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Dot net project list

  1. 1. Project Ideas 9221286927 DOTNET Project List 9892369017 ID Project Title TechnologyDTNT-01 Speech comparison using neural networks VB.NETDTNT-02 Finger print based employee attendance system VB.NET / SQL/ Hardware Distributed mobility management for target tracking inDTNT-03 VB.NET mobile sensor networksDTNT-04 Efficient query processing in peer to-peer networks VB.NET / SQLDTNT-05 Character Recognition System VB.NET VB.NETDTNT-06 Xml code editor with syntax checker and syntax coloringDTNT-07 Efficient broadcasting in mobile ad hoc networks VB.NETDTNT-08 Web Analytics ASP.NET / SQL / JavascriptDTNT-09 Intrusion Detection System / Firewall VB.NET Home Automation System with Mobile AutomationDTNT-10 through GSM VB.NET / HardwareDTNT-11 Desktop Payroll Application VB.NET / SQLDTNT-12 Voice/ Speech based Browser VB.NETDTNT-13 Steganography for audio, video, image VB.NETDTNT-14 Windows Desktop Search VB.NET Network Health/Node monitoring [Six SigmaDTNT-15 VB.NET / SQL Implementation]DTNT-16 Secured Software & Authentication VB.NETDTNT-17 Securing TCP/IP communication using cryptography VB.NET File protector with password protection and cryptographyDTNT-18 VB.NET security VB.NETDTNT-19 Implementation of Digital image processing techniquesDTNT-20 Perceptual color correction through Variational techniques VB.NETDTNT-21 Distributed database architecture VB.NET / SQLDTNT-22 Alert based monitoring of stock trading systems VB.NET/ ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-23 CASE Tools VB.NET/ ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-24 Measuring the quality of software modularization VB.NET / SQLDTNT-25 Mobile- Commerce ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-26 Mobile-CRM ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-27 Generic project management portal ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-28 web-based recruitment process system ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-29 Online discussion-forum ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-30 equity trading portfolio manager ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-31 Online Job search portal ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-32 Online matrimonial portal ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-33 TorrEx - a Bit Torrent Client VB.NET
  2. 2. DTNT-34 GIS based Routing VB.NET / SQLDTNT-35 Digital Watermarking VB.NETDTNT-36 Bluetooth Messenger VB.NETDTNT-37 Financial forecast system VB.NET / SQLDTNT-38 Intranet application for multiclient chatting VB.NETDTNT-39 Mobile- Online Examination Sysetm ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-40 Development of a simple IP subnet calculator tool VB.NETDTNT-41 IP based process monitor VB.NETDTNT-42 Online webmart system for jewellery ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-43 Online bug tracking and customer support system ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-44 Intranet Mail System VB.NET / SQLDTNT-45 Online Admission Management System ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-46 Online Examination System ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-47 Attendance & Leave Mgmt System ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-48 Home Automation System with Speech / Internet/ LAN VB.NET / HardwareDTNT-49 Medical Diagnosis System VB.NET / SQLDTNT-50 Wireless Data transfer to mobile VB.NETDTNT-51 Asset Management VB.NET / SQLDTNT-52 Remote Desktop VB.NETDTNT-53 Essential task administration gateway VB.NETDTNT-54 Portfolio manager VB.NET / SQLDTNT-55 Effective port scanner and detector VB.NETDTNT-56 Automated backup and recovery scheduler VB.NETDTNT-57 Network problem notification via SMS VB.NET / SQLDTNT-58 Bluetooth based employee attendance system VB.NET / SQL/ HardwareDTNT-59 Remote explorer and task manager VB.NETDTNT-60 Online Ticket Reservation System ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-61 Human Resource Management ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-62 Construction Management / Tracking System ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-63 Hotel Management Sys ASP.NET / SQLDTNT-64 Home Automation System with Speech Recognition VB.NET / HardwareDTNT-65 Hospital management system VB.NET / SQLDTNT-66 Customer Query Management System VB.NET / SQLDTNT-67 ICS (Inventory Control System) VB.NET / SQLDTNT-68 Library Mgmt VB.NET / SQLDTNT-69 Medical Store Mgmt VB.NET / SQL