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Linkedin Marketing through Personal Profile & Company Page by Andrew Chow

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Presented in 5 DigiMarcon Conference in Singapore, Houston, LA, Chicago and London in 2018

Andrew Chow speaks internationally delivering keynote on B2B Marketing through Linkedin and Personal Branding

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Linkedin Marketing through Personal Profile & Company Page by Andrew Chow

  1. 1. Linkedin Marketing Personal Profile & Company Page
  2. 2. @ideasandrew 1 handle
  3. 3. 2 Books
  4. 4. 5 Different Careers in 30 years 1987-1993 1993-1998 1999-2005 2005-2009 2010-
  5. 5. 7 Teach in CPEs or Adult Learning Institution
  6. 6. 8 Client
  7. 7. Concise, Impactful Profile Headline
  8. 8. Have an unique Linkedin URL
  9. 9. Well Written / Developed Summary 1. Who are you? (Personality) 2. What do you do? (Role) 3. Why I am unique? (X Factor/USP)
  10. 10. Showcase Your Social Portfolio with related links Summary Work Experience
  11. 11. Well Developed Skills & Endorsements Top skills Better! Good skills Good!
  12. 12. Well Constructed List of Professional Experience Work Experience Good! Work Achievement Better!
  13. 13. Increase Your Connection Systematically Install this habit! Dig out old name cards and look for all of them Look out everyone you meet on Linkedin after you have received their name cards Put your Linkedin URL on your email signature
  14. 14. Find the Right People • Find Prospect based on: • Level of Connections • Job Title • Companies • Schools • Industries
  15. 15. Recommendations from Customers & Colleagues How did you know me? What did I do for you? How do you feel about my performance? What are three work ethics you like? Leading Questions:
  16. 16. Establish Thought Leadership through Long Post Have a compelling title Insert a engaging visual Write with sub headings Put conclusion in the beginning Share it on your other platforms
  17. 17. Involvement in Selected LinkedIn Groups • Search for topics of interest • Join in the discussion • Ask for opinion • Contribute to open questions • Share your experience • Create your own space
  18. 18. Honors and Awards • Award Name • Name of Presenter • Year of Award • 50-word Description
  19. 19. Language (Dialect) Proficiency
  20. 20. Highlighted Projects
  21. 21. Publications / Written Works • Personal Blog • Articles to the press • Contributing author to a book • Whitepaper • Wikis • Media Appearance
  22. 22. Volunteer Work What have you done? What are you looking for? What do you care about?
  23. 23. “All-Star” Linkedin Profile Cheatsheet üHeadshot : Energy is more important than form üHeadline : Concise, Impactful and less than 120 cps üSummary : Who am I, What I do, Why you need me üProfessional Experience : Write Achievement not Job Description üSkills : Be Specific and Niche üConnection : With anyone who are “All Stars” üGet Recommendations from Customers, Peers & Colleagues üLinkedIn Groups: Ask, Help, Share üHighlight Projects you have completed outside of your work üLanguage Proficiency, Publications and Voluntary Work
  24. 24. The CompanyPages
  25. 25. Company Pages are where you attract and interact with your target audience because it’s often oneof thefirst pagesLinkedIn membersvisit to learn about your company. Youcan catch the eyeofprospective customers byfeaturing relevant andcreative content, such asyourbeautifullydesigned eBooks, case studies and how-tocontent. Bydelivering useful and engagingcontent that solve yourprospects’ pain points,you’ll foster engagementand help yourmessage spreadfast. ACompanyPageis also aplace to showcase life inside yourfirm, whether forrecruiting purposes or to giveprospective customersa senseof whatit’s like doing business with you. Ifyoutreat the pageasadynamic marketing tool (ratherthan astatic “About Us”page),you can establish thought leadership, build brand awareness,and moveyouraudience totake action. OurLinkedIn Company Page has over 2million followers. First Thing’s First: Whatis aCompanyPage? 27 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  26. 26. Showcase Pagesarelinked to yourCompany Page,but allow youto createandshare content that appeals to different segments of youraudience. For example,theLinkedIn Marketing Solutions Showcase Pagehas a completely different look and feel than the LinkedIn CompanyPage TomakeyourShowcase Pagemoreeffective: • Usekeywordsin pagenamesso theyare easyto find viasearch • Add aLinkedIn follow button to website pagesthat correspond to ShowcasePages • Cross-promote with yourCompanyPage Here’sasnapshot of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Showcase Page myteammanages. Whatis aShowcasePage? 28 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  27. 27. How to create a CompanyPage Tocreate aCompanyPage: 1. Click theWorkicon in thetop right corner of yourLinkedInhomepage. 2. Click Createa CompanyPage. 3.Enter yourCompanyNameandchoose aURL.All CompanyPageURLsare structured [YOURCOMPANYNAME]. • LinkedIn membersand searchengines will usethis unique URL to find your page. 4. Checktheverification boxto confirmyou havetheright to act on behalf of that companyinthe creation of the page. 5. Click the Createpagebutton. • Ifyoudon’t haveaconfirmedemail address associated with yourLinkedIn account, you’ll be prompted to add and verify your emailaddress. 6. Click Getstarted onthe welcome screen to begin editing yourCompanyPage. • Ared error messagemayappear ifyou haveproblems adding a Company Page. Topublish yourCompanyPageyoumust include acompanydescription(250-2,000 characters including spaces)and company websiteURL.Keepin mindthat apreviewof yourCompanyPageis not available. Whenyou publish thepage,it is live onourwebsite. Ifyouhaveanyquestions or needassistance, please don’t hesitate to contactus. THEBASICS 29 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  28. 28. Sponsored Content &Direct Sponsored Content LinkedIn Sponsored Content allows youto publish relevant content and reach atargeted audience of professionals beyond justyour LinkedIn CompanyPagefollowers. Using Direct Sponsored Content, youcan share content directly in the newsfeed, giving youthe ability to personalize and test content without having to originateposts on your LinkedIn CompanyPage.Makeyourcontent morerelevant bysendingpersonalized messagesto specific audiences. Thentest andretestavarietyof content in real timeto optimize performance. of Sponsored Contentengagement comes from mobile devices. Make sure your website or landing page design isresponsive. 80% Investin your CompanyPage 30 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  29. 29. Invest in yourfollowers It’simportant to rememberthatemployees areautomatically followers of theirCompany Page.This is useful because, onaverage, employees have10xthe connectionsas their companyhas followers onLinkedIn. Employees can share yourcontent withtheir manyconnections, increasing visibilityof yourbrand. LinkedIn DynamicAdsareone greatwayto attract newfollowers. Buildrelationships and growyour company’s LinkedIn follower count using unique ad formats and “Follow Company”CTAs. Learn more here. Along the samevein,youcannow choose to add aFollow button to your SponsoredContent.Ifyourgoalis to acquire followers, including the Follow buttonis worthconsidering. Learn more here. Youcanalso add aFollow button plugin for freeto yourwebsite so people canfollow your CompanyPagefromyoursite. Learn more here. Investin your CompanyPage Employees have10Xthe connections as theircompany has followers onLinkedIn.10X 31 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  30. 30. Build relationships withyourprospects bygetting yourbrand’s word outand actively engaging with and replyingto followers’comments. KeyBrand AwarenessMetrics: • Pagefollowers • Post clicks • Engagement(Likesand sharesof yourposts) • Comments B2Bprospects engagewith 7piecesof content on averagebefore makingapurchase decision1 .Drivehigherqualityleadsby featuring agood mixof upper funneland lowerfunnelcontent,including tip sheets, eBooks and casestudies. KeyLead GenerationMetric: • Inquiries and leads (Makesureyou include tracking codes withinthe links in yourposts.) Insider tip Youcan also attract top talent by leveraging the CareersPageon your CompanyPage. Building aStrategyAround YourObjectives 12 Before youcreate yourCompanyPagestrategy,think aboutwhat youwant to achieve. Herearefour commonobjectives: 1. Brand Awareness 2. Lead Generation Weencourage ouremployees to share best practices and insider tips to help ouraudience achievetheir marketinggoals on LinkedIn. One of our evergreen pieces of content, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guideto LinkedIn,continues to generate the highest number of downloads andthe highest number of marketingqualified leads. The LinkedIn CompanyPages1:
  31. 31. 13 74%of prospects choose the companythat wasfirst to help themalong their buyer’s journey.2 Shareperspectivesonindustrynews and trends, helpful product how-to’sand articles that reflect yourcompany’svision. KeyThought LeadershipMetrics: • Pagefollowers • Post clicks • Engagement(Likesand sharesof yourposts) • Comments YourLinkedIn CompanyPageis perfect for promoting upcoming webinars and eventsyourcompanyis attendingand/or sponsoring. KeyEvent RegistrationMetric: • Event registrants driven directly fromyour CompanyPage,which youcanmeasure using tracking codes on yourevent registrationURLs. Building aStrategyAround YourObjectives Wecreated a graphic with a quote featuring LinkedIn influencer, Brian Solis.Then wesponsored it andpinned it to the top of our LinkedIn MarketingSolutions ShowcasePage. This Sponsored Content post drove 660new blogsubscriptions. (That’s 3%of total conversions.) OurShowcase Pageconsistently drives highwebcast registration numbers. 2:SAVO,Techniques of Social Selling: Just DoIt! 3.Thought Leadership Give It Time The time investment needed to maintain and evolveacreative and effective CompanyPage is roughly 30min to1hour daily. The LinkedIn CompanyPages 4. Event Registration
  32. 32. The text: • Keep it to 150characters orless. • Askyourself:Would Iclickthis? • Includeaspicypoint ofvieworan interestingstatistic The CTA: • Include aclear call toaction • Askyourself:Whatwill theytakeaway fromthis piece of content? Whatwill compel aclick? The shortened link with a tracking code included: • CreateavanityURLusingBitlyorother URL shorteningtool • Add tracking code parameterstothe endof yourlink soyouknowwhere traffic is comingfrom.Basic srcandutm parametersarebest to trackwithin GoogleAnalytics. The image: • 1200x627pixels is best • Select something eye-catching thatwill stand out in thefeed • Branded imageryis better forbrand recognition andconsistency • Ensurethe imagematches themessaging • Keep the textlight Wehold internal photo shoots and feature our own marketersin our content. Weseeit asagood wayto showcase our team’spersonality and makeour updates morepersonal. Anatomyof aCompanyUpdate 34 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  33. 33. Posting Targeted Updateson Your Company Page YourCompanyUpdates can betargeted, allowing youtheability to tailor content to specific audiences. Updates aretargeted basedon followers’profile datasuchas companysize, industry, function,seniority, geography,and language preference. You can also reach non-employeefollowers using these sametargetingparameters. Totarget an update on yourCompanyPage to aspecificaudience: 1. Draft your Company Page update on the Updates tab of the admincenter. 2. Click AllFollowersat thebottomof the updatebox. 3. Select TargetedAudiencefrom thedropdown. 4. Onthe Targetaudience settingspage, select the audience attributes youwant to target: • Languages • Geography • Job function • University • Degreeearned • Field ofstudy • Industry • Companysize • Senioritylevel 5. Afterchoosing yoursettings, thetargeting tool willautomatically showyouhow manyviewersarebeing targeted onthe right side ofthepage.This Estimated targetaudienceis thenumberofpotential people whowill seetheupdateon both their LinkedIn homepagefeed and onyour CompanyPage. • Ifyoursettings created anarrow audience, removesometargeting criteria to broaden yourscope. 6. Whenyou’re readyto apply yoursettings, click Saveand create viewat the bottom of thepage. 7. Click the Post button toshare yourupdate. How to Increase ContentEngagement Insider tip Using aShowcase Page to havea country/region specific pageisnot the best usage.The best approach is to target and tailor organic and paid content inthe CompanyPage central feed. 35 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  34. 34. DEEPDIVE Taking your pageglobal Customizing Your Page to Reacha Global Audience Ifyou’d like yourCompanyPageto reach membersaround the world, herearesome options: • Youcan add other admins fromregional offices and theywill sendcompany updates targeted to theirregion. • Youcan display yourpage’snameand description in over20languages.Members will beable to seewhatyourpageshows in their language. Ifyouhaven’tadded language-specific information, they’llsee the default nameanddescription. 36 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  35. 35. What toShare Herearethe types of content thatare effective to share on yourCompanyPage: • eBooks, SlideShares, Infographicsand YouTubevideos • Blog posts • Casestudies • Third-party industry articles andreports • Helpful how-tocontent • Vivid visuals (Visual is thenewheadline!) • Serial, themed posts (Forexample, #MondayMotivationand #WednesdayWisdom) Whenour teamgoes to conferences, wegather influencer quotes and then repurpose theminto blog posts and graphics for #MondayMotivation. Whenwelaunch an eBook, wetypically create 4-5images featuringthe eBook cover,stats,quotes and tips taken fromthe content. How to Increase ContentEngagement CompanyUpdates containing links can haveup to a45% higher follower engagementthan updates withoutlinks.45% 37 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  36. 36. THEBASICS AChecklist for successwith LinkedIn CompanyPages 1HR. Daily What to Share: Whitepapers eBooks CaseStudies IndustryArticles Helpful how-tocontent 38 The LinkedIn CompanyPages Objectives: Brand Awarness LeadGeneration ThoughtLeadership EventRegistration Key Metrics: PageFollowers Post Clicks Engagement Inquiries &leads Eventregistrants Action Items: Post 3-4Xaday Engagewithfollowers via postcomments Changeheaderimage every6months
  37. 37. LEGEND 3keysto engageyourtarget withcontent Testeverything Visual is the new headline Organicisgood.Paidisbetter Overthe past couple of years,wehave developed and refined an always-oncontent strategythat madethe LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Showcase Page adestination for marketers.It’saplan weencourage youto adopt for yourown CompanyorShowcase Page. The infographic tothe right shows a complete timeline ofhow the pagefound an audience (andvice versa),frominception right up to2016. OurJourney to OurFirst 100KShowcase PageFollowers 10,000 MAY 2014 30,000 APRIL 2015 80,000 MARCH 2016 LINKEDIN MARKETING MILESTONES 90,000 APRIL 2016 24,675 DECEMBER 2014 Publishonly rich media posts (Visual isthe newheadline!) Testpostingatdifferenttimes ondayandwatchengagement 40,000 JULY 2015 Experimentwith themes(e.g.,‘Monday Motivation’) and posts withoutlinks 50,000 SEPTEMBER 2015 Changesocial headersevery6months Sponsor top-performing organiccontent 60,000 NOVEMBER 2015 Incorporatemorequotes and stats into ourimagery 65,068 DECEMBER 2015 Launch moreSponsored Content Campaigns(mixofleadgeneration, brand awarenessand thought leadershipplays) 70,000 JANUARY 2016 Incorporate moreA/Btestingusing Direct SponsoredContent Post 3-4times aday MAY 2016 Ensure imagealways matchesmessaging Test length of updates (found 150 characters of fewerperformbest) BORN JANUARY 2014 100,000 39 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  38. 38. 1. Lenovo Build thought leadership byfeaturing youremployeesand givingfollowers aninside look into yourcompanyculture. Lenovo’s company updates feature playful copy that shows personality and short headlines that almost always include acall-to-action. Followers are morelikely to share easily digestible nuggets of information that makethemappear moreknowledgeable. 2.Capgemini Featureengaging,branded imagerythat highlights aninteresting stat orquote for optimal engagement. 10Examples of Exceptional CompanyPages In no particularorder... 40 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  39. 39. 3. Petrobras Speakyouraudience’s language bytargeting messagesbylanguage andgeography. Makeyour content even more relevant with targetedupdates. No one wantsbe around the person at the party who only talks about themselves. 4.Adobe Sharehelpful, third-partycontent. 10Examples of Exceptional CompanyPages 41 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  40. 40. 5.HubSpot Sharecontent that is valuable to youraudience byansweringtheir questions orhelping solve theirproblems. Sharing checklists, templates and content calendars shows HubSpot is trying to be genuinely helpful to their audience. Amazonhas 10ShowcasePages 6.Amazon Accentuate different business entitieswith aShowcasePage. 10Examples of Exceptional CompanyPages 42 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  41. 41. 7. Salesforce Tofurther conveyyourmessage,makesurethe images and thumbnails postedwith yourupdatesarerelevantto thecontent being shared. Salesforce usestheir Showcase Page to feature their best blog content with branded imagery that matches themessaging. HCL Technologies leverages their updates to share exciting news and exclusive content about their company. 8.HCLTechnologies Featureyourmostvaluable content bypinning anupdate to thetop of your CompanyPage. 10Examples of Exceptional CompanyPages 43 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  42. 42. 9.Tesla Sharecontent that emphasizesyourcompany’sposition asanindustryleader. Tactical self-promotion is key.All the best brands use LinkedIn Company Pagesto highlight their best attributes. Youcan also leverage the Jobs pageon yourCompany Page. 10.Telstra Attracttop talent bysharing remarkableexperiencesfromactual employees. 10Examples of Exceptional CompanyPages 44 The LinkedIn CompanyPages
  43. 43. #1 All staff add company page as workplace
  44. 44. #2 Selected staff contribute long post on Linkedin Pulse Unearth blogging talent
  45. 45. #3 All staff should share relevant company page updates on their status
  46. 46. #4 Stick to regular timing for scheduled posting. Avoid ad-hoc posting. Stick to a Routine
  47. 47. #5 Use Linkedin company follow plugin on your website
  48. 48. #6 Share Youtube videos to get more engagement from existing followers Video Content Is King
  49. 49. #7 Optimize your LinkedIn page for search engines. Include relevant keywords in your description Think SEO
  50. 50. #8 Leverage Slideshare for thought leadership
  51. 51. #9 Paid Follower Acquisition Sponsored Updates
  52. 52. #10 Post Job Opportunities from Career Page Ripe Talent Community
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Presented in 5 DigiMarcon Conference in Singapore, Houston, LA, Chicago and London in 2018 Andrew Chow speaks internationally delivering keynote on B2B Marketing through Linkedin and Personal Branding


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