Hotel Marketing Survey


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Hotel Marketing Survey

  1. 1. Step 1The Marketing Manager will require to research about the current intake of guests, the type ofguests and their value needs.Guest ListResearch about the guests will provide the answer to the questions relating to the guests who arelikely to use those conference rooms. If the guests are only the usual visitors or the vacationersthen adding the conference room would not benefit the hotel instead it will be an additionalexpense to the owner.After conducting the research it would be important to understand the needs and wants of thoseguests who wish to use the conference rooms and meeting space for their business purpose. Thequestionnaire survey will be the most feasible tool to conduct the research regarding the needsand wants of those customers. Customer Database will be accessed in order to find out thecorporate clients of the hotel and they will be contacted via latest survey techniques likeelectronic mail surveys.Business Blood Line: FinanceThe most important factor is to consider the blood line of the business, that is, the cashrequirements to carry out such plans. The financial feasibility report will be required to obtainthe information related to the investment ability and credibility of the organization; Hotel. On thebasis of the feasibility report, the decision will be taken either to buy out the hotel next door orleave it.
  2. 2. Step 2 Conference Room SurveyMeeting Rooms & ServicesABC Hotel needs your attentions. We are in the process of expanding the hotel by adding aconference centre and state-of-the-art meeting space. Please take a moment to complete thissurvey and let us know what you think of our initiative. Your comments are very important to usand we appreciate you taking time to share them with us.How often you use meeting rooms always Often sometimes NeverFor how many times you intend to use conference/meeting room in a month? Once Twice Thrice Four time Others please specify:In your opinion, the state of Conference room experience should be: very Not Not very important neutral important important importanta) Overall appearance and decor of theConference roomb) Overall cleanliness of the Conferenceroomc) Maintenance of the Conference roomd) The quality of the ServicesThe capacity of conference room should be at least?
  3. 3. 20-25 30-35 40-45 50 or greaterWhat type of seating you will be comfortable with? Round Rectangular U-shape Boardroom Others Please Specify:The conference room should be equipped with the: Lighting + blackout arrangements Lighting + Heating arrangements Lighting + air conditioning Lighting + blackout arrangements + heating Lighting + heating + air conditioning Lighting + air conditioning + heatingThe conference room must be equipped with Multi media Projector Printers On screen scanners Mic and audio facilities Telephones Internet connectivity All of the aboveThe meeting room maker over must consist of: Computers Copy boards Interactive whiteboards Plasma display panels PDP interactive overlay Conferencing
  4. 4. Multi Media cabinets Room Control systems All of the aboveMeeting Staging should be: Theater style Class room style Banquet style Others please specify:The Hotel must provide services within the sessions Full time Part time On call Others please specify:You will require assistance of online technicians during sessions (troubleshooting) Full time Part time On Call NeverYou will use Hotel facilities for the tea breaks/lunch during the meeting sessions At your sitting place (disposable food arrangements) Separate corner in conference room Dining hall Others please specify:Thinking from your Perspective, what other options you would like to add in theconference rooms to facilitate the meetings there?