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Personal Branding 247 Book Launch


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Personal Branding 247 is presented and launched in Malaysia on 16th May 2017

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Personal Branding 247 Book Launch

  1. 1. Personal Branding 247 Media Launch Malaysia 16th May 2017 3pm - 5pm Berjaya Times Square Hotel
  2. 2. @ideasandrew 1 handle
  3. 3. 2 Books
  4. 4. 5 Different Careers in 30 years 1987-1993 1993-1998 1999-2005 2005-2009 2010-
  5. 5. 7 Teach in CPEs or Adult Learning InsEtuEon
  6. 6. 8 Client
  7. 7. Personal Branding = Uniqueness Made Visible
  8. 8. Uniqueness Made Visible #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  9. 9. Substance + PosiMoning + Form #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  10. 10. The Form is What others can see (Visible) #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  11. 11. The Substance is Uniqueness others have to discover about you (Invisble) #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  12. 12. “Made” is What you need to do to ensure your substance has the right form #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  13. 13. Substance Personality Vision Mission Values Strength #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew Form Profile, PlaWorms Partnership, Publicity, Publishing, Public Speaking, Public Service Prize PosiMoning USP RelaMonship Architecture DifferenMaMon IntroducMon DefiniMon Benefits Myths
  14. 14. Chapter Structure – Title – Sub-Mtle – Quote : Author’s belief – Synopsis : Main outline – ParMng Shot : Conclusion – Author’s Story : Sharing – Points to Ponder / Things to Do
  15. 15. #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew How to know your Substance?
  16. 16. IdenMty: Who you say you are = Who Others say you are #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  17. 17. Who are You?
  18. 18. Helper Achiever Creator Observer Loyalist Adventurer Challenger Peacemaker PerfecMonist
  19. 19. Type 1: Strict PerfecMonist / Reformer “I must be perfect.” PosiMve Disciplined Consistent ConscienMous Hardworking High Standards Exact Righteous Principled Average Orderly Impersonal CriEcal Organized Strict Lawful Rigid Exact NegaEve Inflexible Self-Righteous Obsessive Judgmental Legalist UpEght CorrecEon-Seeking ResenYul
  20. 20. Type 2: Considerate Helper / Giver “I must help others.” PosiMve Compassionate Giving SympatheMc Humorous AienMve Caretaker Nurturing Tough Skinned Average Generous Encouraging People Focused Helpful Behind the Scene ComforEng So hearted SupporEve NegaEve ManipulaEve Possessive Intrusive Suffer in Silence Pleasing Self forgeYul Fla]ery Dependent
  21. 21. Type 3: CompeMMve Achiever / Performer “I am what I do.” PosiMve Goal-oriented Self Starter EnergeMc Performer Accomplished Excellence In the Scene Zealous Average Adaptable CompeEEve PragmaEc CharismaEc Leverage Looking Good Smooth Operator MarkeEng/Entrepreneur NegaEve Approval Seeking Defensive Lacks Self Awareness OpportunisEc EmoEonally shut down Difficult to receive Spotlight Seeking Approval Seeking
  22. 22. Type 4: Intense Creator / Individualist “I must be different” PosiMve Inspired CreaMve Personal/Revealing IntuiMve Empathic Feel deeply AestheMc ArMsMc Average Self Absorbed Feels Different EmoEonal Dreamer Fantasy Ritual Maker Melancholy Sensual NegaEve Self Pitying ImpracEcal Alienated Self Destruct Life as Drama Longing Self Indulgent Sense of Tragic
  23. 23. Type 5: Quiet Specialist “I don’t know enough.” PosiMve PercepMve ThoughWul Wise InvesMgaMve Intellectual Guru InsighWul Synthesize Average Self Reliant Intense Private QuesEoner Knowledgeable Isolated Reserved Quiet NegaEve Eccentric Compartmentalizes Cynical AnE Social Don’t display warmth Invisible Loner Move away from others
  24. 24. Type 6: Loyal SkepMc “I am always du;ful.” PosiMve Responsible Loyal Engaging Teamwork Accountable Vigilant Contented Commiied Average Independent CauEoning Obedient Follower Careful Hesitant Enjoys RouEne Faithful NegaEve Indecisive Contradictory Paranoid Devil’s Advocate Abandoned DoubEng Lacks Confidence Imagine the Worst
  25. 25. Type 7: EnthusiasMc Visionary “I want to be happy.” PosiMve Spontaneous Fun VersaMle See the Big Picture Flexible Excited Wow Many PossibiliMes Average Lively ExperienEal Adventure – seeking Happy Entertaining On the Go TalkaEve Carefree NegaEve HyperacEve Superficial Impulsive Lack of Focus Impulsive Dislike Rules Ina]enEve Pleasure-Seeking
  26. 26. Type 8: AcMve Controller “My strength protects me.” PosiMve Confident Inspiring Leader Taking iniMaMves Just Do It Self Directed Pioneering Stand Up for Right Average Dominant Forthright Fight for fairness Challenger Direct Tough Minded Take Charge Straight Forward NegaEve InEmidaEng ConfrontaEonal Controlling Curt Forceful Blunt Over ProtecEve Vengeful
  27. 27. Type 9: AdapMve Peace Maker “I am agreeable.” PosiMve Easygoing UnpretenMous PaMent Gentle Facilitator Peace Maker Reassuring Mr Nice Guy Average AccommodaEng Peaceful Genuine NegoEator Let it Be Consensus Seeking Unassuming Se]led NegaEve Disengaged Stubborn Oblivious ProcrasEnate Complacent Indifferent Lazy Withdrawn
  28. 28. Vision. Mission. Values #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  29. 29. Personal Life Vision = What you SEE in the future for the world where very liile involved you #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  30. 30. Personal Life Mission = What do you need to DO in order to reach your vision #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  31. 31. Personal Values: The Pillars of your Integrity and how will people remember you for eventually. #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  32. 32. “Everyone is a brand, whether you like it or not. If you do not brand yourself, others will do it for you” #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew Personal Branding
  33. 33. How to PosiMoning Yourself & Strategize? #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  34. 34. Unique Selling ProposiMon: Know who you are serving #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  35. 35. Choose at least 10 people in your life in your inner circle (Brand Tribal Council) #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  36. 36. Work on your weakness instead of your strength #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  37. 37. Be a Giver. #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  38. 38. Collaborate at different levels. Collaborate even when you don’t have to #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  39. 39. Compete with only yourself. #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  40. 40. How to be Most Visible? #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  41. 41. #1 : Profile Who Where am I? (Google Page 1 or 2?)
  42. 42. #2 : People’ Perception You are what others say you, unless proven otherwise
  43. 43. #3 : Partnership You are average of the 5 whom you oten associated with
  44. 44. #4 : Publicity Your credibility needs mindshare from media
  45. 45. #5 : Publishing You have authority once you become an author
  46. 46. #6 : Public Speaking You are the Key Evangelist of your Message
  47. 47. #7 : Public Service (Charity) Being a Giver to the Society is a High Calling
  48. 48. #8 : Prize Your accolade is authenMcaMon of your brand
  49. 49. Personal Branding Assessment h]p://
  50. 50. hips://
  51. 51. QuesEons & Answers
  52. 52. Concise, ImpacWul Profile Headline
  53. 53. Have an unique Linkedin URL
  54. 54. Well Wriien / Developed Summary 1. Who are you? (Personality) 2. What do you do? (Role) 3. Why I am unique? (X Factor/USP)
  55. 55. Showcase Your Social PorWolio with related links Summary Work Experience
  56. 56. Well Developed Skills & Endorsements Top skills Beier! Good skills Good!
  57. 57. Well Constructed List of Professional Experience Work Experience Good! Work Achievement Beier!
  58. 58. Increase Your ConnecMon SystemaMcally Install this habit! •  Dig out old name cards and look for all of them •  Look out everyone you meet on Linkedin aer you have received their name cards •  Put your Linkedin URL on your email signature
  59. 59. RecommendaMons from Customers & Colleagues •  How did you know me? •  What did I do for you? •  How do you feel about my performance? •  What are three work ethics you like? Leading QuesMons:
  60. 60. Establish Thought Leadership through Long Post •  Have a compelling Etle •  Insert a engaging visual •  Write with sub headings •  Put conclusion in the beginning •  Share it on your other plaYorms
  61. 61. Involvement in Selected LinkedIn Groups •  Search for topics of interest •  Join in the discussion •  Ask for opinion •  Contribute to open quesMons •  Share your experience •  Create your own space
  62. 62. Honors and Awards •  Award Name •  Name of Presenter •  Year of Award •  50-word DescripMon
  63. 63. Language (Dialect) Proficiency
  64. 64. Highlighted Projects
  65. 65. PublicaMons / Wriien Works •  Personal Blog •  ArMcles to the press •  ContribuMng author to a book •  Whitepaper •  Wikis •  Media Appearance
  66. 66. Volunteer What have you done? What are you looking for? What do you care about?
  67. 67. “All-Star” Linkedin Profile Cheatsheet ü  Professional Profile Photo (Headshot) ü  Concise, ImpacYul Profile Headline ü  Well Wri]en / Developed Summary ü  Well Constructed List of Professional Experience ü  Well Developed Skills & Endorsements ü  RecommendaMons from Customers, Peers & Colleagues ü  Involvement in Select LinkedIn Groups ü  Highlighted Projects ü  PublicaMons / Wri]en Works