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An intro to Amazon Web Services (AWS)


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A presentation for AWS Usergroup Greece, introducing the basic Amazon Cloud services, concepts and buzzwords.

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An intro to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  1. 1. An intro to AWS 15 March 2012 Fotis Stamatelopoulos Leonidas Tsementzis Andreas Chatzakis AWSUG Greece Not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by AWS
  2. 2. DynamoDBStorage Gateway SES SWF Availability Zones EC2 SimpleDB Reserved instance EMR SNS AWS CloudFront CloudFormation SQS Elastic IP EBS ELB VPC RDS CloudWatch Eventually consistent read S3Ephemeral storage ElastiCache Route53
  3. 3. Elastic Compute Cloud: Virtual ServersEC2 provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud  Elastic: Obtain or release server instances in minutes  Full Control: Root access, choice of OS and specs  Secure: Firewall settings, dedicated instances, VPC  Automation: Control servers via rich API, Autoscaling  Cost Effective:  OnDemand, Reserved & Spot pricing  Pay per hour + Data Transfer  Globally Available: Regions, AZs, Elastic IPs  Virtualized: Create Amazon Machine Images (AMI) 3
  4. 4. AMIs & Instance TypesVirtualization and vertical scaling 4
  5. 5. Regions & Availability ZonesReduce Latency - Improve Availability 5
  6. 6. Security GroupsProtect your services with Security Groups 6
  7. 7. EC2: Elastic Block StorageNon ephemeral disk volumes for your EC2 instances.  Virtual hard drive attached to single EC2 instance  Up to 1TB each, multiple drives per instance  Persists independently from instance life  AZ specific, Replication within that AZ  Snapshot volumes, persist to Amazon S3, clone  Variable performance  Better for larger instance types  Software RAID considered good practice Pay-as-you-go ($ * M I/O + $ * GB-month) 7
  8. 8. EBS flexibilityAtach, Detach, Snapshot, Create Volume 8
  9. 9. EC2: Elastic Load BalancingELB automatically distributes incoming application trafficacross multiple Amazon EC2 instances HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, SSL, Custom Health Checks CNAME to alias your domain name Sticky sessions Nothing to manage - Automagically scales Pay-as-you-go ($ * hours + $ * GB) Operational metrics (latency, count) @ Cloudwatch Usually much cheaper than running your own on EC2 9
  10. 10. Simple Storage Service: Scalable StorageS3 allows applications to store and retrieve any amount ofdata objects, at any time, from anywhere on the web. Scalable: Unlimited Objects, up to 5TB each Region specific Manage via REST & SOAP – POSIX (but s3fs works)  Not a true distributed filesystem Download via HTTP,BitTorrent – Public vs Protected High (99.999999999%) or reduced (99.99%) durability (cheaper) Versioning and MFA deletion protection Good for static content, logs, backups $ * GBs stored+$ * GBs transfered+$ * 1K requests 10
  11. 11. Cloudfront: Content Delivery NetworkCloudfront allows content distribution with low latency &high data transfer speeds Caches copies of content close to end users Worldwide network of Edge locations Download or Stream Plays nicely with S3 (origin store) No support for query string invalidation (yet) 11
  12. 12. Amazon Relational Database ServiceRDS makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale arelational database in the cloud. Managed service (no server admin work!) MySQL or Oracle Failover on different AZ for High Availability(extra cost) Replica(s) on same AZ for Scalability (extra cost) Configurable settings Scale horizontally or vertically with no downtime Automated Backups & point-in-time recovery Automagic replacement of faulty instance 12
  13. 13. SimpleDB: Schema-less DB ServiceSimpleDB provides a highly available and flexible non-relational datastore Managed service (no server admin work!) High Availability and Data Durability Data automatically indexed, flexible querying No schema (Domains, Items, Attributes and Values) Everything is a string (...and padding is your friend) Consistent or eventually consistent read requests Powerful when combined with S3 (simpleDB for meta- data) 10GB limit per domain (aka table) 13
  14. 14. DynamoDB: Predictable Scalable NoSQLHigh performance NoSQL DB with seamless scalability Managed service (no server admin work!) Any amount of data, Any level of request traffic Durable data (replicated in multiple Azs) Guaranteed provisioned throughput Primary Key: Hash index or Hash + ranged index Schema less but limited query flexibility vs simpleDB Strong Consistency, Atomic Counters On the background: Shared nothing architecture + SSD Plays nice with Elastic Map Reduce 14
  15. 15. ElastiCache: In-Memory CacheMemcache as a service Managed service (no servers to manage) Add or remove nodes to scale cache size up or down Automagic replacement of faulty nodes Cloudwatch monitors memcache specific metrics Set maintenance window for upgrades Configurable 15
  16. 16. SES: Email Sending ServiceHighly scalable and cost-effective bulk and transactionalemail-sending service Send emails via API or via SMTP Reliable & Scalable Monitor sending activity & deliverability Feedback on bounce backs & spam complaints No replacement for your mailbox Beware of sending quota 16
  17. 17. CloudWatch: Resource MonitoringCloudwatch is a monitoring system for AWS cloudresources and custom metrics View Graphs & Statistics for AWS services Set Alerts and automated Response Actions Autoscaling based on cloudwatch metrics Submit custom metrics via API 17
  18. 18. SQS: Message Queue ServiceSimple Queue Service is a hosted queue service forstoring messages in a distributed environment Reliable and scalable Accessible via an API Supports object locking Authentication mechanisms 18
  19. 19. There is more! Elastic Map – Reduce: Hadoop framework as a service SNS: Push Notification Service Route53: Reliable DNS hosting IAM: Control Access to AWS resources SWF: Workflow Service for Coordinating Application Components Storage Gateway: Integrates on-premises IT environments with Cloud storage CloudFormation: Templated AWS Resource Creation Elastic Beanstalk: AWS Application Container VPC: Isolated Cloud Resources 19
  20. 20. Appendix
  21. 21. Unstructured Data Storage Comparison Amazon S3 Amazon EBS Amazon EC2 Instance StorageType Object Block BlockPerformance Moderate (single thread) to Very High High High (multiple threads)Durability of the data High Moderate LowElasticity/scalability Automatic Manual (by adding more No volumes)Availability High Moderate to High (using EBS Low snapshots)Persistence across instantiations Yes Yes NoCross-instance access Yes No NoDegree of redundancy Highly redundant across multiple Redundant within an Availability Not redundant data centers ZoneInterfaces HTTP, REST, or SOAP Access through EC2 OS/file Block device map, access system through EC2 OS/file systemSize limits Effectivley unlimited (5TiB per 1GiB to 1TiB per volume (can 160GiB to 3.3TiB (larger object, unlimited objects per use multiple volumes or striping instances have both larger bucket) for larger capacities) volumes and more volumes)Shareability across EC2 nodes Yes No NoManagement Manual Manual Automatic 21
  22. 22. DBs in AWS You need.. ….considerA relational database service with minimal Amazon RDS, a fully managed service that offersadministration? a choice of MySQL or Oracle engines, scale compute & storage, Multi-AZ availability and more.A relational database you can manage and fully control Your choice of relational AMIs on Amazon EC2on your own? and EBS that provide scale compute & storage, complete control over instances, and more.A NoSQL database service for smaller datasets Amazon SimpleDB, a fully managed service that(<10GB) with flexible query capabilities? provides a schemaless database, reliability and more.A fast, highly scalable NoSQL database service? Amazon DynamoDB, a fully managed service that offers extremely fast performance, seamless scalability and reliability, low cost and more. 22