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Matlab Projects for BE/B.Tech, ME/M.Tech Students

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  1. 1. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 Innovative Technology Services 762/625, PH Road, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 106. +91 44 420 12 180, +91 97 91 20 60 40, +91 99 44 43 00 65 | MATLAB-IEEE 2013 TITLES IMAGE PROCESSING ITS-DIP13-01 A Generalized Random Walk With Restart and Its Application in Depth Up- Sampling and Interactive Segmentation ITS-DIP13-02 Exploring Visual and Motion Saliency for Automatic Video Object Extraction ITS-DIP13-03 Orientation Imaging Microscopy With Optimized Convergence Angle Using CBED Patterns in TEMs ITS-DIP13-04 Grassmannian Regularized Structured Multi-View Embedding for Image Classification ITS-DIP13-05 3-D Face Recognition Under Occlusion Using Masked Projection ITS-DIP13-06 Representing and Retrieving Video Shots in Human-Centric Brain Imaging Space ITS-DIP13-07 SparseDCT (SDCT) Two-Layered Representation of Prediction Residuals for Video Coding ITS-DIP13-08 Parameter Estimation for Blind and Non-Blind Deblurring Using Residual Whiteness Measures ITS-DIP13-09 Automatic Cell Segmentation and Nuclear-to-Cytoplasmic Ratio Analysis for Third Harmonic Generated Microscopy Medical Images ITS-DIP13-10 Perceptual Video Coding Based on SSIM-Inspired Divisive Normalization
  2. 2. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 ITS-DIP13-11 Active Contour-Based Visual Tracking by Integrating Colors, Shapes,and Motions ITS-DIP13-12 Unified Blind Method for Multi-Image Super-Resolution and Single/Multi-Image Blur Deconvolution ITS-DIP13-13 Accurate Multiple View 3D Reconstruction Using Patch-Based Stereo for Large- Scale Scenes ITS-DIP13-14 Perceptual Full-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images by Considering Binocular Visual ITS-DIP13-15 Compressive Framework for Demosaicing of Natural Images ITS-DIP13-16 In-Plane Rotation and Scale Invariant Clustering Using Dictionaries ITS-DIP13-17 Quantification of Smoothing Requirement for 3D Optic Flow Calculation of Volumetric Images ITS-DIP13-18 Structural Texture Similarity Metrics for Image Analysis and Retrieval ITS-DIP13-19 A Robust Method for Rotation Estimation Using Spherical Harmonics Representation ITS-DIP13-20 Coupled Variational Image Decomposition and Restoration Model for Blurred Cartoon-Plus-Texture Images With Missing Pixels ITS-DIP13-21 Learning Dynamic Hybrid Markov Random Field for Image Labeling ITS-DIP13-22 Depth Estimation of Face Images Using the Nonlinear Least-Squares Model ITS-DIP13-23 Track Creation and Deletion Framework for Long-Term Online Multiface Tracking ITS-DIP13-24 Multiscale Gradients-Based ColorFilter Array Interpolation ITS-DIP13-25 Optimal Local Dimming for LC Image Formation With Controllable Backlighting ITS-DIP13-26 Local Edge-Preserving Multiscale Decomposition for High Dynamic Range Image Tone Mapping ITS-DIP13-27 Segmentation of Intracranial Vessels and Aneurysms in Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Angiography Using Multirange Filters and Local Variances ITS-DIP13-28 Multiscale Bi-Gaussian Filter for Adjacent Curvilinear Structures Detection With Application to Vasculature Images
  3. 3. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 ITS-DIP13-29 Non edge-Specific Adaptive Scheme for Highly Robust Blind Motion Deblurring of Natural Images ITS-DIP13-30 Shape Sparse Representation for Joint Object Classification and Segmentation ITS-DIP13-31 Image Enhancement Using the Hypothesis Selection Filter Theory and Application to JPEG Decoding ITS-DIP13-32 Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting Using Multiscale Graph Cuts ITS-DIP13-33 Low-Resolution Face Tracker Robust to Illumination Variations ITS-DIP13-34 A General Framework for Context-Specific Image Segmentation Using Reinforcement Learning ITS-DIP13-35 Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis Face and Expression Recognition ITS-DIP13-36 Robust Document Image Binarization Technique for Degraded Document Images ITS-DIP13-37 A Comprehensive 3-D Framework for Automatic Quantification of Late Gadolinium Enhanced Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Images ITS-DIP13-38 Impact of Visual Features on the Segmentation of Gastroenterology Images Using Normalized Cuts ITS-DIP13-39 Automatic detection of optic disc based on PCA and mathematical morphology ITS-DIP13-40 A General Framework for Context-Specific Image Segmentation Using Reinforcement Learning ITS-DIP13-41 Approximate Least Trimmed Sum of Squares Fitting and Applications in Image Analysis ITS-DIP13-42 Adaptive Markov Random Fields for Joint Unmixing and Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images ITS-DIP13-43 Nonlocal Transform-Domain Filter for Volumetric Data Denoising and Reconstruction ITS-DIP13-44 Vector Extension of Monogenic Wavelets for Geometric Representation of Color Images ITS-DIP13-45 Optimized 3D Watermarking for Minimal Surface Distortion Analysis Operator Learning and its Application to Image Reconstruction
  4. 4. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 ITS-DIP13-46 Scene Text Detection via Connected Component Clustering and Nontext Filtering ITS-DIP13-47 Detecting, Grouping, and Structure Inference Invariant Repetitive Patterns in Images ITS-DIP13-48 Monocular Depth Ordering Using T-Junctions and Convexity Occlusion Cues ITS-DIP13-49 Gender Classification Based on Fusion of Different Spatial Scale Features Selected by Mutual Information From Histogram of LBP, Intensity, and Shape ITS-DIP13-50 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reserving Room Before Encryption ITS-DIP13-51 Noise Reduction Based on Partial-Reference, Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Shrinkage ITS-DIP13-52 Fast SIFT Design for Real-Time Visual Feature Extraction ITS-DIP13-53 Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis: Face and Expression Recognition ITS-DIP13-54 Image Completion by Diffusion Maps and Spectral Relaxation ITS-DIP13-55 Image Inpainting on the Basis of Spectral Structure from 2-D Nonharmonic Analysis ITS-DIP13-56 Luma-chroma Space Filter Design for Subpixel-based Monochrome Image Downsampling ITS-DIP13-57 An Efficient Algorithm for Multiphase Image Segmentation with Intensity Bias Correction ITS-DIP13-58 Naturalness Preserved Enhancement Algorithm for Non-uniform Illumination Images ITS-DIP13-59 Optical Flow Estimation for Flame Detection in Videos ITS-DIP13-60 Matching-Area-Based Seam Carving for Video Retargeting ITS-DIP13-61 Contrast Enhancement Using Dominant Brightness Level Analysis for Remote Sensing Images
  5. 5. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 COMMUNICATION ITS-COM13-01 Service-Outage Capacity Maximization in Cognitive Radio for Parallel Fading Channels ITS-COM13-02 Community Detection in Scale-Free Networks:Approximation Algorithms for Maximizing Modularity ITS-COM13-03 Efficient Multi-Link Failure Localization Schemes in All-Optical Networks ITS-COM13-04 Semi-Blind Key-Agreement over MIMO Fading Channels ITS-COM13-05 QoS-Aware and Energy-Efficient Resource Management in OFDMA Femtocells ITS-COM13-06 Promoting Cooperation in Wireless Relay Networks Through Stackelberg Dynamic Scheduling ITS-COM13-07 Maximum Expected Rates of Block-Fading Channels with Entropy-Constrained Channel State Feedback ITS-COM13-08 Time-of-Arrival Estimation Based on Information Theoretic Criteria ITS-COM13-09 Interference Coordination: Random Clustering and Adaptive Limited Feedback ITS-COM13-10 Source Transmit Antenna Selection for MIMO Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks ITS-COM13-11 Check Node Reliability-Based Scheduling for BP Decoding of Non-Binary LDPC Codes ITS-COM13-12 On the Effect of Outdated Channel Estimation in Variable Gain Relaying:Error Performance and PAPR ITS-COM13-13 Per-Antenna Constant Envelope Precoding for Large Multi-User MIMO Systems ITS-COM13-14 Second-Order Cyclostationarity of BT-SCLD Signals Theoretical Developments and Applications to Signal Classification and Blind Parameter Estimation ITS-COM13-15 The Effect of Macrodiversity on the Performance of Maximal Ratio Combining in Flat Rayleigh Fading ITS-COM13-16 Energy and Spectral Efficiency of Very Large Multiuser MIMO Systems
  6. 6. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 ITS-COM13-17 An Analysis of Band-limited Communication Systems from Amplifier Efficiency and Distortion Perspective ITS-COM13-18 Feedback Power Control with Bit Error Outage Probability QoS Measure on the Rayleigh Fading Channel ITS-COM13-19 Design and Analysis of Deterministic Distributed Beamforming Algorithms in the Presence of Noise ITS-COM13-20 Distributed Multiple Target-SINRs Tracking Power Control in Wireless Multirate Data Networks ITS-COM13-21 A Network Flow Approach to Throughput Maximization in Cooperative OFDMA Networks ITS-COM13-22 Design of Irregular Repeat-Accumulate Coded Physical-Layer Network Coding for Gaussian Two-Way Relay Channels ITS-COM13-23 A Practical Cooperative Multicell MIMO-OFDMA Network Based on Rank Coordination ITS-COM13-24 Accurate Sampling Timing Acquisition for Baseband OFDM Power-Line Communication in Non-Gaussian Noise ITS-COM13-25 SHARP Spectrum Harvesting with ARQ Retransmission and Probing in Cognitive Radio ITS-COM13-26 Energy-Aware Competitive Power Control in Relay-Assisted Interference Wireless Networks ITS-COM13-27 On the Optimal Switching Probability for a Hybrid Cognitive Radio System ITS-COM13-28 Power Allocation and Performance Analysis in Spectrum Sharing Systems with Statistical CSI ITS-COM13-29 Frequency Domain Packet Scheduling with MIMO for 3GPP LTE Downlink ITS-COM13-30 Sum of Non-Concave Utilities Maximization for MIMO Interference Systems ITS-COM13-31 Joint Base Station Association and Power Control via Benders’ Decomposition ITS-COM13-33 Unified SER Performance Analysis and Improvement for Multiuser MIMO Downlink with Correlation Rotation Linear Precoding
  7. 7. Innovative Technology Services +91 97 91 20 60 40 +91 99 44 43 00 65 [WE ALSO DO YOUR OWN CUSTOMIZED PROJECTS] For more titles on NS2 / JAVA / VLSI / MATLAB / ANDROID / DOTNET and various domains, kindly visit us directly or write to us. Innovative Technology Services #762/625, PH Road, EVR Periyar Salai, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai - 106 +91 44 420 12 180, +91 97 91 20 60 40, +91 99 44 43 00 65 | Land Mark: Near to AMPA SKYWALK mall, Opp. to CHENNAI FORD Car Showroom