Secrets of Social Media - presented at IBM Israel for SSVN


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How to use social media tools to increase brand awareness, generate buzz, and gather relevant leads. Also includes 5 tips for successfully promoting your business on twitter.

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Secrets of Social Media - presented at IBM Israel for SSVN

  1. 1. SSVN July 8, 2009 IBM, Israel Presented by: Miriam Schwab
  2. 2. Secrets of the Social Web: How to Successfully Market Your Business Online
  3. 3. Twitter is the present darling of the social web. It's shiny, it's new and exciting things are happening there. People are drinking a lot of twitter "kool aid," as I call it, but the truth is that twitter is changing the way we market on the web, and you cannot ignore it any longer. 32 million users
  4. 4. Twitter Case Studies
  5. 5. In June announced that they’ve made $3m in sales via twitter
  6. 6. The Iranian protesters bypassed traditional media and got their message out successfully via twitter with #iranelections
  7. 7. Online activity related to Michael Jackson’s death overtook twitter, and even slowed some major sites
  8. 8. Michael Jackson Dies: Twitter Tributes Now 30% of Tweets Via Mashable
  9. 9. On the 3rd anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping by Hamas, twitter users @israelisoldiersmother & @carolw encouraged users to use #Gilad as often as possible to attract attention to his plight. This effort succeeded in making #Gilad the 3rd most popular trend on twitter.
  10. 10. By giving away 10 Macbook Pros to random twitterers who tweeted #moonfruit, the company became top twitter trend for a few days in a row and transformed a relatively unknown company to a hot topic.
  11. 11. July 1 on twitter: Via
  12. 12. Social media is…not just a marketing tactic….It’s more of a movement. A philosophy that brings brands and customers closer together through humanization of the brand and mutual respect. - Jay Baer, Convince & Convert
  13. 13. Why you can’t ignore it • Social media use growing, search losing ground (comScore Releases May 2009 U. S. Search Engine Rankings) • Search engines can’t see all info on all networks • 91% of B2B decision-makers are taking part in social media; 69% do so for business purposes
  14. 14. What it can do for you • Generate incoming leads • Brand awareness • Viral • Position you as expert • Reputation management & protection
  15. 15. The “Secrets”: • Not easy, based on frequent, good content • Long-term strategy • Not enough by itself
  16. 16. Social media is simply another spoke of activity. It’s important, SEM shouldn’t be ignored, but neither should the other aspects of online Social Offline marketing activity. media Also, trends change and while twitter is hot today, who knows Blog what will be in the future? Therefore, it’s important not to put all PR E-mail your proverbial eggs in one basket. Advertising
  17. 17. 6 factors that contribute to blog success: Usability Optimization Commenting Share/RSS Reading Content
  18. 18. SEO/PPC Social Media Compelling offers Track conversions: Useful content Call to Action Where do they come Ads Landing pages From, what do they PR Contact info like Offline Visitors Leads Customers
  19. 19. Social media: how? • Goals • Research • Build yourself up • Track • Be human • Give and ye shall get
  20. 20. How to use Twitter (click on images to go to featured sites)
  21. 21. 1.Is it for me? 2.Brand & Follow 3.Create 4.Engage 5.Monitor/Track
  22. 22. Is it for my biz? • Domain squatting • Competitiveness • Brand mentions • Sales cycle • Topical mentions complexity • Location mentions • Purchase frequency • Target audience • Retention • Bandwidth (Social Media Insider)
  23. 23. Branding
  24. 24. Following
  25. 25. Following
  26. 26. Follow, create, engage
  27. 27. Monitor
  28. 28. Monitor
  29. 29. Track
  30. 30. Track
  31. 31. More fave twitter tools
  32. 32. Thank you! twitter: @miriamschwab See it online: