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Generating Payback from Internet Marketing


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Presentation at the TRSA Sales and Marketing Summit - 2014

Published in: Marketing
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Generating Payback from Internet Marketing

  1. 1. Generating Payback From Internet Marketing Benj Arriola – VP SEO, Internet Marketing Inc.
  2. 2. Benj Arriola VP SEO, Internet Marketing Inc. SEO since 2004 Web design and development since 1997 LinkedIn Won multiple international SEO contest Won cash and a brand new car! Year SEO Contest Organizer Place 2005 Isulong SEOph SEO Philippines 11 2006 Ituloy AngSulong SEO Philippines 10 2006 Vorgermilten n/a 1 2007 SEO World Championship GetUpdated 1 2008 SEOContest2008 UK Webmaster World 2 2008 Promote Your Business 2 2009 Sulumits Retsambew 4 QA Chemist College Chem Professor Entrepreneur IT Instructor Web Designer / Developer SEO Internet Marketing Professional
  3. 3. Internet Marketing Speaker Spoke at several international conferences since 2007 14 different cities in 3 different countries Lanyrd
  4. 4. From SMEs to Fortune 1000 Companies Worked as a freelancer Direct clients Outsourced projects Worked in a small business Worked in different agencies Large SEO clients experience mainly from: Internet Marketing Inc, BusinessOnLine, and YDS Web Solution.
  5. 5. Internet Marketing A Quick Overview
  6. 6. 3 P’s of a Good Business Great Product Great People Great Promotion
  7. 7. Demand Generation Brand Awareness Brand Name Recall Unique Selling Proposition Barriers to Entry Core Competency Key Differentiators Why I Rock! Why I’m Awesome! Promotion - Be Known!
  8. 8. Different Devices , Different Search Engines, Different Social Sites, Different Cities/Countries Internet Marketing / Digital Marketing / Online Marketing / Web Marketing Internet Marketing Search Marketing SEO SEM / PPC Social Social Ads Community Dev’t / Audience Dev’t Display Behavioral Targeting Retargeting/ Remarketing Email Marketing List Building Drip Marketing Design & Development Usability CO / CRO / LPO Content Development / Content Creation Data Science / Data Analysis / Web Analytics / Business Intelligence
  9. 9. Customer looks for you! User Profile, Online Behavior, More Measurable Data Demographic Data / Market Research / Surveys Traditional Media vs. Digital Media PUSH PULL PUSH
  10. 10. Internet Marketing & Media Channels Owned Media Website Blog Email Earned Media SEO Social Paid Media PPC / SEM Display Social
  11. 11. Search Engine Optimization Non-Branded Keywords Social Media Youtube Video Content Marketing Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimization Social Media Website Pay Per Click Display Advertising Landing Page Retargeting Branded Search Email Marketing CREATIVE CRO • Differs in Intent • Differs in Internet Marketing Strategies User Intent & The Conversion Funnel Introduce Influence Close
  12. 12. Integrated Action Path to Conversion Page User Intent Intent Content Marketing Pages Appropriate Page Order Page Shares Conversion Links Introduce Path to Conversion • Unique Selling Proposition • Product Comparison • Live or Scheduled Demo • Promo / Specials • Time Sensitive • Whitepaper Download Introducers Influencers ClosersInformation Navigation Buy Introduce Influence Close
  13. 13. Content with more buying intent Content with less buying intent Link Bait Passes Link Juice Improves Popularity Site Architecture & SEO Introduce Influence Close
  14. 14. SEO On-Page Server Settings & Code Web Designers, Web Developers, Network Administrators Content Writers Off-Page Links Buzz Makers, Viral Marketers, Content Promotion SEO Diagnostics Content Marketing Foundational Continuous Content Marketing SEO Diagnostics SEO Overview
  15. 15. EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY: 100,000 Tweets Sent 2 million search queries made on Google 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube 47,000 apps DOWNLOADED from the App Store 571 websites are created 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram Social Media Facts
  16. 16. Earned Media & Paid Media & Social Media Platforms Content Marketing Calendars: Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube Strategies Social Media Sweepstakes, Optimize Social Channels, Identify Industry Influencers, Socialize Website, Social Engagement Social Setup Community Development Foundational Continuous Social Media Overview
  17. 17. PPC Pre-Click CTR Ad Copy Ad Extension Position Bid Price Keyword Selection Match Types Post-Click Landing Page Relevancy A/B Testing Load Time Policy Foundational Continuous Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Overview
  18. 18. Display Specific Targeting Demographic Geo-Targeted Behavioral B2B Premium Contextual Retargeted Publisher Search Display Advertising Overview
  19. 19. Content Marketing
  20. 20. Link Baitable Content Promotion with the aid of Social Media Earned Media with Content Marketing Natural High Quality Links = Biggest Impact on Rankings Links from Key Influencers = Biggest Impact on Traffic and Conversions TEXT Content Blogging Strategy Trust Bait Press Releases Matte Releases Infographic Creation Award & Recognitions Badges VISUAL Content Video Strategy AUDIO Content
  21. 21. Content Marketing Links Goal Featured on popular sites within your vertical Gaining powerful, authoritative links Be a thought leader in you industry
  23. 23. Content Marketing Calendars
  24. 24. Content Marketing Calendars Months January February March April May Static X Satirical Branded Meme, 1 IG (Vegas v Vegas) Satirical Branded Meme Satirical Branded Meme Satirical B Meme, Op content - AMA) Re-s Motion 1 IG (Packing - Fashion Bloggers) 1 IG (Summ Welcome) Video Animated Video Mixologist Video (+discounts and static imagery of recipe IRL Business Quarters Q1: Budget $5000 Q2: Bud
  25. 25. Content Marketing Calendars Months January February March April May Static X Satirical Branded Meme, 1 IG (Vegas v Vegas) Satirical Branded Meme Satirical Branded Meme Satirical B Meme, Op content - AMA) Re-s Motion 1 IG (Packing - Fashion Bloggers) 1 IG (Summ Welcome) Video Animated Video Mixologist Video (+discounts and static imagery of recipe IRL Business Quarters Q1: Budget $5000 Q2: Bud Business Quarters Selling Cycles Seasons Holidays New Years Valentine's Day, President's Day St. Patrick's Day Events CES - Las Vegas Mobile Expo - Atla Product Launches Tablet keyboard dock Mobile battery case Deadlines Video How-To Ser Production Compl by 4/30 Company Goals Grow email marketing list by 50% Metrics Email subscriptions Email subscriptions Email subscriptions Email subscription Site Traffic & Conversion Site Traffic & Conversion Site Traffic & Conversion Site Traffic & Conversion Notes Boston office opening Q1: Budget $5000
  26. 26. Content Topic Q & A Websites News & Media Long-Tail Traffic Analysis Google Trends Social Media Trends Research
  27. 27. Remarkable Content In A Variety Of Mediums. Infographics & Infoguides eBooks Viral Content Videos Blogging Kinetic Typography & Motion Graphics Press Release & Matte Release Badge, Awards & Recognitions Content Creation
  28. 28. Influencer Research Identify bloggers, journalist, reporters in various niches. Segment by Geographic Location Content Topics News Outlets And More!
  29. 29. Rapport Building w/ Influencers Influencer Outreach Social Bookmarking Social Network Promotion Press Release Distribution Image Link Reclamation Influencer Follow-up Launch Post Launch Pre Launch Promotion
  30. 30. Traffic Analysis Link Analysis Behavior Analysis 2 3 4 Social Activity 5 Conversions from Content 1 Measurement: Tools & Metrics
  31. 31. Infographic Examples
  32. 32. Visits: 13,911 # of Linking Domains: 187 Tweets: 520 G+: 219 Facebook Shares: 244 Infographic Case Study
  33. 33. Shares Online: 363K Facebook Likes & Shares: 47K Tweets: 4K High Authority Links: 120 Page Views: 16K Infographic Case Study
  34. 34. eBook Example Content not about bowling. But targets the right audience.
  35. 35. Reads: 9,243 Slide Presentation
  36. 36. Case Studies: Google Authorship Campaign Goal: Craft an infographic in order to help explain the importance and complexity of Google Authorship on IMI’s blog
  37. 37. Campaign Results: Behavior funnel- How people interact with your content and what they do after viewing *proper tools/metrics Case Studies: Google Authorship
  38. 38. Case Studies: TimeLife Campaign Goal: To implement a content marketing and blogger outreach strategy to increase conversions on product landing pages.
  39. 39. Case Studies: TimeLife Campaign Results: Developed key relationships The top 30 referrers were from blogger and social sites 8% conversions from blog click-throughs Improved link profile & SEO Increase in positive product reviews Dramatic increase in sales
  40. 40. Case Studies: AMC Campaign Goal: Use an infographic and motion graphic strategy to promote ticket sales at AMC Theatres nationwide.
  41. 41. Case Studies: AMC Campaign Results: Thousands of new pageviews and impressions Over 50,000 views on YouTube Acknowledged by top movie review blogs and major publications like, sites with high Domain Authority and Page Ranks Hundreds of new links Thousands of dollars in ticket sales for AMC Theatres so far
  42. 42. Case Studies: Campaign Goal: To increase pageviews, traffic, and inbound links to improve organic rankings and conversions.
  43. 43. Case Studies: Campaign Results: Acknowledged by top blog sites many with Domain Authorities over 90 and Page Ranks between 8 and 10 Increased Pageviews by 38,116 Avg. time on page of 5 min Ranked #1 on Hundreds of thousands of social shares Drastic improvement in SEO due to many new high quality inbound links Featured content on popular sites like Buzzfeed.
  44. 44. Comprehensive Internet Marketing Case Study Before and after results of improving their internet marketing efforts. Used linear programming to analyze where to best spend marketing dollars Linear programming was not part of the campaign, but was one of my case studies in Decision Science during my MBA course at the University of Redlands Sorry information on this separate presentation is not shared online. Since I was not able to ask permission from the client to use the information, but I did show during the conference how linear programming can be used for decision analysis and used together with multi- attribution technology gives you better insights where to spend your online marketing dollars. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  45. 45. Questions? Thanks Benj Arriola Internet Marketing Inc.