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Special School Presentation

  1. 1. There is weCan and there is hope
  2. 2. We support children with special needs… ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Learning Disabilities Asperger’s Syndrome, Cognitive Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Developmental Delays
  3. 3. Our Goal…. on bridging the gap which exists between the actualperformance and the expected performance of the child with learning difficulties.
  4. 4. We Believe…Every  child has the ability to understand and learn.weCan is specialized in optimizing a child’s academic performance and social adaptibility.
  5. 5. We passionately feel… that if a child cannot meet the demands of theeducation system then we must meet the educational needs of the child…
  6. 6. We promote Inclusive Education… The term inclusion is a policy to ensure that allchildren regardless of ability are mainstreamed intoclassrooms and become part of the school community
  7. 7. Our Target – More Inclusive Class rooms. An inclusive classroom is• Wonderful place to teach respectful behaviour, and tolerance, which is a lifelong skill• Codes of equality and awareness• A caring atmosphere and a place which every child can enjoy.• And where the differently abled child is an integral part of the classroom.
  8. 8. weCanLearning Resource Institute and Research Centre. An exclusive service… Six days a week… We have a team of highly qualified, experienced special educators.
  9. 9. We offer Partnership Programmes Through our customized programs, our special educators and counselling experts partner with mainstream educators to address this challenge.• We customize a program to facilitate Inclusion.• We focus on one to one remedial intervention to decrease the gap between the actual performance and expected performance.• Remedial Intervention in small groups so that a comfort zone is reached, while working in the classroom.• Behavioural problems are addressed• Parents and Peer Issues are addressed.• Staff sensitization and empowerment.
  10. 10. Junior School Inset Programmes• Daily intervention within the school premises, where the student gets individual attention, while being a part of a normal school setup.• Educators who will work with the students in a group and on a one to one basis, customized to individual needs.• All assessment tools, intervention and evaluation methods customized to individual needs• According to the assessment, a programme is set for each child.• Progress and feedback reports on a quarterly basis for each child.• Interaction with parents on a regular basis.
  11. 11. Referral Program.Some schools refer the children to our centre, where the children come after school hours and support programmes are conducted at the centre.Regular feedbacks, conferences with teachers and parentsand regular reporting systems, reviews and planning arevery much a part of the partnership programme with the school
  12. 12. Consultancy Program.Schools often have their own team of specialeducators and counsellors.These schools may need specialised support to streamline the process of identification,assessments, parent counselling, reporting andreview systems, and in formulating Individual Education Plans.
  13. 13. Training Programmes and Workshops Programmes for teachers and parents so as to:•Create awareness about learning disabilities•Identifying special needs•Classroom strategies to deal with learning disabilities•Overcoming denial – for parents•Strategies to deal with a special child at home -for parents•A definite plan of action—for parents and schools
  14. 14. weCan…your PartnerweCan is the brainchild of educators who have many years of experience in an inclusive setup. The People Behind…Gitasree Bishayee – Special EducatorNeena Goel – Mainstream EducatorSheela Menon Mukherjee – Special EducatorDhruv Sharma – Management ConsultantMeenakshi Atal – Mainstream EducatorAnindita Chatterjee – Clinical PsychologistBiswadip Gupta – Corporate Leader
  15. 15. The Advisory BoardMr. John Mason A renowned educationist and an an advisor and on the Board of a number ofschoolsDr. Sudha KaulFounder, Trustee and Vice Chairperson of Indian Institute of Cerebral PalsyDr. Reena SenThe executive Director and A founder member of the Indian Institute of CerebralPalsy.Ms. Seema SapruPrincipal, The Heritage School, and an advisor and on the Board of a number ofschools.Ms. Lina BardhanPrincipal, Nobel Mission and a Rehabilitation Psychologist
  16. 16. Schools We Partner The Future Foundation SchoolSouth City International School La Martiniere For BoysMahadevi Birla Girls High School
  17. 17. TestimonialsThe contribution of the Special Educators from ‘We Can Resource Centre’ has  beenof help to the Institution in our endeavour to provide a congenial learningenvironment for all students. They provide additional support to the students withspecial needs in the school.The Special Educators from the Centre play an activeand valuable role in addressing the individual needs of the children, designingindividualised programmes for them and developing specialised modes of instruction,thus enabling our children with special needs to acheive a higher level of personalself sufficiency and academic success.Ranjan Mitter, Principal, The Future Foundation School
  18. 18. TestimonialsCongratulations to the entire team of WE CAN for such fabulous work. Havingpartnered closely with the team at South City International School, I can say that iam very impressed by the great work and dedication. Best of luck to the WE CAN team for every future endeavour  !Farishta Dastur Mukerji, Co-ordinator Special Education andCounselling Department, Psychotherapist, South CityInternational School. Kolkata
  19. 19. TestimonialsThe association between We Can and La Martiniere for Boys has been quitesatisfying and rewarding.  Some of our students with difficulties in learning andretention have benefitted greatly from their remedial classes and this hasincreased their confidence and motivation.  It takes great courage to changetradition and forge new paths by thinking differently; We at La Martiniere willcontinue to do so, with help from organizations like We Can.  Your services andfriendship are greatly appreciated.Ruvena Sanyal, Counsellor, La Martiniere For Boys
  20. 20. TestimonialsDivya Bhagat (Parent)“A place where all our ‘NEEDS’ are being looked after. Children enjoy cominghere.Teaching with care is important. A center where our children know that ‘THEYCAN’ overcome all their difficulties.”Koeli Dutta (Parent) I found weCan very inspiring. It canged my son’s life in some way. My self esteemgot a boost and I found Suryanshu worthy of some little things which made mehappy, I learned to live again.”Prosenjit and Piyali Samajpati (Parent)Unique experience. Did not see or hear anything similar before where parentscongregate and issues are discussed by the board of educators.Shoma Dasgupta (Parent)You are a great support, I extend my thanks to every teacher of weCan. I believewith your kind support and co-opeation my child will be a successful man one day