SoSoCo project for elderly


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To facilitate creating social circle for the retired

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SoSoCo project for elderly

  1. 1. Project Report onsocial network for elderly withcomposable computingHong Kong Polytechnic UnversityMDes Interaction DesignCHOI Chi Kit, JacksonCHENG PengGU Pan 1
  2. 2. Content 01 Introduction 5 02 Composable Computing Opportunity 7 03 Background Understanding Elderly Population in Hong Kong 9 Field Observation 11 Interview and Group Discussion 13First published 2010 by JPG Team(c) 2010 Copyright Card Sorting Exercise 16 Direct Manipulation Workshop 17Project Report designed and produced by Project Statement 19Jackson Choi, Cheng Peng Project Objectives 21All right reserved. No part of this report may be reprintedor reproduced or utilized in any form or by any electronic, 04 Design the Interactionsmechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter invented, Experience Strategies Vs Design Objectives 23including photocopying and recording, or in any informationstorage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from Interaction Model 24the authors. Business Model 26 05 Create the Scenario and PrototypeMDes Scenario Sketches 30Interaction Design System Diagram 31 Scenario Storyboards 32 SoSoCo device 36School of Design User Interface Design 37 06 Project Reflection 39 07 Special Thanks 40 08 References 41Project sponsored by 09 Appendix Questionnaire for elderly 42 Letter of Confidentiality 44 Letter to Social Service Organization 452 3
  3. 3. The AssignmentIn this project, we are required to research and understand 01:: Introductionthe social and psychological needs of the elderly and thengenerate design proposal / concepts accordinly that aresupported by composbale computing accordingly. Theproject is sponsored by ASTRI, Hong Kong Applied Scienceand Technology Research Institute Company Limited. SoSoCo is an integrated Social Network Service for elderly and the retired toJPG team members are create new social circle of their interests, hobbies and special skills throughJackson Choi, Cheng Peng, Gu Pan. composable computing. It is a psychological need of people to be accepted, recognized and needed. People have different social circles in their lives, but the situation shift after aging and retirement. Stress and pressure are accumulating which create a negative impact to the mental as well as physical health of the elderly. SoSoCo is a product / service that make use of the rapid advancement of technology and the growing social demand. Final Presentation: Concept Development P6 P6 Completed project proposal with design items and Interaction Model Concept Refinement materoials. Experience Strategies Business Model Internal Presentation: Scenario Development P5 P5 Presentation rehearsal. Finalized design proposals. Feedback & Second Client Presentation: Synthesis & Evaluation P4 P4 Confirmation of project Translation direction. Scenario setting and service Needs, pattern Usability scope. Multi-touch Testing and behaviour skills First Client Presentation: P3 P3 Identification of design problems and project Research & Rationalization opportunities. Task Analysis Potential project directions identifying the daily and proposals. Primary Research activities and routines Observation in Scenario confirmation target’s habitats Secondary Research Community Network: UI Design Research analysis and Interview elderly in range of P2 psychological needs Production of desig items P2 Insights. Preliminary idea generation. location such as social centers, and restrictions. and demonstration church and online platform. Workshops of General review of P1 multi-touch competency Scenario discussion P1 background understanding towards topic context.Our design process: Card Sorting and identificationResearch, synthesis,design, feedback, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Schedule (week)proposal timeline4 5
  4. 4. COMPOSABLE COMPUTING 02:: Composable Computing Opportunityallows users to easily andseamlessly extend the As computers and portable electronic devices are penetrating into our daily lives with various forms and functionalities, their uses are limited to specific tasks by their compact sizes and input/output limitations. The potential of these devicescapabilities of their digital could be explored through extensive integration. COMPOSABLE COMPUTING allows sharing of components of otherdevice with the nearby infrastructure in the environment around us, storage and displays, for a wireless interface. Components such as display, storage, networking, processing, sensors. With motion sensor (accelerometers) installed, the device can remotely control other interfaces through motion detection.resources in their environment, Key functions: • Create together with different devicesand further allow its resources • Share resource among devices (display, storage, application, etc) • Dynamic Presentation with handheld devicesto augment other devices in Research suggested that aged population in near future is more accustom to digital device, and the advancement of technology actually connect users of most age group to technology. The new cohort of seniors is more adapted to technologies and digital devices. In recent research by Pavel Alpeyev andthe locality. Yoshinori Eki, it shows that “the iPad Leads Apple to the Elderly”. Seniors love the ease of use the tablet offers, and they have the money for it. In their advertisement of the game controller Wii by Nintendo, elder game players areDynamic composable computing, Intel Research their target customers.Diagram ofinterconnecteddevices6 7
  5. 5. People have differentsocial circles in 03:: Background Understandingtheir lives, but thesituation shift afteraging and retirement. Elderly population in Hong Kong The Hong Kong population is ageing “Hong KongThe retired elderly population In 2008, In 2039,is left-over from the projections 2010- the population of elderly the precentage will 2039” published byoriginal network, Hong Kong Census persons aged above 65 is increase tobeing forgotten andignored. and Statistics Department 12.6% 28% Stress accumulates socially and psychologicallyThe number is In Social Psychologygrowing. There arewelfare services by Ego drive is a need to have our presence noticed, recognized, and accepted have to be satisfied before one can identify a place for oneself in the society. Value means beingthe government andpublic organizations, SoSoCo needed and recognized; Connect stands for relationship and compassion; Quality of lifebut they treat their Psychological referes to mobility and health of the elderly.subjects as inferiors Model showingpeople in social fundamental needswelfare sector. of Personal Value, Social Connection and Quality of Life The diagrams show elderly being left over after retirement8 9
  6. 6. Pattern 1 Field Observation Pattern 2 Observation in location is conducted to find out patterns of how people interact with each other Date: 2 Oct 2010 Venue: Ma On Shan Public Park, Macpherson Playground Mong Kok Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4 Pattern 5 Activity Resting, sitting Exercise, Exercise with Exercise Talk and chat on practice facilities together, TaiChi, common topics Sword dance such as TV programs Pattern 3 Companion Alone Alone Closer but still In groups Friends with silent common interests Location Occupy one Scattered in far In preset areas In large public Anywhere bench alone distant, evenly in space convenient public area Emotion Bored, no one to Calm, away Calm, silence Calm, some sort Warm, talk to from others of engagement, energetic still alone Level of LOW LOW LOW Mid level of High Pattern 4 Communication interaction Insights Common Goals Common topics Potential Break the Ice, Break the Ice, Break the Ice, Facilitate Further share interests, share interests, share interests, further com- establishment knowledge knowledge knowledge munication by of relationship creating interac- tion Key observations: Pattern 5 Level of connection grows with level of commonality 01 Activities 02 Interested topics10 11
  7. 7. Interviews and group discussion are conducted with elderly from social service centers. 3 male and 3 female retired elderly of our target group are interviewed with set of questions. The objectives are: 01 To collect information of their daily activities 02 To understand needs and expectation from retired life 03 To investigate physical and psychological constraints * see Appendix for questionnaires and letter of consent .12 13
  8. 8. “I am a volunteer of elderly services. “I love to sing. It is easier for me to I like to do exercise with my friends. make new friends. At least we have some Having companies makes me feel warm.” common topics to take about and share Ms. Tam Ken Quan the same hobbies!” Ms. Chan Ying Ping Key quotes from “We have gathering once in a while, but informants keeping the momentum is not easy!... someone has to take the lead!” Mr. Chow Kam Chi Mr. Yue Yai Chung Mr. Fong Hing Insights: 01 Elderly know what they want, but just need an Online Interview using QQ “I have the urge to share my extra push to facilitate connection “I have the urge to share my thoughts to others, … it feels thoughts to others, … it feels good good to talk to somebody.” 02 They have lots of things to share ~ Christine Poon to talk to somebody.”   03 Elderly are health conscious Christine Poon 04 Elderly are more active than we thought 05 No social network service in the market for our target14 15
  9. 9. Card sorting Exercise: Direct Manipulation Workshop: 01 To understand their daily routine and activities 01 To see the adaptability of target users towards new interactive methods 02 To understand their views on personal values 02 To test on direct manipulation with multi-touch devices. 03 To know their concerns and worries and physical limitation Task 01: Informants are asked to take picture and browse through photo album with iPhone. Task 02: Informants playing the motion game “Labyrinth” Insights: Insights: 01 Elderly always claim that they are afraid of computer and advanced technologies. 01 Elderly build their lives around talking to others and doing physical exercises 02 But in the workshop, target users have no problem accomplishing tasks assigned with 02 They like to have friends of similar hobbies direct manipulation and motion detection games. 03 They are interested in joining activities organized 03 It is a misconception for both designers and by social service centre. users that “elderly” is not in the same category 04 They are health conscious and like to share with technology. Elderly can use products of new health information. technology if they are well-designed16 17
  10. 10. Project Statement “Create a service facilitating the building of social network for the elderly through invisible Thorough talks and com- munication with target users by visual aids of network with composable storyboards. Low-fidelity prototypes are used for usability testing. computing”18 19
  11. 11. Project Objectives: 01: Facilitates social network 02: Enhances physical activities Tasks Functions 1 Ice breaking • To start a communication Primary • Provide topics • Share emotion 2 Find friends • Personal record with hobby, preferences, etc Primary • Prompt when people with similar hobbies is nearby • Synchronization of hobbies 3 Sharing • Download content into device (Chinese Opera songs, news, Secondary interests) • Share content with others • May be done through human gesture / motion • Emotion 4 Facilitate group • Exercise with motion detection Primary action • Synchronization of gesture • Feedback for good synchronized motion 5 Health alarm • Will alert nearby people if they have trouble Secondary20 21
  12. 12. 04:: Design the Interactions SoSoCo initiates the creation of social circles based on elderly’s hobbies and activities. Profile matching and sharing can facilitate not only social networking, but the motion detection functions can also provide useful feedback for enjoyable physical exercises. }{ Experience Strategies Design Objectives 1. Break the ice for me 1. Matching profiles 2. Enjoy sharing with friends 2. Short learning curve and easy to use 3. Encourage physical exercises 3. Motion detection with feedback 4. Live with me, at home and at play 4. Able to talk to other peripherals22 23
  13. 13. Interaction Model This interaction model illustrates the relationship of target users. Different users have different profile and interests which are represented by different colors. Users will form “social circles” based on their interests and hobbies that are visualized as circles of colors. This model highlights the flexibility and dynamic nature of social circles among the elderly. Participants can join the circle when needed but they are not bounded by rules. However the “hobby-based” nature of network can create strong bonds between elderly.24 25
  14. 14. Business Model SoSoCo is a collaboration project between social service organizations, telecommunication service providers and software/device developer who contribute to the target group connection, tele-network establishment and communication tools and development. The diagram below demonstrates the relationship between various stakeholder and their contribution to the establishment of the business structure as well as the proposed values. Activiti ey e K mer Relation s Public forum Customer acquisition to sh Cus Ice breaking ips Boosting sales Motion synchronization Promotion events e Propositio Elderly lu y partners ns ke Va Telecom service social Shopping mall Cost Structure networking Revenue Streams Elderly center Leisure and Cultural Software development healthy Extra-service networking Service package fee Hardware production Services Department Design exercise 3-party promotion Hardware sales Resourc annels Key Ch es Technical support Teleservice package Experience of organization Service center and interaction for elderly26 27
  15. 15. 28 29
  16. 16. 05:: Create the scenario and prototype Scenario Sketches System diagram & Other Devices INPUT INPUT INFO Other SoSoCo INFO VISUAL VISUAL POSTURE Data Matching POSTURE VOICE VOICE Data Sharing FEEDBACK FEEDBACK Data Manipulation30 31
  17. 17. Scenario 01 Profile setting: SoSoCo is a social network system. By identifying personal profile, hobbies and interests, SoSoCo will link up users of similar interests and facilitates the establishment of various social circles. Input personal info by sliding the octopus to SoSoCo. The device To set up my identity and profile, just slide my octopus to the can talk to peripherals updating the routines and interests. device, and necessary information will be retrieved that includes my name, shopping history and navigation information. 02 Ice Breaking: SoSoCo provides data matching and ice breaking for users with similar hobbies. Hi  here   I  am  ah  Ming  And I can also record a short voice greeting to say Hello to new SoSoCo can talk to other digital appliances to keep track my Today I take a walk in the park nearby. SoSoCo will do datafriends. routines. For example, my frequently watched TV program will be matching and alert me when someone having similar interest is automatically put into my profile. near by. I  am  Panda.     …..   …………..   I  like  Tai  Chi..   I  am  Chan  Da  Man.     03 Motion Synchronizer: I  like  Tai  Chi..   SoSoCo function as motion synchronizer for group practice in public and personal training at homeAnd we both hear voice greetings from each other. We start talking about our interested topics, and this is useful for When we wave good-bye, the hand gesture automatically ice breaking and helps us to expand our social circle. updates our friend list.At park I like to practice Tai Chi in the morning with group of Movement of the master is recorded during his demonstration, When the group starts to practice, their SoSoCo and camera SoSoCo stored the demonstration of the master so that I can32elderly where we use SoSoCo for synchronization during practice. and the data of movement is transferred to the group automatically. can compare posture with that of the master. Haptic and audio feedback will be generated when not in synchronization. practice at home. 33
  18. 18. 04 Public Forum: SoSoCo creates public forum for open discussion, info searching and voting by communicating to public screens and other SoSoCo.With the SoSoCo talking to my multimedia display, the movement Again feedback will be generated for synchronization. As people are gathering in the area, the system detects the “mostof the master is displayed on screen, and my movement will be I can practice Tai Chi in great confident and fun. interested” topic from the crowd.captured and displayed next to the master for comparison.Pictures will be selected and displayed on screen. Then the place I share my additional images by swiping them to the screen and Polling questions will be shown occasionally. We can vote by The system will calculate the percentage of results and display onwill naturally become an open forum. I join my interested forum. can easily check out further information by placing my device over turning our devices to the corresponding direction. screen. Opinions can be shared easily. the images. 05 Gymnastic Weight: SoSoCo becomes a widget for exercises.Topics will be changed according to the combination of participants. I can enjoy the discussion and make new friends. While I am watching TV at home, I have set in “exercise mode” that the TV display will be dimming after certain period of time. 06 Magnifying Reader: SoSoCo becomes a medium connecting reading materials, large screen displays and the database online.I need to shake my SoSoCo to power up the screen again. This is a At home, I use my device as magnifying glass for reading. I can push the image onto the big multimedia screen . The34good exercise for me preventing from holding my position for toolong. I can do that while reading too. computer will search and display additional information on the 35 screen. I can add interested topics and store into my “interest list”.
  19. 19. Sosoco hand held device User Interface The device serves functions of telecommunication, GPS location based service The User interface is kept simple and direct for easy and visual based networking. Special considerations had been given to physical usability of our target users. Amount of button is limited as well as digital features for our target group of elderly. to its minimum, and their size and position are adjusted based on the frequency of use. Specific functions are designed for target users, they will be represented by large graphic icons for easy reference. Also the size of the icons will be determined by the frequency of usage. To cater fort specific physical requirement of users, important buttons are created with good tactile Prototypes of hand sensation which held device were include power made for usability button, gripper and test. Users tried the camera shutter. the user interface and grips and gave suggests. Touch screen surface is built with subtle wavy texture so that users will feel more secure in process of interaction.36 37
  20. 20. 06:: Project Reflection In this 15 weeks collaboration project, the team had considered the following areas. Through back and forth test and analysis, the end result was quite something as what we planned. Overall speaking the outcomes were satisfactory and it had been a good learning experience for all of us. 01 There were too many areas we wanted to work for the target needs. But we tried our best to narrow them down to the most significant ones: Social Circle and Physical Exercise. 02 We had identified the “meanings” of composable computing and how to make best use of this conception. It was defined as communication between various devices for extra extendable performance, not just for simple file transfer running among devices simultaneously, but also how social network could be built with that. 03 We studied and understood the definition of interaction model, systematic diagram, business model, and the differentiation between their functions and representations. 04 The team had stroked the balance between the real needs & desires of the Elderly and the application of composable computing as a form of technology. It was important to aware that technology was tools facilitating the implementation of concept, but not the aim itself. After thoughts 01 Insights generated from observation and interview were very useful for concept development. Many of our ideas come from the discussion and activities with the elderly and other informants. The result was far better than just creating design in front of the computer. 02 Technology is only secondary to user requirement. It is important to connect our design to NEEDS and DESIRES of the users. There were time of confusion when we tried to apply “composable computing” for the sake of applying. It took us some time to build up our nerves to step back from composable computing and really focus on the actual need and behaviour of target users. 03 It is a pity that the final presentation had only gone to the stage of concept video, and no workable prototype was produced. The scope of concept was too large for the team to handle that involve dynamic database and advanced device communication techniques. However it will be good if workable prototypes can be produced for usability testing. 38 39
  21. 21. 07:: Special Thanks 08:: References Project Supervisors Social Welfare Department, Prof. XIN Xiang Yang The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Mr. Michael LAI folder/el/el_eng.htm Our Sponsor Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, ASTRI Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Hong Kong Society for the Aged, Limited Hong Kong Mood Disorders Center, CUHK, Organizations Hong Kong Elderly Ministry, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service 「浸信會愛群社會服務處」, Ms. YAN university-sage.htm ShamShuiPo Baptist Church, Mr. CHOI Chi Keung Bloomberg Businessweek, Chinese YMCA Tin Shui Wai Baptist Chapel, Ms. CHOI wai Ying content/10_34/b4192039623670.htm Informants Bridging IT Power, Ms. Christine POON, Dynamic Composable Computing (DCC) - intel, Ms. Betty CHAU, watch?v=6pajtgsv2gk Ms. CHAN Ying Ping, Ms. TAM Ken Quan, Mr. CHOW Kam Chi, How Pocket-Size Computers Will Finally Overcome Small Screens and Tiny Mr. YUE Yai Chung, Keyboards, Mr. FONG Hing, intel-makes-its-top-ten-technology-predictions-for-next-decade.htm Ms. TSANG Ah Yuk, Ms. WONG Pui Lang, Intel’s Top Ten Technology Predictions For Next Decade, http://www.devicedaily. Ms. LAU Mei Mei, com/hardware/intels-top-ten-technology-predictions-for-next-decade.html Ms. YUEN Yee Man, Platform Composition -- Intel Labs, Mr. MA Kwok Keung, watch?v=YNW0qbQyFiE&NR=1 Ms. LI Suk Bing, Mr. LAI Wah Siftables, Word Lens, JIVE, Co-creation with and for the ageing population / stop-motion, http://www. 41
  22. 22. 09:: Appendix Questionnaire for elderly MDes in Interaction Design 2 在您的日常生活中,例如對於溝 通 和 娛 樂 等,每天需要頻繁使用的三件産品是什麽?以及 香港理工大學設計系碩士學生--蔡志傑、程鵬、顧盼 你所了解的周圍朋友經常使用的三件産品? 長者退休人仕生活調查 目的 行  Composable  Computing  (電腦組合: 讓鄰近的具備計箅功能的電子設備組合成一台合成的新電腦). 我們是理工大學設計系碩士學生。 理工大學設計系碩士課程和香港應用科技研宅院公司現正合作進 3 對于退休人仕來說,目前在公共場所存在哪些不利于與他人交流的因素。 其中一部分的研究是長者退休人仕生活調查,並嘗試通過電腦組合技術為長者提供相應之互動設計 活動予退休人仕,意在改善長者的生活質數,社交關係及人際網絡。對象主要為年齡界乎60-65歲 之退休人士。本身可自我照顧,有活動能力及有一定的經濟能力。 是次訪談主要圍繞退休及長者服務範圍、內容及活動環境;退休人仕的心理及社會狀況,以及一般 4 你認爲什麽方式是最能夠讓退休人仕實現自我的?(個人價值/社會價值) 面對的問題:如時間的應用,自我形象,社會價值及群體生活等範疇。從而找出改善空間。 問卷題目(退休人仕組別): 5 如果你參加集體活動,會選擇與熟人還是陌生人一同參與(結交新的朋友) 問題導入:先給長者看我們近期的觀察調研(照片) 一、問題引導 這些畫面是否也經常在您的身邊或者您的身上出現?你認爲出現這種情況的原因是什麽? 6 如果你有戴耳機收聽的習慣,請問平時你是收聽何種節目? (是覺得這樣很適合你自己的想法,還是認爲沒有一個很好的機會與別人溝通交流) 7 你希望通過什麽方式來結交新的朋友? 面對面交談、通信、電話、上網、社交活動、朋 日程表。 友介紹、興趣小組、不打不相識、其他。 上午 下午 晚上 8 如果在結交新朋友的過程中您覺得尴尬或者沒有共同話題時,你會用什麽方式來處理? 對退休 有什麽期望? 9 在多大程度上,你願意在日常生活中接受使用電子産品? 最喜歡的活動是什麽?是否有需要自備工具? 不願意/一般/很願意 爲什麽? 二、問題發掘 10 在您的心目中,你認爲做一件什麽樣的事情是最讓你感到驕傲的? 幫助別人/分享經驗/自我增值 爲什麽? 請問您家中還有什麼成員?是否同住?42 43
  23. 23. Letter of Confidentiality Letter to social service organization MDES in Interaction Design 香港理工大學設計系碩士學生--蔡志傑、程鵬、顧盼 長者退休人仕生活調查 2010 10 10 目的 我們是理工大學設計系碩士學生。 理工大學設計系碩士課程和香港應用科技研宅院公司現正合作 進行  Composable  Computing  (電腦組合: 讓鄰近的具備計箅功能的電子設備組合成一台合成的新電 腦). 其中一部分的研究是長者退休人仕生活調查,並嘗試通過電腦組合技術為長者提供相應之互動 設計活動予退休人仕,意在改善長者的生活質數,社交關係及人際網絡。對象主要為年齡界乎60- 65歲之退休人士。本身可自我照顧,有活動能力及有一定的經濟能力。 Composable 是次訪談主要圍繞退休及長者服務範圍、內容及活動環境;退休人仕的心理及社會狀況,以及一般 Computing ( : ). 面對的問題:如時間的應用,自我形象,社會價值及群體生活等範疇。從而找出改善空間。 保密協議 採訪方: 理工大學設計系碩士課程學生 受訪方: 2010 10 12 15 00 本採訪是針對長者退休人仕生活調查,並嘗試提供相應之互動設計活動予退休人 仕,意在改善長者的生活質數,社交關係及人際網絡。從而了解長者服務之現況 及發展空間。 96849374 ( ) 訪談將主要圍繞退休及長者服務範圍、內容及活動環境;退休人仕的心理及社會 狀況,以及一般面對的問題:如時間的應用,自我形象,社會價值及群體生活等 範疇。 采訪過程中一切訪問內容我们將會保密,並只作學術用途。承諾在結束後3個月內 將所有受訪者個人資料自行銷毀.不會對受訪者生活帶來任何負面影響本協議一式 两份,雙方各執一份,本協議自雙方簽字或蓋章之日起生效。 852 6573 0189 採訪方代表: 受訪方: 日期: 日期:44 45
  24. 24. 46