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VLSI projects for BE/B.Tech, ME/M.Tech students

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  1. 1. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 Innovative Technology Services 762/625, PH Road, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 106. +91 44 420 12 180, +91 97 91 20 60 40, +91 99 44 43 00 65 | VLSI-IEEE 2013 TITLES ITS-VLSI13-01 A 2.63 Mbit/s VLSI Implementation of SISO Arithmetic Decoders for High PerformanceJoint Source Channel Codes ITS-VLSI13-02 3-D Mesh-Based Optical Network-on-Chip for Multiprocessor System-on-Chip ITS-VLSI13-03 A Built-In Repair Analyzer With Optimal Repair Rate for Word-Oriented Memories ITS-VLSI13-04 A Fast-Locking All-Digital Deskew Buffer With Duty-Cycle Correction ITS-VLSI13-05 A High-Speed Low-Complexity Modified FFT Processor for High Rate WPAN Applications ITS-VLSI13-06 A Low-Complexity Turbo Decoder Architecture for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks ITS-VLSI13-07 A Meet-in-the-Middle Algorithm for Fast Synthesis of Depth-Optimal Quantum Circuits ITS-VLSI13-08 AC-Plus Scan Methodology for Small Delay Testing and Characterization ITS-VLSI13-09 Addressing Transient and Permanent Faults in NoC With Efficient Fault-Tolerant Deflection Router ITS-VLSI13-10 All-Digital Fast-Locking Pulsewidth-Control Circuit With Programmable Duty Cycle ITS-VLSI13-11 An Analytical Latency Model for Networks-on-Chip ITS-VLSI13-12 An Energy-Efficient L2 Cache Architecture Using Way Tag Information Under Write-Through Policy ITS-VLSI13-13 An On-Chip Network Fabric Supporting Coarse-Grained Processor Array
  2. 2. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 ITS-VLSI13-14 An Ultrasynchronization Checking Method With Trace-Driven Simulation for Fast and Accurate MPSoC Virtual Platform Simulation ITS-VLSI13-15 Application Space Exploration of a Heterogeneous Run-Time Configurable Digital Signal Processor ITS-VLSI13-16 Architecture for Real-Time Nonparametric Probability Density Function Estimation ITS-VLSI13-17 Built-In Generation of Functional Broadside Tests Using a Fixed Hardware Structure ITS-VLSI13-18 A Built-In Self-Repair Scheme for 3-D RAMs With Interdie Redundancy ITS-VLSI13-19 Checkpointing for Virtual Platforms and SystemC-TLM ITS-VLSI13-20 Circuit-Level Timing Error Tolerance forLow-Power DSP Filters and Transforms ITS-VLSI13-21 Combined Architecture/Algorithm Approach to Fast FPGA Routing ITS-VLSI13-22 CORDIC Designs for Fixed Angle of Rotation ITS-VLSI13-23 Design and Implementation of an On-Chip Permutation Network for Multiprocessor System-On-Chip ITS-VLSI13-24 Design of Digit-Serial FIR Filters: Algorithms,Architectures, and a CAD Tool ITS-VLSI13-25 Efficient Implementation of Reconfigurable Warped Digital Filters With Variable Low-Pass, High-Pass,Bandpass, and Bandstop Responses ITS-VLSI13-26 Error Detection in Majority Logic Decoding of Euclidean Geometry Low Density Parity Check (EG-LDPC) Codes ITS-VLSI13-27 Exploration and Optimization of 3-D Integrated DRAM Subsystems ITS-VLSI13-28 Glitch-Free NAND-Based Digitally Controlled Delay-Lines ITS-VLSI13-29 Improved Trace Buffer Observation via Selective Data Capture Using 2-D Compaction for Post-Silicon Debug ITS-VLSI13-30 IsoNet: Hardware-Based Job Queue Management for Many-Core Architectures ITS-VLSI13-31 Joint Decoding of LDPC Code and Phase Factors for OFDM Systems With PTS PAPR Reduction ITS-VLSI13-32 Latch-Based Performance Optimization for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
  3. 3. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 ITS-VLSI13-33 MDC FFT/IFFT Processor With Variable Length for MIMO-OFDM Systems ITS-VLSI13-34 Mining Hardware Assertions With Guidance From Static Analysis ITS-VLSI13-35 NCTU-GR 2.0: Multithreaded Collision-Aware Global Routing with Bounded- Length Maze Routing ITS-VLSI13-36 Novel MIMO Detection Algorithm for High-Order Constellations in the Complex Domain ITS-VLSI13-37 On the Fixed-Point Accuracy Analysis and Optimization of Polynomial Specifications ITS-VLSI13-38 Pipelined Radix- Feedforward FFT Architectures ITS-VLSI13-39 Pragmatic Integration of an SRAM Row Cache in Heterogeneous 3-D DRAM Architecture Using TSV ITS-VLSI13-40 Reconfigurable Adaptive Singular Value Decomposition Engine Design for High- Throughput MIMO-OFDM Systems ITS-VLSI13-41 Scalability Analysis of Memory Consistency Models in NoC-based Distributed Shared Memory SoCs ITS-VLSI13-42 Scaling Energy Per Operation via an Asynchronous Pipeline ITS-VLSI13-43 Secure Dual-Core Cryptoprocessor for Pairings Over Barreto-Naehrig Curves on FPGA Platform ITS-VLSI13-44 Selective Flexibility:Creating Domain-Specific Reconfigurable Arrays ITS-VLSI13-45 Self-Repairing Digital System With Unified Recovery Process Inspired by Endocrine Cellular Communication ITS-VLSI13-46 STBC-OFDM Downlink Baseband Receiver for Mobile WMAN ITS-VLSI13-47 Techniques for Compensating Memory Errors in JPEG2000 ITS-VLSI13-48 Test Patterns of Multiple SIC Vectors: Theory and Application in BIST Schemes ITS-VLSI13-49 The LUT-SR Family of Uniform Random Number Generators for FPGA Architectures ITS-VLSI13-50 Theoretical Modeling of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplier on LUT-Based FPGAs for Area and Speed
  4. 4. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 ITS-VLSI13-51 A 2.63 Mbit/s VLSI Implementation of SISO Arithmetic Decoders for High Performance Joint Source Channel Codes ITS-VLSI13-52 A Flexible and Customizable Architecture for the Relaxation Labeling Algorithm ITS-VLSI13-53 A Novel VLSI DHT Algorithm for a Highly Modular and Parallel Architecture ITS-VLSI13-54 An Adaptive Subsystem Based Algorithm for Channel Equalization in a SIMO System ITS-VLSI13-55 Binary Discrete Cosine and Hartley Transforms Analysis ITS-VLSI13-56 Computing Two-Pattern Test Cubes for Transition Path Delay Faults ITS-VLSI13-57 Design of Hardware Function Evaluators Using Low-Overhead Nonuniform Segmentation With Address Remapping ITS-VLSI13-58 DS-CDMA Implementation With Iterative Multiple Access Interference Cancellation ITS-VLSI13-59 FPGA-Based 40.9-Gbits/s Masked AES With Area Optimization for Storage Area Network ITS-VLSI13-60 Low-Cost FIR Filter Designs Based on Faithfully Rounded Truncated Multiple Constant Multiplication/Accumulation ITS-VLSI13-61 Low-Resolution DAC-Driven Linearity Testing of Higher Resolution ADCs Using PolynomialFitting Measurements ITS-VLSI13-62 One Analog STBC-DCSK Transmission Scheme not Requiring Channel State Information ITS-VLSI13-63 Reconfigurable Accelerator for the Word-Matching Stage of BLASTN ITS-VLSI13-64 Reduced-Complexity LCC Reed–Solomon Decoder Based on Unified Syndrome Computation ITS-VLSI13-65 Scale-Free Hyperbolic CORDIC Processor and Its Application to Waveform Generation ITS-VLSI13-66 Scaling, Offset, and Balancing Techniques in FFT-Based BP Nonbinary LDPC Decoders ITS-VLSI13-67 Two-Rate Based Low-Complexity Variable Fractional-Delay FIR Filter Structures
  5. 5. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 ITS-VLSI13-68 VLSI Architectures for the 4-Tap and 6-Tap 2-D Daubechies Wavelet Filters Using Algebraic Integers ITS-VLSI13-69 VLSI Implementation of a Low-Cost High-Quality Image Scaling Processor ITS-VLSI13-70 VLSI Implementation of a Multi-Mode Turbo/LDPC Decoder Architecture ITS-VLSI13-71 An Efficient Interpolation-Based Chase BCH Decoder ITS-VLSI13-72 An Efficient Multi-Standard LDPC Decoder Design Using Hardware-Friendly Shuffled Decoding [WE ALSO DO YOUR OWN CUSTOMIZED PROJECTS] For more titles on NS2 / JAVA / VLSI / MATLAB / ANDROID / DOTNET and various domains, kindly visit us directly or write to us. Innovative Technology Services #762/625, PH Road, EVR Periyar Salai, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 106 +91 44 420 12 180, +91 97 91 20 60 40, +91 99 44 43 00 65 | Land Mark: Near to AMPA SKYWALK mall, Opp. to CHENNAI FORD Car Showroom