3-Steps: Identify Your Brand Niche


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3-Steps: Identify Your Brand Niche

  1. 1. Credentials & Qualifications www.SimplyD.com
  2. 2. What is a SuperBrand? A Superbrand has the finest reputation in its field and offers consumers an emotional and/or tangible benefit over competitors, which (consciously or sub-consciously) consumers want, recognise and are confident about investing in. Superbrands represent quality, reliability, distinction, reputation and prestige. We are fortunate to have worked on 6 of the Top 100 Best Global Brands (Based on Interbrand 2009 rankings)
  3. 3. Our Brand Experience Collectively, we have 20+ years of Blue Chip brand experience (above), & nearly 2 years experience with small & medium-sized businesses (below).
  4. 4. About Us Collective Credentials: we have an MBA, Digital Media Design training, E-Business Certification, Information Technology Management, and 20+ years of marketing, branding and advertising for Blue Chip brands. Extended Team: We also work with an exclusive list of talented and award-winning freelancers: graphic designers, web programmers, app developers, photographers, etc. We use the same talented professionals that big agencies use, but at freelance rates.
  5. 5. What is ‘SimplyD’? sim·ply dif·fer·ent 1. in a simple manner; clearly and easily. 1. not alike in character or quality; 2. plainly; unaffectedly. differing; dissimilar 3. sincerely; artlessly. 2. not identical; separate or distinct. 4. merely; only: It is simply a cold. 3. various; several. 5. wholly; absolutely: simply irresistible 4. not ordinary; unusual. Keeping it Simple. And Smart. We specialize in smart, clear and practical ideas. We apply industry ‘best practices’, and a good dose of ‘common sense’. We build brands by proposing unique (different) opportunities, that are easy (simple) to understand, easy to implement, and most importantly, emotionally-driven.
  6. 6. Why Work With Us? We’ve worked for Tier I marketing companies and award-winning ad agencies, so we know industry ‘best practices’. We apply this to our strategic thinking, project execution and client management. Fortunately, as a small boutique agency, we can streamline the process significantly: - no unnecessary roles or expensive overhead charged back to clients, - we pull upon our talented roster of freelance associates as needed, - we are nimble, and can execute more swiftly and efficiently. Most importantly, we can deliver more attention to you, and to your business needs. We offer excellent customer service, and provide tremendous value. We are hands-on and collaborative. We truly get to know our clients. In fact, many clients have already become our good friends. We enjoy getting to know them, and helping to grow their business.
  7. 7. Why Are We Here Today? Building A Brand, Fostering Consumer Loyalty
  8. 8. Why Does Branding Matter? I have a BMW. But only because BMW stands for Bob Marley and The Wailers, and not because I need an expensive car. Bob Marley Today’s competitive environment is fiercer, and the consumer is more savvy and disconcerting. What elements maintain your ‘brand equity’? i.e. the degree of consumer recognition, and the brand’s ability to capture market share or share of voice.
  9. 9. Blue Chip Redesigns Top row: examples of ‘revolutionary’ design. Bottom row: examples of ‘evolutionary’ approach. After a radical redesign, Tropicana sales dropped by 20% in 6 weeks Images courtesy of CNN article ‘What’s in a new logo?, August 2009 Branding is a fun yet challenging exercise. It requires strategy, delicacy and specialized skills, such as design and colour theory, testing, refinement, etc. Branding is the visual intersection of ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ skill sets.
  10. 10. Former Client* > Sunsilk Case study of how NOT to develop a brand. Situation: • Unilever Canada spent +$17M to launch new women’s haircare: Sunsilk • Established brand in developing countries, entering hyper-competitive North American market • Packaging was developed 2 years prior to launch – already dated & older consumer appeal Result: • 3 logos, 2 new pack redesigns – in less than 3 years! • Brand identity has been fragmented; brand in severe decline. *when we worked at big (high-overhead, high-fees) ad agencies
  11. 11. Before Re-Branding… We like to better understand your ‘Brand DNA’
  12. 12. Our Strategic Approach 2. Industry Intersection = Brand & Marketing opportunity The Plan 1. Brand 3. Consumer For large-scale marketing projects, we use our proprietary strategic framework to understand your current business situation. Most importantly, this helps identify future Brand & Marketing opportunities.
  13. 13. 1. Brand DNA (Example) Brand DNA Other Questions That Would Help Us To Better Understand Your Brand: Brand Positioning: Is this ownable? “Premier organization supported Unique? • What specific value do customers by the highest quality products Include emotional get from your service? and services research” benefits, also? • What characteristic(s) make your services different than the competition? Brand Attributes (Manner): Do the member’s answers mirror Some attributes your answers? Leader, “Polished”, Disciplined, Traditional (not slow + staid), seem conservative but innovative, contradictory? • Do customers use any direct competitor’s services? Which Institutional but a renewed competitors? sense of vigor, “Dynamism” – a “hub of activity”. • Do customers use any indirect competitor’s services? Everyone is an ‘expert’ in today’s • Which competitors do your Brand Tone of Voice: customers use? Media Age; what is Authoritative, Authentic your distinct voice?
  14. 14. 2. The Industry (Example) Emotional advertising Traditional Modern image image Functional advertising Perception Mapping the Industry Brands: – What are the axes? E.g. Conservative Vs Innovative, Emotional Vs Functional, etc – Where is your brand relative to the competition?
  15. 15. The Marketing focus is always… • 25 – 45 y/o women with 1 –2 kid(s) • Urban vs rural(?) • Income (?) • Education (?) • Shopping habits • Major Household purchasers • Will splurge on kids over herself • Driven by brand benefits for her kid(s) • Web habits: • uses web to make her life easier & for information gathering Consumer Target: • Enjoys reading / interacting with other Busy Moms moms (Social, blogs) 3.The CONSUMER!
  16. 16. VISUAL IDENTITY 1st impressions are based upon physical appearance
  17. 17. Memorable Visual ID Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. Orson Welles Makings of a good Visual Identity? Compelling, memorable, eye-catching, instantly recognizable. Establishes & reflects Brand tone; ownable to the Brand. It is a ‘sensory magnet’ for the brand. Design Elements To Consider: – Type of Logo (1 of 3 options to choose) – Font: style, kerning (spacing), italics – Works in Colour and B&W – Works across multiple mediums
  18. 18. Logo Approach There are three logo types to consider. 1. Iconic/Symbolic 2. Logotype/Wordmark 3. Combination Marks All logo examples shown are actual designs concepts for SimplyD clients
  19. 19. TAGLINES Summarizing the Brand Essence in just a few words
  20. 20. Memorable Taglines A brand should strive to own a word in the mind of the consumer. Al Reis and Laura Reis Makings of a good tagline? Succinct, compelling, memorable Descriptive (functional or emotional benefits, or both) Ownable to the brand; ideally it ties into the brand Images courtesy of sloganpower.com
  21. 21. Credentials > Tagline & Logo Brand Connectree Tagline Where connections take root Alternative Tags: The fruit of your connections The root of all connections The tree of life Connect. Grow. Branch Out. A Web 2.0 site/app to organize, manage and keep in touch with your contacts – across Logo many communication touch points.
  22. 22. Credentials > Tagline & Logo Brand Nectara Tagline Live the Luscious Life. Naturally. Brand Inspiration: putting a modern spin on a Alternative Tags: conservative industry Sweet Regeneration Your Luscious Best Supplement your Perfection The Natural Essence of You An organic nutritional supplement for women. Combining proven ingredients with the flair of women’s Health & Beauty Logo products.
  23. 23. Credentials > Tagline & Logo Brand ChildUp Tagline Help your child succeed Alternative Tags: The art & science of parenting Parenting made easy Making good kids great Online parenting courses & curriculum to teach parenting skills, and educational toys. Based on the best academic research from around the world. Logo
  24. 24. DESIGN PORTFOLIO Marketing through compelling stories, using appealing visuals
  25. 25. Blue Chip Clients* *when we worked at big (high-overhead, high-fees) ad agencies
  26. 26. Blue Chip Clients* *when we worked at big (high-overhead, high-fees) ad agencies
  27. 27. E-Commerce Marketing BedHead Pjamas Ongoing Client • Goal: Increase online sales and continually drive brand awareness • Action: sales & marketing strategy & execution. Web design and maintenance. Emails, Social Media, Ad banners, Video • Results: Growth in monthly visitors from 5000 - 12,000 visits per month (140% increase in 5 yrs) Increased online sales from www.BedHeadPJs.com 600,000 - 1.5 Million / year Ongoing Client for +5 years (150% increase in 5 yrs) Annual sales of $1M+
  28. 28. E-Commerce Marketing Mini Me’s Books Ongoing Client • Goal: website design & e- commerce platform, web application, emails • Action: Designed & created e-commerce site & web application • Results: won “Best new 2008 Products” award, PR in Wall St Journal, The Big Idea with Donny www.MiniMeBooks.com Deutsch & many Ongoing Client mags/blogs. Branding, Website, Emails, PR, Social Media
  29. 29. Web Design & Marketing Krudar Ongoing Client • Goal: drive new gym memberships • Action: marketing strategy, web design, development & maintenance. SEO marketing, monthly newsletter and email promotions. • Results: Increase lead generation by 65%. 80% conversion of web leads to customers. www.krudar.com Ongoing Client Branding, Website, Emails, Events Ahead of schedule to open 2nd gym (2011)
  30. 30. Web Design & Marketing New site design & Currently being programmed Old site design www.Qray.com / www.Qray.ca Ongoing Client Website Redesign, Marketing Strategy, E-commerce Metrics & Sales Analysis
  31. 31. Brand Re-Design & Marketing www.LaHaut.com Ongoing Client New Logo. New marketing collateral. Social media Currently working on new website Alternative logo concepts
  32. 32. Brand Re-Design & Marketing New Logo & tagline. New site design & navigation Consumer Research, Brand Positioning & Marketing Strategy Old site design www.ChildUp.com (Site currently being programmed) 4 scrolling main images on Homepage
  33. 33. Brand Re-Design & Marketing New design & navigation Old site design Currently being programmed
  34. 34. Lead Generation > Direct Mail Lead Generation using Direct Mailer (tri-fold) & Email Copy, Design & Marketing Strategy
  35. 35. Lead Generation > Email Promotional Emails: marketing strategy, copy & design
  36. 36. Sales Copy & Design Promotional Email: ongoing client Promotional Letter: ongoing client
  37. 37. Sales Copy & Design Sell Sheets
  38. 38. Sales Promotion & Design Promotional Postcard & Micro-site Promotional strategy to drive brand awareness and sale (B2C, B2B) T-shirt design for samplers
  39. 39. References • BedHead Pajamas (USA) – www.bedheadpjs.com • Krudar Muay Thai (CDA) – www.Krudar.com • LaHaut Resort (Caribbean) – lahaut@candw.lc • Mixed Martial Arts Expo (CDA) – www.MMAExpo.ca • ChildUp.com (Switzerland, Hong Kong) – alan@childup.com • PocketShots (USA) - jpvendor714@yahoo.com (Josh Pingel)
  40. 40. Contact SHERI ALLAIN Senior Marketing Consultant Toronto, ON, Canada Email: sheri@SimplyD.com / Blackberry: sheri.allain@gmail.com Cell: 416-898-6064