Driving Email Marketing Results - November 2010


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Things may change in the web-marketing world, but one thing seems to be consistent; when done right, email marketing works. However, there's a fine line between bulk email marketing and spam.

In this month's content marketing webinar, Byron White of ideaLaunch and Manas Kumar of Genesis Interactive (joining us all the way from New Zealand!) will offer insights on the technology and methodology of email marketing.

In this webinar:

You'll walk away with concrete examples of marketing strategies that are proven to engage readers and result in quantifiable action.
You'll learn how to make sure your mass email campaigns are not blocked by ISPs and junk email filters.

You'll hear the latest information about new email distribution methodology.

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Driving Email Marketing Results - November 2010

  1. 1. Email Marketing WebinarMonthly Content Marketing Webinar Series | November 30th, 2010 Hosted by Byron White | Chief Idea Officer Manas Kumar | Founder and CEO MaxMailHQ.com
  2. 2. 3 Revolutionary The 10 Tips for ideaLaunch Content EmailAnnouncements Marketing Marketing Revolution Success
  3. 3. 3 RevolutionaryideaLaunchAnnouncements
  4. 4. 1.) Great writers are now at your fingertips!Get a $10 bonus on your$50 deposit atWriterAccess.com/extra10
  5. 5. 2.) Great content marketing case study.Download this casestudy atContent6.com!
  6. 6. 3.) New content marketing resources that wow!Free ResourcesArticlesBlogGuidesSEO ToolsSpeaking DecksTips and AdviceWebinar Decks
  7. 7. TheContentMarketingRevolution
  8. 8. It’s the art of listening to your customers’wants and needs.Listen Up Search Box Social Media Web Analytics Keyword Popularity Customer Service Questionnaires
  9. 9. And the science of delivering contentto them in a compelling way.Measurements Books Blogs eBooks eMail RSS Feeds Printed Books Web Widgets
  10. 10. It’s constantly testing campaigns to learnwhat works and what doesn’t.Prediction Testing A/B Testing Multivariate Testing Eye Track Testing Segmentation Testing Geo Target Testing Usability Testing
  11. 11. And measuring readers’ engagementand desire for more.Engagement Open Rates Click Rates Downloads Time on Page Action on Page Repeat Visitation Send to Friend Social Bookmark
  12. 12. It’s catching readers orbiting at highspeeds at the right time and place.Anytime Content Applet Desktop Mobile RSS Feeds Podcasts Social Networks
  13. 13. And engaging them with things they wantand need on websites, gadgets and apps.iPhone Apps Urban Spoon Amazon Kindle Sirius XM SalesForce.com Flixter Fandango
  14. 14. It’s developing a content pipeline toeducate, earn trust and drive sales.New Sales Pipeline Offer Content Accumulate Leads Score Leads Distribute Leads Induce Trial Score New Activity Measure Success
  15. 15. And scoring content engagement tofind out who’s most likely to buy.SalesForce Scoring Free Tool Interaction Content Downloads Proposal Downloads Newsletter Sign Ups Widget Interaction Customer Logon
  16. 16. 10 TipsForEmailMarketing
  17. 17. 1.) Make it short for the long haul relationship.
  18. 18. 2.) Stories make your story more interesting.
  19. 19. 3.) Customer service is the new black.
  20. 20. 4.) A picture still says a thousand words.
  21. 21. 5.) Happy Peeps + Happy Customers = Happiness!
  22. 22. 6.) Gather intelligence cleverly to drive sales.
  23. 23. 7.) Light up the sales with unique illustration!
  24. 24. 8.) Everybody loves an invitation so bring it on.
  25. 25. 9.) Try and de-stress your customers.
  26. 26. 10.) Great emails get passed on and remembered. Inform atio n A Story Fills You Up Mo ves Yo u O n Facts Acts Citing Exciting Rea m s Dream s Prom otional Em otional Static Dram atic Che ck lists Casts of Cha racters Com piling Com pelling Anno tated Anim ated Feeding the Brain Touching the Heart Expires Inspires
  27. 27. Byron White, ideaLaunchChief Idea OfficerTwitter: @ByronWhiteByron[at]ideaLaunch.com “The only marketing left is content marketing.” Seth Godin Free Book Download: ideaLaunch.com/101