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Social Engagement of Content - January 2010


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Join us for the monthly ideaLaunch Content Marketing Webinar v8 focused on how to track the social engagement of your content, website and blog.
Special guest Carol Leaman, CEO of PostRank, joins Byron White, founder of ideaLaunch, for the presentation, offering a review of killer tools to measure social engagement of your content and the value of content in the social media sphere. Learn how content marketing powers social media, inbound marketing and all marketing today.

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Social Engagement of Content - January 2010

  1. 1. Content Marketing TrackingMonthly Webinar SeriesJanuary 20, 2010Byron White Content EngagementChief Idea OfficerByron[@]ideaLaunch.comCarol LeamanCEO and ROICarol[@]
  2. 2. How to track and measure content marketing ROI Content Content Measuring PostRank Marketing Marketing Content CEO Revolution Plan ROI Carol Leaman
  3. 3. TheContentMarketingRevolution
  4. 4. It’s the art of listening to your customers’wants and needs.Listen Up Search Box Social Media Web Analytics Keyword Popularity Customer Service Questionnaires
  5. 5. And the science of delivering contentin a compelling way.MeasurementsBooksBlogseBooksRSS FeedsPrinted BooksWebWidgets
  6. 6. It’s constantly testing campaigns to learnwhat works and what doesn’t.Prediction Testing A/B Testing Multivariate Testing Eye Track Testing Segmentation Testing Geo Target Testing Usability Testing
  7. 7. And measuring readers’ engagementand desire for more.EngagementDownloadsTime on PageAction on PageRepeat VisitationSend to FriendSocial Bookmark
  8. 8. It’s catching readers orbiting at highspeeds at the right time and place.Anytime Content Applet Desktop Mobile RSS Feeds Podcasts Social Networks
  9. 9. And engaging them with content onwebsites, gadgets and apps.iPhone AppsUrban SpoonAmazon KindleSirius XMSalesForce.comFlixterFandango
  10. 10. It’s developing a content pipeline toeducate, earn trust and drive sales.New Sales Pipeline Offer Content Accumulate Leads Score Leads Distribute Leads Induce Trial Score New Activity Measure Success
  11. 11. And scoring content engagement tofind out who’s most likely to buy.SalesForce Scoring Free Tool Interaction Content Downloads Proposal Downloads Newsletter Sign Ups Widget Interaction Customer Logon
  12. 12. The Content PlanandSEO Plan
  13. 13. The content marketing plan becomes the nerve center for ROI measurement.Table of Contents Scope of Project Competitive Research Customer Research Keyword Research SEO Plan Content Plan Performance Plan
  14. 14. Start by researching the competition with the free research tools.Free Research Tools
  15. 15. Competitive intelligence helps pinpointstrength, weakness and opportunity. Content Asset Traffic A C PPC Spend B A Content Portfolio B B Content Authority C B Publishing Frequency D C Social Reach F D Social Conversations F F Testimonials A F Partnerships B A Internal Links C B Inbound Links C C SEO Strength A C SEO Performance B A Testing Methodology A B
  16. 16. Find the opportunity to capture organicmind share and market share.
  17. 17. Create an SEO Plan that balances reader interest with search engine appeal.SEO Plan Keyword Universe Golden Keywords Keyword Silos Internal Links PPC Price Search Volume Search Market Share
  18. 18. Use technology to find the hot topics andkeywords for SEO.
  19. 19. Build a large keyword universe to measure performance and ROI.Keyword Universe 10,000 Keywords Long Tail Short Tail High PPC Price High Search Volume Recent Up Trends Recent Down Trends Market Share +-=
  20. 20. Select “golden” keywords for optimization,SEO and ROI goals.Golden Keywords 150 Keywords Priority Weighted 1/3 Top 50-100 1/3 Top 1-50 1/3 Top >100 Keyword Silos Primary Keywords Secondary Keywords
  21. 21. Create category maps featuring primaryand secondary SEO keywords.Category Map Hot Topic Primary Keywords Secondary Keywords
  22. 22. Create a Content Plan with the right mix ofcontent assets.Content Assets Articles Courseware eBooks Podcasts Printed Books Tip Centers Webinars Whitepapers Widgets WorkBooks
  23. 23. Find the hot topics for your content plan for readers and then the bots.Content Plan Search Box Customer Service FAQ Popularity Social Media Customer Surveys Site Analytics Brand Language
  24. 24. Listen-in to the conversations in the social media sphere to find the hot topics.Social Research Tools
  25. 25. Make scoring content for SEO strengtheasy for all your writers.
  26. 26. Infuse your brand with the content you publish. And publish it regularly.Authority Assets Speaking Events White Papers Webinars Podcasts Books Online Courses Informational Guides Press Releases
  27. 27. Time stamp publishing dates of content forimpact and ROI tracking.
  28. 28. Return on InvestmentTrackingandMeasurement
  29. 29. You can measure ROI in a variety of ways.
  30. 30. Tracking deployment dates of contentassets is the key for measuring ROI.
  31. 31. Track improved monthly listing positionsfor content optimization ROI.
  32. 32. Track increased traffic for searchperformance ROI.
  33. 33. Track repeat visitation for contentengagement ROI.
  34. 34. Track increased time-on-site for contentstickiness ROI.
  35. 35. Track improved conversion rates forcontent testing ROI.
  36. 36. Track increased leads from contentinteraction ROI.
  37. 37. Track increased sales from those leads foractual ROI.
  38. 38. Track decreased user acquisition cost foractual ROI.
  39. 39. What competitive Bonusintelligence does 101 Content MarketingSpyFu offer? TipsBook
  40. 40. Download a PDF version of the 101Content Marketing Tips book for free!
  41. 41. PostRankCEOCarol Leaman
  42. 42. Helping Online Publishers Maximize Revenue
  43. 43. Social Web
  44. 44. Engagement Creating Critiquing Chatting Collecting Clicking
  45. 45. 30% year over year engagement growthmore participation, more conversations on top 10K sites
  46. 46. On-site2007: 82% Off-site 2009: 66%
  47. 47. Trackbacks 2007: 19% Chatter 2009: 29%
  48. 48. Half-life of a new piece of content is 1hour!
  49. 49. Coupon Code:
  50. 50. Byron White, ideaLaunchChief Idea OfficerTwitter: @ByronWhite “Demand and track a measurable return onByron[at]ideaLaunch.comPhone: 617-227-8800 x 201 your investment inCarol Leaman, PostRankCEO content marketing.”Carol [at] PostRank.comPhone: 519-514-0064 Let’s Talk.