The Business Show - Integrated Digital Marketing


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Reflect Digital's Integrated Digital Marketing workshop from The Business Show November 2012

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The Business Show - Integrated Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Integrated Digital Strategy Becky Campbell - MD @ReflectDigital 22nd November 2012
  2. 2. Source: International Telecommunication Union, November 2011
  3. 3. Source: International Telecommunication Union, November 2011UKOM, May 2010
  4. 4. Search Engine Market Share UK – 91% UK – 5% UK – 2% UK – 1% UK – 0.4% US – 61% US – 15% US – 17% US – 3% US – 4%Source: The E Word October 2012
  5. 5. Paid vs. Natural
  6. 6. SEO Positioning
  7. 7. Online Marketing does not need to be complicatedTraffic Conversions ROI
  8. 8. Source: Social Marketing Forum, December 2010
  9. 9. Website Design Live chat is a tool that can be used to increase conversionsClear brand identity Trackable phone number Engage with clients through social media The banner area is ideal for highlighting offers and services Clear call-to-action
  10. 10. Mobile design By 2014 more users will be browsing on a mobile device than desktops. Mobile sites need to be easy to use and have a cut down version of the most important content. You can use your analytics to work out what pages are more important to mobile users and the % of traffic you are receiving from which devices.Source: Morgan Stanley, April 2010
  11. 11. Our SEO Process… Planning, Keyword On-Site Off-Site Measurement &Research & Research Optimisation Optimisation Refinement Analysis
  12. 12. Planning, Research & Analysis We would audit the site to make sure the search engine Robots and Spiders can find what they are looking for.We’ll also look at other potentialtechnical issues such as duplicatecontent and page load time.
  13. 13. Keyword Research
  14. 14. On-Page On-site SEO consists of optimising the actual content itself We’ll look at meta tags, H tags and alt tags We’ll then ensure that the content has just the right keyword density so that the searchOn-Page engines know exactly what the page is about
  15. 15. Off Site OptimisationTraditional Methods New MethodsPaid Links Link BaitingDirectory Submissions Social Media SharingSite Wide Blog Links Blog Guest PostingForum Posts InfographicsReciprocal Linking Press Releases
  16. 16. Results and Analysis Everything we do is tracked and monitored to ensure the strategy is working and delivering results. Our constant analysis allows us to continually plan where to take the strategy to next…
  17. 17. SEO is Changing…Over the past couple of months Google have madesome big changes to their algorithm. Panda Penguin The ‘Over-Optimisation Update’Essentially they have looked to de-value poor-quality links, penalise over-optimisation andlocalise their results.There has also been big signals that they are usingsocial media ‘shares’ as a clear ranking signal…
  18. 18. Infographics
  19. 19. What is PPC?
  20. 20. PPC – What’s it good for?Offers/PromotionsTo compensate for low SEO trafficTo target new marketsSeasonal trends
  21. 21. PPC in the mobile age…Google’s mobile revenues havebeen growing year on year for PPCSmartphones occupy 6.9% ofAdwords clicksTablets occupy 2.3% of AdwordsclicksCTRs are higher on mobiles andtablet devices
  22. 22. Our PPC Process… Planning, Keyword Campaign Add-ons, site Measurement &Research & Research Creation links Refinement Analysis
  23. 23. Planning, Research & Analysis We look at the competition to review what terms they are bidding on and research the marketplace. We look at which devices suit the campaign best•We look at the landing pages to ensurethat the campaign is as targeted aspossible.•We also ensure tracking is in place to beclear on the ROI PPC is generating
  24. 24. Keyword ResearchKeyword Research isone of the mostimportant elementsof PPC.We select keywordsby match type andensure that we onlyinclude terms whichhave the highestpossibility of leadingto a conversion.
  25. 25. Campaign Creation Campaign Campaign CampaignGroup Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Gro Keyword Keyword Keyword KeywAds Ads Ads Ads s s s s
  26. 26. Ad Extensions Throughout the course ofthe campaign we wouldexperiment with adextensions to help increasethe CTR. There are several types ofad extensions: site-links, callextensions, productextensions, social extensions,location extensions
  27. 27. Results and Analysis Everything we do is tracked and monitored to ensure the strategy is working and delivering results. Our constant analysis allows us to continually plan where to take the strategy to next…
  28. 28. Social
  29. 29. Facebook Facebook is the most well known and most used social network. There are currently 1 billion people registered to Facebook Facebook is more of a branding tool than a lead generation tool
  30. 30. Google + Social networks are becoming increasingly popular and Google want to ensure that they keep their share of the audience If users are logged into Google + they will start to see their searches become more personalised + Pages are starting show in the SERPs
  31. 31. Twitter Twitter is a fantastic way to engage with current and potential users It offers you a platform to discuss industry- related news There are strong signals that ‘shares’ on Twitter are starting to influence ranking positions
  32. 32. YouTube 1 in every 20 users that leave Google go directly to YouTube, showing the power that the site has! YouTube could offer a friendly modern face to the business, potentially creating short videos This could open your website up to a new audience and create greater engagement on the new site as videos do keep users on the website longer.Source:, June 2012
  33. 33. LinkedIn In June 2012 there were more than 175 million professionals on LinkedIn worldwide LinkedIn is good for networking, and opening up potential commercial opportunities People often look for recommendations on LinkedIn, meaning that it’s important that your staff are signed up LinkedIn can also be used to broadcast news and updates
  34. 34. Why Send Email Campaigns? Email is important for the customer life cycle Email campaigns enable you to engage with your client base Email campaigns are great for brand awareness, seasonal offers and promotions
  35. 35. Email Marketing Including social sharing tools in an email increases click through rates by 55%Research from GetResponse
  36. 36. Email Marketing - TrackingOur email marketing dashboard allows clients tosee email results and manage their database.
  37. 37. Constant Measurement and Refinement
  38. 38. How we can help We specialise in…
  39. 39. Who are Reflect Digital?
  40. 40. Competition! We’re giving away £3,000 worth of digital marketing to spend on SEO or a Social Campaign, to enter please let me have your business card!