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Netflix Moving To Cloud


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Published in: Technology
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  • I like the overall view of the Netflix application as implemented on the AWS cloud (Slide 30). This is one of the few presentations I have come across that does not merely catalog AWS components, but ties them all together into a real-life, scalable, application, viz., Netflix streaming.
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Netflix Moving To Cloud

  2. 2. Agenda  Why Amazon Cloud?  Tour of AWS  How Netflix leverages AWS?  Best Practices
  3. 3. Why Amazon Cloud? Focus On Core Competence
  4. 4. Why Amazon Cloud? High Growth High Scalability High Availability Elasticity
  5. 5. Why Amazon Cloud? AWS EC2, SDB, SQS, S3, EBS, EMR, ELB, ASG, RDB, (IAM)
  6. 6. Tour of AWSService Service NameCompute Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Elastic Map/Reduce (EMR) Auto Scaling (ASG)Database Relation Database Services (RDS)Messaging Simple Queue Service (SQS) Simple Notification Service (SNS)Monitoring CloudWatchNetworking Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)Storage SimpleDB (SDB) Simple Storage Service (S3) Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  7. 7. Tour of AWS (EC2)EC2 = Elastic Compute Cloud Computer EC2 Instance EC2 Instance AMI Application EC2 Instance OS Memory Storage (non-persistent)• Elastic• Management control• Flexible (OS, etc..) Multi-tenant• Secure
  8. 8. Tour of AWS (EC2) EC2 Instance Elastic IP Address AMI • Static IP Application • Map to EC2 instance • Hourly charge (when not mapped) OS • Limited # of IP addresses per accountInstance id i-79f90613Private DNS/IP ip-10-202-26-32.ec2.internal/(transient) DNS/IP
  9. 9. Tour of AWS (EC2) Computing Memory Storage Type Platform I/O Name Unit (GB) (GB)Small 1 1.7 160 32 Moderate m1.smallLarge 4 7.5 850 64 High m1.largeX-Large 8 15 1690 64 High m1.xlargeHigh-CPU Medium 5 1.7 350 32 Moderate c1.mediumHigh-CPU X-Large 20 7 1690 64 High c1.xlargeHigh-Memory X-Large 6.5 17.1 420 64 Moderate m2.xlargeHigh-Memory 2X-Large 13 34.2 850 64 High m2.2xlargeHigh-Memory 4X-Large 26 68.4 1690 64 High m2.4xlargeCluster Compute Very High 33.5 23 1690 64 cc1.4xlarge (10 Gbps) $0.085/hr - $2.40/hr
  10. 10. Tour of AWS (EC2)  How to launch an EC2 instance?   Amazon provides scripts or AWS console   RightScale  AMIs are stored in S3 or EBS   Use an existing AMI from AMZ
  11. 11. Tour of AWS (EC2) High Availability Region US-East (Northern Virginia) US-West (Northern California) EU (Ireland)Netflix: us-east-1c & us-east-1d Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  12. 12. Tour of AWS – Security Group app1 app3 EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance app2 EC2 Instance EC2 Instance Access rule: protocol | from port | to port
  13. 13. Tour of AWS - ELB Client1 Client2 Client3 ELB (DNS name, port) Health checkHTTP/HTTPS URL, interval EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance Availability Zone Availability Zone us-east
  14. 14. Tour of AWS – Auto Scaling EC2 Instance Application demand EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance EC2 Instance Time Launch or terminate EC2 instances based on user-defined triggers
  15. 15. Tour of AWS – Auto Scaling Auto Scaling Configuration Launch Configuration AMI LaunchConfigName Application AMI id Min Security group Max OS Instance type Load balancer User data Availability zone Triggers •  Health •  CPU Utilization •  Latency •  I/O activity
  16. 16. Tour of AWS – Cloud Watch Visibility into resource utilization, operational performance CPU Network EC2 Instance EC2 Instance Disk I/OEC2 Instance EC2 Instance EBS Load Balancer AWS Management Console RDS
  17. 17. Tour of AWS - EBS  Persistent storage for EC2 instances   100 volumes or 20 TB – Max 1TB per volume  Off-instance persistent storage  Attach and detach to/from   EC2 instance  Why do we need this?   Persistent file systems  Take backups and store in S3 Public data sets: Human Genone, US Census Data
  18. 18. Tour of AWS – S3   Data storage infrastructure – for the Internet   Write, read, delete objects up to 5 GB   Scalable, reliable, unlimited storage   Objects can be made publicly accessible Per Account ..10099.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability $0.055/GB -> $0.15/GB
  19. 19. Tour of AWS – S3  Interesting APIs   Can I search objects in a bucket? NO   Can I get a list of objects in a bucket? NO   Can I remove a bucket?   Remove all objects first   Can I get list of keys? YES   Also by prefix
  20. 20. Tour of AWS - SimpleDB  For structured, non-relational text data  Highly available  Zero administrative overhead  Auto indexing Domain itemId Email Petsprimary key Item jdoe dog mjane cat, bird Domains are collections of items that are described by attribute-value pairs
  21. 21. Tour of AWS - SimpleDB No SchemaitemId Email Petjdoe dogmjane cat, bird itemId Email Pet Phone jdoe dog mjane cat, bird 333-444-5555
  22. 22. Tour of AWS - SimpleDB 256 Attributes 1024 Bytes10 GB itemId Email Pet jdoe dog mjane cat, bird 1024 Bytes select <attributes> from <domain> where <query expression> Default to 100 items per select, maximum up to 2500 items
  23. 23. Tour of AWS - SimpleDB SimpleDB Read Consistency Node 1 itemId Email Pet jdoe dog cat mjane cat, bird Node 2 itemId Email Pet jdoe dog cat mjane cat, bird Select, G etAttribu te Node 3 itemId Email Pet jdoe dog cat mjane cat, bird
  24. 24. Tour of AWS - SimpleDB CAP THEOREM Tolerant of node failures A Availability CA APAll nodes see the Tolerant of same data BigTable SimpleDB message loss C CP Hbase P Partition Consistency Membase Tolerance Shared-data Distributed System
  25. 25. Tour of AWS - SimpleDB Eventual Consistent Read Consistent ReadStale reads possible No stale readsLowest latency Higher latency (500 to 1000ms)Highest throughput Lower throughput (1/3)Conditional Put & DeleteOptimistic concurrency controlEliminate lost updates due to concurrent writing to same itemComparing an attribute with specified expected valueTransactional semantics
  26. 26. Tour of AWS - SQS Web-scale Message Infrastructure • Up to 64KB size • Retain up to 14 days • Message visibility -12 hours m6 m1 m2 m5 m4 • Concurrent writers & readers m3 • No FIFO • Delivery “at least once” m7
  27. 27. Tour of AWS - SNS Notification Infrastructure m1 HTTP/HTTPS m5 Topic m1 SQS m4 m3 m2 m1 • 100 topics per account • Message max size 8K text data m6 Email
  28. 28. Tour of AWS - Security AWSAccount: Access key & Secret key EC2 HTTP/HTTPS SimpleDB S3 SQS SNS Authentication via HMAC signature ..
  29. 29. Netflix In AWS Cloud Encoding Use ~4K EC2 Petabytes on Instances S3 CDN
  30. 30. Netflix In AWS Cloud Netflix Data CenterDiscovery API ELB Discovery Service Service Oracle Internal Internal API Service API Servicememcached memcached SQS Consumer S3 SQS SimpleDB
  31. 31. Netflix In AWS Cloud Security Group Auto Scaling Internal Group Internal Services Internal Services Internal Services Service
  32. 32. Netflix In AWS Cloud  SimpleDB   Rental history: ~800M items   Queue: ~1B items  S3   Compressed rental history: ~17M objects   Streaming activity logs Access through customer id or movie id or both
  33. 33. Netflix In AWS Cloud  Missing infrastructure services   Discovery service   Middle tier load balancer   Encryption service   Key management   Caching   Wrap memcached server   Discoverable   Instrumented
  34. 34. Netflix In AWS Cloud Discovery Discovery Service Service Middle Web Tier Load Application Balancer Heart beat Internal Internal Services Internal Services Internal Services Service
  35. 35. Netflix In AWS Cloud Big Bang Transition  iPhone Launch  Totallyrun in cloud and no fallback option  No control once App Store gate is opened  Have to scale on day one  EC2 elasticity
  36. 36. Netflix In AWS Cloud Datacenter vs Cloud Copy from Adrian’s slide
  37. 37. Best Practices  Automate deployment process  Dealing with failure   Network latency   503s, 408s, exponential backoff   Read/connect timeout  Persistence strategy   Rethink storage   SimpleDB, S3, RDS   Sharding   Eventual consistency
  38. 38. Best Practices Copy from Adrian’s slide
  39. 39. Best Practices  SimpleDB   Sorting is lexicographical   Pad numeric attributes   Use consistent date format (Joda time)   Explicit selecting limit   Use batch put and batch delete   Dealing with null   Dealing with eventual consistency   Consistentget   Conditional put   Item name   Combining columns   UUID
  40. 40. Best Practices  SimpleDB   Index selectivity and performance   # of distinct attribute values in all the items in domain   Sharding   Get around the limits   Scale the write throughput   BatchPutAttribute or BatchDeleteAttribute
  41. 41. Best Practices  S3   Achieving high write throughput   Pre-sortedthe keys before upload   Preprend object key with increasing 4 to 6 digits  SQS   Decouple system   Asynchronous processing   Buffering   Visibility window > processing time
  42. 42. Q&A