Internet and Politics


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The presentation is about why Internet is important part of the Marketing Campaign for any Politician. How they can use it to their benefit.

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Internet and Politics

  2. 2. What We Do Design: We Design interactive communication for online and offline channels. Publish: We help you distribute content with precision across various platforms Engage: Generate and moderate conversations, manage customer relationships, and build data-rich social profiles. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING |ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT| DESIGN &COMMUNICATION
  3. 3. About Beyond Connexions Website Social SEO Media Marketing Review Online Chatter BRAND Presence on the & combat Listing negative sites comments Grow the Timely & presence on appropriate Search Response Engines
  4. 4. ONLINE FACTS• Internet users in India close to 150 million• Mobile Internet users 87 Million, expected to double to 165 million by 2015• Facebook has 65 million users in India• Twitter has more than 18 million users in India• Youtube used by more than 23 million users in India
  5. 5. INTERNET AND POLITICS• Politics is moving onto the Internet in force• The electorate is increasingly turning to the web to research candidates, their parties and their policies.• In particular, there is a lot of opportunity for search marketing around the ‘unbranded search’ of politics – i.e. those policy searches that mention neither candidate nor party. E.g. if, as a candidate, your viewpoint ranks for searches on a particular policy issues (e.g. ‘crime against women’), it will not only cement you as an expert on the subject in the eyes of the electorate but also serve to put your point of view across.
  6. 6. What We Do Social Media Marketing Online Reputation Management Email Marketing Website Designing /Redesigning
  8. 8. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • Social media is no longer just a trend or a bandwagon to join. There are real, tangible benefits to social media marketing for any politician. You are already a part of the social media conversation – wouldn’t it be better if you were driving it, rather than reacting to what’s being said? • Creating a social media strategy for use during political campaigns has become an essential part of every candidate’s plan to get into office. With social media sites often getting more traffic than an official campaign website, it’s important for candidates to get connected. The use of social media in today’s campaign is not only important — it is critical.
  9. 9. OBJECTIVE• Social Media is a critical part of the campaign toolkit. As a part of the strategy politicians create interesting posts to try to engage followers, similar to the tactics used by a brand or media company.• Social media posts can be created quickly and easily to react to news and reach out to voters, whereas making an advertisement is a much longer process.• Most of what happens on social media from brands and political campaigns are not conversations, as they aren’t creating a back-and-forth dialog with voters, but simply hoping the messaging will get voter to vote a certain way.• Brands like Facebook or Twitter are used to appeal to a young generation,”• Not only does social media provide politicians easy access to different demographics but also the opportunity to interact and engage with them.
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLAN Ensure you are present on all major social media platforms: Facebook, Google+, You Tube, etc (Including Photos & Videos ) Increase Fan base and regular postings to highlight strongest part of your work / business Strategize engaging marketing techniques to engage users to have high recall Presence on world wide web via article postings, press releases, etc Display Campaigns: Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc
  11. 11. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Listing Maintenance on Track respective onlineMonitor Online Reviews different sites news Evaluation and Reports
  12. 12. WHY ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT• If the individual is a political candidate who aspires to win in an election, then Online Reputation Management becomes a vital aspect of the campaign. This has to be done across the internet by monitoring websites, blog sites, forums, message boards, etc. Each time someone posts a negative view on the politician, prompt action has to be taken in defense.• Internet users can easily keep track of public figures online by just keying in their name as the search term. This brings up news from as far back as a decade ago. The problem with this is that, if there is any news that is not in favor of the politician, the search engines will track it, just like they would track the positive information.• Obviously, the internet is a powerful place and results based on surveys reveal that at least half the population uses the internet to get news about the candidates. Besides browsing for information, voters also share what they come across via social media
  13. 13. HOW TO USE ORM• Posting positive information online - One effective way to push the negative search results farther away is to consistently publish a lot of positive content. This will ensure that search engine results bring up only the good news, while burying the bad content. The good content must be abundant enough to push the negative results as far back as possible.• Setting up a personal website - The politician must set up a .com, .net or .org website in their personal name so that this takes the negative results out of easy reach. It also helps to set up a blog in the candidate’s personal name so that fresh positive content can be regularly posted enabling it come up in the search results.• Regular Online Monitoring – Regularly monitoring the online blogs, political forums, review sites for any information posted. React to positive as well as negative information with appropriate response and on time.
  14. 14. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENTPLAN Monitor your reviews on relevant review sites Ensure your posts on such sites are high quality and are optimized with quality content & images Manage a Blog/ Review and post positive work along with the actions taken about the negative feedbacks Closely monitor what’s being talked about you online and take appropriate action Report Generation
  15. 15. SOME INDIAN POLICITANS SUCCESSFULLY USING THE INTERNETNarendra Modi• Face book Page- Likes-459,445/Talking about this-28,157• Important aspect of Narendra Modi page is the engagement level of the fan on every post is very good or rather very high on every parameters that is likes, comment and shares.• Twitter account- 500k+ followers.Gandhi Family on Facebook-• Rahul Gandhi- Likes-146k/Talking about this-4002• Sonia Gandhi- Likes-77,381/Talking about this-1537.• Priyanka Gandhi- Likes-131k/Talking about this-1564.Others on Facebook On Twitter• Akhilesh Yadav Shashi Tharoor• Nitish Kumar Milind Deora• Sushma Swaraj Omar Abdullah
  16. 16. EMAIL MARKETING Designing user- friendly emails Requirement form option in emails Targeting the right audience Reports
  17. 17. EMAIL MARKETING Strategizing an email campaign Creation of emails with design, content & html Execution of emails to the targeted base Report generation
  18. 18. Website Designing User-friendly Query Form Interface Content Optimized Content Management System Latest News and Events section Updates E Reports Photo Gallery
  19. 19. Website Designing New design with quality content Optimized Content Online Contact/ Feedback E Reports Latest news and updates Photo Gallery
  20. 20. WHAT NOW ! Online Online SMM Activity Buzz Higher Connecting Community Rankings To Audiences Creation Positive Reach Out Impression
  21. 21. Positive Image!!! You Win !!!
  22. 22. CONTACT