers to the coating that bundles light using formed micro lenses. The lens design and attributes match the holographic area. The lenses may appear similar to the Fresnel lenses used in overhead projectors. The resulting effect is that of a free-space display, because the image carrier appears very transparent. Additionally, the beam manipulation by the lenses can be used to make the image appear to be floating in front of or behind the glass, rather than directly on it. However, this display is only two-dimensional and not true three- dimensional. The display design can use either front or The display design can use either front or rear rear projection, in which one or more video projection, in which one or more video projectors projectors are directed at the glass plate. Each are directed at the glass plate. Each projectors projectors beam widens as it approaches beam widens as it approaches the surface and then the surface and then is bundled again by the is bundled again by the lenses arrangement on the lenses arrangement on the glass. This forms a glass. This forms a virtual point of origin, so that virtual point of origin, so that the image source the image source appears to be an imaginary object appears to be an imaginary object somewhere somewhere close to the glass. In rear projection (the close to the glass. In rear projection (the common use case), the light passes through the glass; common use case), the light passes through in front projection it is reflected. the glass; in front projection it is reflected.
  45. 45. Design Application 45 Long Term Design Proposal2. Online StoresFunctionYou can buy all the products from the shopping list on the internet.
  46. 46. 46 Design Application Long TermDesign Proposal Case Study IKEA Home Planning Tools Introduction IKEA provides 4 planning tools: Planner BESTÅ, Planner BILLY, Planner PAX and Kitchen Planner for helping customers to customize storage combinations, for example, wardrobes and cupboards. Customers can start customizing from the existing templates or completely new. Instruction videos are given when entering to the main screen of the planning tools. Measurements can be checked at any time by clicking the measuring tape. Products can be added to the combination are shown on the upper left corner of the screen, while tools of the planner are shown on the upper right corner. Products are easily to be added to, modified or removed from the combination, and price is updated after every change. Plans can be saved, opened and printed for purchasing.     Product list can be viewed for details and prices of the products from the combination.
  47. 47. Design Proposal 47Scenario
  48. 48. 48 References Proposal (IKEA Home Planning Tools) (Interior Design Picture References) (IKEA iPhone App 2010 Catalogu) (QR code Casestudy,Letterboxes) (Lanecrawford) (Altfield Gallery) (Indigo) (Papyrus)
  49. 49. Reflection 49 Design ProposalI am so glad that I can attend this design experience. During the training of module, I deeply knowthe importance of marketing in design ,it is not only focus on design template or layout, but also themarketing ,customer behavior and so on. It is a very valuable experience for us to directly understandhow to manage a brand .I also thank for i.d. , because they provide a learning platform for us ,moreover,they are willing to give some suggestion.Besides, what I should learn is collect the file systematic, when Imake a process book, it is very confused, because the filename and location is not clear.Overall, I also have a lot of improvement and I will enjoy my project . Chow Tim Shing,EricThis is the greatest chance to apply our design knowledge in brand design. During the process, we knowmore about the procedure of building up or improving the brand such as what kind of marketing toolsare suitable to Find out and describe about the idea. Also, we had a good communication between eachgroup member. In additional, I think that to build up a website for i.d. stores as soon as possible is mostimportant because internet is conveniences to let more people know about i.d. stores and preview theinformation. Finally, this is a great experience for us, thank you! Leung Man Ho, DellBefore studying brand design, I thought it is simply designing a logo for the client. However, now I knowthat brand design is much more complicated than I thought after attending courses. A lot of complexactivities are needed to do in the beginning in order to know the situation of the client. In addition,needs and wants of the client have to be made certain. The process of design comes way behind theprocess of knowing the client. The steps of knowing the client, designing and even the promotions areheavily related to marketing, which is new to us and we may not do the job very well due to lackingprevious experience. However we would like to thank i.d. Stores and HKDI give us a chance for applyingour skills and gain experience for further works. MANGUS KWAN
  50. 50. 50 Reflection Through visiting i.d. stores and doing research and analysis on it, I find that it is very interested to buildDesign Proposal a brand by knowing i.d. first. Difference character will be found which is very important to identify i.d. store. For example, the friendly service of sales, innovative and functional products … Everything inside i.d. stores tell people an unique story and help building a special brand for it. This brand building experience inspired me to observe and analysis more. As those are important elements to give insight for more development. Moreover, this is the most enjoyable project I have be done, as we have a great communication between group mates and we will listen and modify other idea and have a good development with common consensus. Good communication is important for doing a group work. Kwong Wing Yan In this module, an objective of this project is to create a brand building exercise for i.d. stores. Before the branding building for this retail shores, we learnt some basic marketing theory and knowledge, such as marketing mix, swot analysis, position map, etc. I think these skills is very useful, we can apply various skills to our project. i.d. stores only used magazine and newspaper for promotion, as it is quite different to obtain second hand research in internet, so it is very important to obtain information and research in on-site visit, DNA workshop, and client meeting. After our first hand research, we analysis some points for further development. Base on the research, our group written a tagline for i.d. stores, we had many ideas on design opportunities, but most opportunities were not relate to “Homely” tagline, we always confuse about it. Then, we change the frame to “Be more innovation”. In discussion, we all have many different points of view. Everyone has tried to express their own opinions and suggestions, we didn’t have any argue. I think our communication were very well. For develop the brand experience for customers, we set a short, medium, long term goal for i.d. stores. For supporting our tagline “Be more innovative”, I redesign the packaging bag and suggest design a website for decorate the home. The client said two ideas are very interesting. I got a great sense of satisfaction. No doubt, this project benefit to me, we do enjoy it so much when doing research, analysis, and discussion to group members and feel satisfied with the final outcome and proposal. Mak Chi Ching