Brand Positioning - Reveal the Magic Within


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A brand positioning summarises the complex package of rational and emotional benefits and personality traits that drive stand-out, choice and forge enduring customer relationships. If products are people then brands should be friends or lovers. This mini presentation summarises The Marketing Directors' approach to brand positioning. For help to build your brand, call us on +44(0) 1628 400699 or pop into our Marlow or London office.

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Brand Positioning - Reveal the Magic Within

  1. 1. A powerhouse of insight, creativityand brand marketing expertise toPosition and Build Brands
  2. 2. A robust and practical brand positioning is vital to focus marketing in product launch and decline phases Launch Growth Mature Decline phase phase phase phase Repositioning needed to attract new or lapsed customersSales Positioning needed to focus product and communications to attract interest and trial Time
  3. 3. The challenge is to project the same message via allconsumer or brand encounters ... Organisation/ Culture Process Physical Person Environment Product/ Symbol / Channel Visual Identity Communication /Promotion
  4. 4. This requires a brand framework to focus and ensurea consistent consumer take-out Before Business Business Business Business Customer Brand framework as a lens After Business Business Business Business Customer
  5. 5. Great brands offer a unique combination of rational,emotional and personality traits that win hearts andminds… Awareness Consistent delivery PersonalityIncremental Distinctive value Communications Strong and enduring measures proposition aligned with delivery relationshipIncremental Choice Loyalty Increased leverage Purchase Premium prices opportunities benefits Traffic
  6. 6. Three principles guide how we work1. Work collaboratively to think from a consumer point of view (or via research) to uncover insights and ideas where your brand is now and could go in the future • vital as your customer is the ultimate arbiter of choice2. Create very rich stimulus to bring to 3. Use customers as co-creators to life and explore the positioning determine where your brand should territory your brand could occupy go and why. • ie the rational and emotional • create strategic and executional benefits, supports, character blue-print to inform brand /personality traits covering what to development and execution say and how to say it
  7. 7. Our approach is collaborative, creative and rigorous Insight Ideas Direction
  8. 8. In highly competitive markets, original consumer ormarket research is needed to reveal true and usefulinsights on consumers’ needs and brand beliefs…. Insight Summary Summary of profound understanding on a consumer or his/her circumstances. Has to be expressed as a consumer need, want or belief to ensure that it is something that genuinely matters to consumers. Relevance / Application of Insight How this consumer need, want or belief articulated by this insight could be acted upon or applied to benefit the brand
  9. 9. …that point to clear and compelling brand positioningroutes to explore and… Wife (of ‘Crantock’ Mum’s mum Everyman) the baker Magical Efficient helper housewife Master Innovator Good host baker
  10. 10. …focus creative work to express what sets your brandapart and mimic real consumer encounters… Mock-up ads are created to express the range of positioning nuances. All are explored with consumers to determine what truly stands-out and excites….
  11. 11. Working with a range of designers, packaging ideasare created to mimic real-life in-store experiences … Packaging isdesigned to cover the spectrum of positioningoptions. They help confirm whatdrives and inhibits appeal ….
  12. 12. Using multiple types of stimulus all details arecovered and nothing is left to ‘chance’…. Brand names and logo types echo and summarise brand positioning opportunities.They help spotlight the ‘space’ thatcould be occupied
  13. 13. Via creative qualitative and semi quantitative researchand rigorous analysis powerful new positioningdimensions are clarified and confirmed… Creative Audience Workshops Brand promise R R R R Personality e e e e c c c c Rational benefits y y y y c c c c Emotional benefits l l l l i i i i Supports (Reason why) n n n n g g g g Consumer Target market insight
  14. 14. Brand positionings are defined in both strategic andexecutional terms… Brand Differentiators Brand Personality and Promise – define - defines how to what to communicate with communicate to consumers consumers
  15. 15. … so they can be acted upon to ensure successfulbrand development and communication
  16. 16. Crantock’s Success StoryBackground:• Crantock Bakery mainly supplies the bake-off trade with pasties that are sold using retailers’ own labelsChallenge:• To research and develop guidelines for a new high quality ‘Cornish’ consumer brandApproach:• Collaborative working to develop hypotheses and create packaging and brand communication stimulus• Multi-stage research with both men/women in 3 parts of the country to explore reaction to pies, pasties and Cornish produce and creative exercises to develop a new consumer brand• Debrief and working session with client teamResults:• Insights identified and strategy developed to create a new consumer brand covering brand name, positioning, personality, product/packaging and communication guidelines. Launching 2011.
  17. 17. What sets us apart• Brand marketing consultancy; research, creative and strategic marketing experts• Leading edge brand expertise• Pioneering research and creative techniques• Network of world class creative partners• Superior analysis and marketing/commercial skills• Collaborative way of working• Global capability• Clear and practical deliverables
  18. 18. Call Guy Tomlinson to discuss how we could help you:The Marketing DirectorsThe Old Barrel StoreBrewery CourtyardDraymans LaneMarlow Bucks SL7 2FFTel: +44 (0) 1628 400 699 (Main)Email:
  19. 19. Personality and style/tone guidelines IS Homely, human, Traditional, Caring, heart of Down-to- Friendly, imperfect authentic community, earth experienced altruisticISN’T Aloof, authority Factory Haute cuisine, Boring, formal, figure, old workers fancy chef ‘why is he wearing a tie’
  20. 20. Example Insight Platform/Brand Creative Brief Insight Summary: Summary of profound understanding on a consumer or his/herInsight & circumstances. Has to be expressed as a consumer need, want or belief to ensure that itapplication of is something that genuinely matters to consumers and the business.insight Application of Consumer Insight: how could this consumer insight be acted upon or applied to consumers’ lives to meet the need, want or belief articulated by this insight Description of target consumer Description of when the consumerTarget market Occasion could use the brandConsumer Summary of what the brand offers consumers and why it is different and appealingproposition /promiseRational benefits Emotional benefitsSummary of the rational benefits Summary of the emotional or self image benefits delivered by the brand delivered by the brandOffer features / supports (reasons why)Summary of the key brand or product features that make this claim credible and believablePersonality Description of how the brand talks to consumersstyle and tone Some times helpfully described in terms of dos and don’ts Description of symbols, ideas that epitomise the brandBrand symbols
  21. 21. Personality/style and tone guidelines - detail ISN’ IS ISN’ T T Haute Artist, Family baker, cuisine, artisan server/carer fancy chef Just a label, Genuine Cornish Idealised, superficial experience, true to roots happy clappy Friendly, sociable, Smothering, in Whacky heart of community your face One of the lads, Masculine, Alpha male, cheeky chappy down-to-earth super sporty Hand-made, Factory Perfectionism traditional, human made