SES London 2010 - Social Media101 (Lisa Myers)


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Lisa Myers session on Social Media 101 at SES London 2010.

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SES London 2010 - Social Media101 (Lisa Myers)

  1. 1. Social Media 101 Lisa Myers CEO, Verve Search
  2. 2. About Lisa Myers • Director & Founder, Verve Search (Search Consultancy – SEO, PPC & Online PR/Social Media) • Regular speaker at SES, SMX, A4U, IAB, B2B Events • Regular contributor to on and offline publications • Heavily involved in the global Search Community, founded and also blogs for newly founded European search blog Awards • Management Today “35 women under 35” list 2009 • “Best Use of Technology woman under 30” BlackBerry Woman & Technology Awards (2008) • “B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year” (2007)
  3. 3. Social Media 101 What does Social Media actually mean? “Social Media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate: technology, social interaction and the construction of words, pictures, audio and video.”
  4. 4. People Trust Other People
  5. 5. What it definitely isn‟t!
  6. 6. Thinking you are “building” a house by just holding the hammer..
  7. 7. WORLDof Mouth WORD of Mouth • The speed of which Social Media enables communication means it is now WORLD of Mouth • The key with Social Media is “Listening first – selling second!!”
  8. 8. The Social Media Revolution Source:
  9. 9. Social Media Elements Content Marketing Social Media Networks Link baiting Viral Social Media Site Seeding ORM and Blogging Monitoring
  10. 10. What is Your Objective? • Branding/Awareness • Traffic generation ALL? • Link generation • Conversions
  11. 11. Audience • Who‟s your target audience? • Age, gender, location?
  12. 12. Blogging • Blogging became main stream and a serious marketing tool in 2006 • There are over 200,000,000 blogs (yep that‟s 200 MILLION) • Of which 54% post content or tweet daily • 34% of bloggers post opinion on products and services
  13. 13. Blogging – the opportunity • Give your product/services a personable voice • Develop a positive online reputation • Expansion of content, reaching a wider audience BUT It‟s not as easy as setting up and go...
  14. 14. Before you start • What is going to be the main topics of the blog (categories) • Who is going to be blogging (source appropriate bloggers) • Who is going to be managing the blog?
  15. 15. Blogs need Personality
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Top Tips • Find the right blogger(s) with a personality • Use Wordpress • Current Favourite Plugins: - Tweetmeme - Sexybookmarks - All in one SEO Pack - Post avatar (unless not part of design) - Vodpod (easy way of incorporating videos)
  18. 18. Social SEO • When doing Social Media, ALWAYS keep SEO in mind.
  19. 19. The Linkerati is also the Socialrati Internet Population “Social” Internet Population Linkerati
  20. 20. Link Baiting • A piece of digital content specifically created to boost link equity to a domain, thus also contributing to increased ranking • The link baiting content has to be on the domain you are wanting to increase link equity for
  21. 21. (2007) • Generated Over 100,000 links • BUT NO On Page SEO!
  22. 22. SEO Wars – “Fun Campaign” Generated <100 links with Anchor text “SEO Wars” + buzz and recognition
  23. 23. Viral • Usually larger campaigns but does not mean it has to cost loads of money • Viral campaign usually appeal to a broader range of people (thus spreading quicker and to a wider audience)
  24. 24. Absolutely Completely Must Be Good creative/idea + solid execution elements for a Viral is CRUCIAL to success! All the tweeting, digging, stumbling and buzz building in the world will NOT work if the idea is rubbish!!
  25. 25. Twitter
  26. 26. Top Twitter Tips • Don‟t over think it, be personable. • Share information, links. • Listen. • Use #hastags to organise and search • Twitterlists are useful if you are following hundreds. Also to discover new people.
  27. 27. Tweetdeck – organise your Twitter
  28. 28. Scheduling Tweets
  29. 29. Free Social Monitoring Tools
  30. 30. Socialmention
  31. 31. Paid Monitoring tools • • •
  32. 32. Facebook • If Facebook was a country it would be the 4th largest in the world • More than 400 million active users • 50% of users log on every day • 35% of users update their status each day • Over 3 billion photos uploaded each month
  33. 33. Facebook Fan Page Pros • Pages are indexed by external search engines such as Google • You can add a vanity URL for fan pages • Integrate twitter and blog feeds • Member statistics (demographics) Cons • You can‟t send a message to all members, only send „updates‟ which user behaviour denotes no one really pays attention to • You do not get post notifications (if someone writes on the wall you do not know meaning the opportunity for communication is missed) • Can‟t send bulk invites to people (asking them to join)
  34. 34. Facebook Group Pros • Allows you to send out “bulk invites” • Can send direct messages to all members • Ability to pre-approve members before they can join Cons • Not indexed by search engines • Lose message feature if group grows bigger than 5,000 member • Cant sync with blogs or twitter posts • No vanity URLs
  35. 35. YouTube • YouTube is fast evolving into a search engine with its very own algorithm (2nd biggest search engine out there) • Algorithm includes allot of similarities to the search engines; - Views - Comments - Content optimisation - Links => which increases views etc
  36. 36. INTEGRATE Your Website Your Fabulous Blog
  37. 37. Case Study – City Inn
  38. 38. City Inn Advent Calendar
  39. 39. City Inn Advent Calendar • Generated the equivalent of 50% of their average monthly traffic • Increased email database considerably • Significant visibility and reach through referring traffic • Twitter followers increased by 300%
  40. 40. City Inn YouTube Channel
  41. 41. When you get to know your neighbour you are likely to talk about something trivial like the weather. You don’t go straight into personal details!
  42. 42. If it‟s too good to believe, it probably is. • There are so many stats out there that makes Social Media sound like the best thing since sliced bread. • The social media tidal wave is here, just don‟t get swept away. • Think before you go! And trust your instintct!
  43. 43. Online Way of Speaking – in the Real World “You are such a boring speaker ” Follow on twitter via #sessocial Video will be posted on
  44. 44. Thank You! @lisadmyers Email: Web: Twitter: @VerveSearch Twitter: @SEOChicks