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Mobile SEO at SMX Israel 2014

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Managing multitudes of media
Managing multitudes of media
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Mobile SEO at SMX Israel 2014

  1. 1. Creating an SEO-ready mobile presence January 26, 2014, Jerusalem SMX Israel 2014 By: Miriam Schwab Follow us!
  2. 2. Follow us!
  3. 3. 5 7 3 100 Continents with clients Years in the WP biz WordCamps organized WP sites built Follow us!
  4. 4. 1 million more Android phones are activated than there are babies born
  5. 5. Kelsey Group: mobile search to beat desktop search by 2015
  6. 6. Why responsive? • Because Google says so. But why does Google say so? • Because it’s a better user experience. But is it? Follow us!
  7. 7. Responsive pros and cons Pros • One URL – link equity, sharing • Analytics - one complete view of all traffic • Future friendly – new devices, new CSS • Easy to maintain Cons • May not target mobilespecific keywords • Slooooow – poor handling of images, JS, etc. • Feature phones: 50% of global population uses them, accounts for more than 10% of total mobile Web traffic Follow us!
  8. 8. Responsive tips • Mobile is first and foremost about user experience • Put important information up front, keep it simple and focused • CTA buttons that take up entire width of the mobile screen, no zoom • Mobile specific CTAs, i.e. “Call Now” or “Get Directions” Follow us!
  9. 9. Responsive tips • Consider adding a desktop/responsive toggle on responsive sites. • Keep an eye on your mobile analytics for red flags • Reading text is annoying on mobile, so use videos and images • Don’t forget about responsive email! Follow us!
  11. 11. Case Study • Launched new site with responsive in June 2013. • These numbers compare 5 months prior to launch, to 5 months after launch. Follow us!
  12. 12. Metric Percentage change Mobile visits +52% Overall visits +40% Mobile pgs/visit +5% Overall pageviews +46.43% Avg. visit duration overall +4.7% Organic traffic overall +48.5% Mobile organic traffic +139% Follow us!
  13. 13. Ecommerce case study Mobile sales in Q4 2013 reached 16.6% of all online sales, up more than 46% over the same period last year. (IBM) O`Neill Clothing • iPhone/iPod conversions increased by 65.71% • Android conversions increased by 407.32% • Revenue increased by 101.25% on iPhone/iPod, 591.42% on Android (source: Follow us!
  14. 14. But…tablets Follow us!
  15. 15. 40 Percentage of online traffic and sales Q4 2013 (IBM) 35 30 12.8 25 20 15 10 11.5 21.3 5 5 0 Online traffic Smartphones Online sales Tablets
  16. 16. Don’t do this… Follow us!
  17. 17. Renault Israel Tablet Site  Follow us!
  18. 18. Follow us!
  19. 19. Follow us!
  20. 20. Follow us!
  21. 21. WHAT’S NEXT? Follow us!
  22. 22. 80% of mobile time spent in apps, 20% in browser
  23. 23. Nielsen and Business Insider found the same data
  24. 24. The future: app-like sites
  25. 25. illuminea ▪ @miriamschwab ▪ Slides available at THANKS! Follow us!

Editor's Notes

  • A bit about me and illuminea – how I got started in business and WP
  • To find out, let’s look at the numbers to see how people react to mobile sites.
  • Samsung S IV has 95% bounce rate, spends 3 seconds on site. Something is wrong!
  • In the stats I looked at, tablet behavior was almost identical to that of desktop
  • Tablets lead the way in online purchases: smartphones drove 21.3% US online traffic, nearly double that of tablets at 12.8%.But tablets drove 11.5% of all online sales, more than twice that of smartphones, which accounted for 5%.  Tablet users also averaged $118.09 per order, versus $104.72 per order on smartphone. (IBM)
  • Renault Israel main site. Starts playing music after about 20 seconds. Yikes!
  • we spend an average of 158 minutes each and every day on our smartphones and tablets. Two hours and seven minutes of that is in an app, and only 31 minutes is in a browser. Eighteen percent of all the time that Americans spend on their phones is spent in the Facebook app, a figure that by itself dwarfs all other social networking apps.
  • Answers.comlaunched a redesigned mobile site in March 2013that allows users to swipe the screen to get answers to questions. Mobile overall now represents half of all Answers page views and a third of its unique users.