Future of content marketing e briks infotech


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Future of content marketing e briks infotech

  1. 1. The Future is Bright with Web Content
  2. 2. About Lee & TopRank MarketingAttract – Engage – Convert
  3. 3.  Overall trends in content Emerging consumer driven model Web content success stories Content marketing "A-Team” Future growth opportunities Image Source: Shutterstock
  4. 4. Ubiquitous Connectivity 2020 Create Consume Publish Interact TransactSource: Ericcson, 2011
  5. 5. 51% of all time on the web is content consumption. (AOL/Nielsen 2011) 99% of Marketers have used at least one content marketing tactic. (Content Marketing Institute/Brandpoint 2012)60% will increase spend on content marketing. (CMI: B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends 2012)
  6. 6. Content Distribution Channels 96% Social Media 78% Paid Search 76% Display Ads 69% SEOSource: Outbrain – State of Content Marketing 2012 33% Email
  7. 7. 63% of US Internet users use search engines daily eMarketer Aug 2012 81% PerceptionsAre Influenced Weber Shandwick 2012 89% Use Search for Purchase Fleishman-Hillard 2012
  8. 8. CPG Company:96 search phrases. Most are brand terms.
  9. 9. Fabric Retailer:4,419 phrases.Broad category& brand terms.
  10. 10. SEO Social Content
  11. 11. Traditional Approach Red Widget Features & BenefitsAdvertising PR Email White Paper Direct Mail
  12. 12. Persona “Jane Exec” Modern Model for Influences CEO Goals: Fast, Save $, Service Content Marketingawareness interest consideration purchase retention advocacy Blog Facebook Email Offer Tips Articles Blog Fast Byline PPC Locator Newsletter Soc Net Ads Blog PPC Loyalty VIP Save $ Press Reviews Discount Community Referral Article Reviews Display Network Referral Service Media Blog Offers Thank You Rewards
  13. 13. Fast
  14. 14. Source: First 10 / Smart Insights
  15. 15. 30 Content Marketing Tactics Article Marketing  News Release Advertorial  Online Magazines & Apps Blogging  Podcasts Case Studies  Print Magazines  Print Newsletters Crowdsource  Real-World Events Curate  Research & Surveys Digital Newsletters  Social Content eBooks  Teleclass & Telecasts Email  Traditional Media Interactive Games  Videos Images & Infographics  Virtual Conferences Interactive Tools  Webinars Microsites  Wikis Mobile Applications  White Papers Mobile Content Blog Post: tprk.us/30cmtactics
  16. 16. Content Marketing Processawareness interest consideration purchase retention advocacy Needs & What stories Make it Audience Goals = will connect easy to find Segments Topics you? & share Preferences Search & Editorial Social & SEO Pain Points Social Data Calendar, Networking, Behaviors Sources Repurpose PR, Linking
  17. 17. Source: Content Marketing InstituteSuccessful Companies
  18. 18. Let Me Tell You A Secret http://tprk.us/cmsecrets
  19. 19. Cool! We’ll interview CMW speakersAnd make an e-book for attendees.
  20. 20. 10 Long Form InterviewsTopical Matrix:B2BEnterpriseSMBToolsWin budgetDefinition
  21. 21. Planned Repurposing Individual Thought Leader Interviews ArticlesEnterprise B2B Enterprise Enterprise Top 10 B2BSMB Enterprise SMB SMB TacticsTools SMB B2B ToolsB2B Tools Tools Win budgetWin budget Win budget Win budget B2BB2B Tools B2B B2B Top 10Enterprise B2B Enterprise Tools ContentSMB Enterprise SMB Enterprise MarketingTools SMB Win budget SMB ToolsWin budget Win budget Tools Win budget
  22. 22. Promotions:SlideshareEmbedded in Blog PostEmail broadcastTwitterFacebookFlickrPinterestLinkedIn updateLinkedIn InmailsCustomized emailsto participantsPre-written tweets
  23. 23. Initial Results (6 Days)43,000+ views on Slideshare1,000+ PDF downloads5000+ visits of full interviews3,300+ Retweets200+ Facebook “likes”130 G+100+ inbound links
  24. 24. Content Marketing “A-Team”Content Marketing A-Team Image Source: Shutterstock
  25. 25. • Chief Content Officer• Managing Editor• Writers, Sources• Content Design• SEO• Social Marketer• Online PR Source: Managing Content Marketing (Pulizzi, Rose)• Social Listening/Analytics
  26. 26. But We Don’t Have Budget For That! 1. Editor/Writer 2. Designer 3. Social SEO
  27. 27. Growth Areas in Web &Content Marketing: Integration: Owned, Earned, Paid & Shared Media Dedicated in-house content marketing resources Web + smartphones & tablets Boom in visual content & media Big data, social data, automation, tools, real time data, did I mention data?
  28. 28. Content Marketing MaturitySource - Content: The New Marketing Equation. Why Organizations Must Rebalance! February 16, 2012. Altimeter GroupMake a commitment. And grow.
  29. 29. Takeaways• Content powers the web & the web powers your business. Are you powering content?• If your content is poor, then so will you.• Start learning modern models of web content marketing. Now.• Stand, Stretch and Walk.• Get help if you need it.
  30. 30. Thank You! lee@toprankmarketing.com OptimizeBook.com TopRankMarketing.com TopRankBlog.comConsulting – Speaking – Partnerships 1-877-872-6628