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Introduction to the Netflix Open Source Software project, explains why Netflix is doing this, how all the parts fit together and what is planned to come next. Presented at the inaugural NetflixOSS Meetup February 6th 2013 at Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos.

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  • The genre box shots were chosen because we have rights to use them, we are starting to make specific logos for each project going forward.
  • Content, delivered by a service running on a platform. However our much large competitors also have the same platform advantages.
  • Over time, AWS adds more features, and our platform layer shrinks and adapts to leverage the new features so that we can concentrate investment in long term Netflix differentiators, and leverage the AWS investment to stay ahead of Amazon retail.
  • When Netflix first moved to cloud it was bleeding edge innovation, we figured stuff out and made stuff up from first principles. Over the last two years more large companies have moved to cloud, and the principles, practices and patterns have become better understood and adopted. At this point there is intense interest in how Netflix runs in the cloud, and several forward looking organizations adopting our architectures and starting to use some of the code we have shared. Over the coming years, we want to make it easier for people to share the patterns we use.
  • By sharing Netflix platform, if we can build a large ecosystem around that platform then we get the benefits of larger scale more quickly, being able to hire developers who are already familiar with the platform, and shared development of the platform itself with other organization.
  • The railroad made it possible for California to be developed quickly, by creating an easy to follow path we can create a much bigger ecosystem around the Netflix platform
  • We have shared parts of our platform bit by bit through the year, it’s starting to get traction now
  • NetflixOSS Meetup

    1. 1. Assembling the Puzzle Ruslan Meshenberg Adrian Cockcroft
    2. 2. Open House timeline• 7:00pm – 7:30pm – NetflixOSS overview, glimpse into 2013 roadmap, announcements• 7:30pm – 8:00pm - Lightning Talks about individual NetflixOSS projects• 8:00 – 8:30 – Asgard Deep Dive (Theater)• 8:00pm - 9:00pm - Lab/Demo Stations
    3. 3. A bit of history…
    4. 4. @NetflixOSS progression in 2012 RxJava Ribbon Janitor Turbine Monkey Hystrix Blitz4J Govern Eureka ator Chaos Asgard Monkey Archaius Exhibito Jmeter r Priam for C* Servo Astyanax AutoCurato Scalingr
    5. 5. Our Current Catalog of ReleasesFree code available at
    6. 6. 2013 Roadmap - highlights • BakeriesBuild and Deploy • Workflow orchestration • Push-button Launcher • Sample applications Recipes • Karyon - Base server • More Monkeys, Error and Latency Injection Availability • Denominator (more later…) • Atlas - monitoring • Genie – Hadoop Paas Analytics • Explorers / visualization • EvCache – persister and memcached service Persistence • More Astyanax Recipes
    7. 7. Recipes & Launcher
    8. 8. Whole is greater than sum of the parts
    9. 9. Three Questions Why is Netflix doing this?How does it all fit together? What is coming next?
    10. 10. Netflix Deconstructed Content as a Service on a PlatformLong term strategic Easy to usebarriers to competition Personalized Service Exclusive Agile, Reliable and Scalable, Secure Extensive Low cost, Global Content Platform Enables the business, but doesn’t Netflix differentiate against large competitors
    11. 11. Platform InvestmentCloud platform Netflix By leveraging AWS we canadapts as new concentrateAWS services investment inappear Cloud Platform Netflix unique services Light Lifting Amazon Web Services Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting
    12. 12. Platform Evolution 2009-2010 2011-2012 2013-2014Bleeding Edge Common Shared Innovation Pattern Pattern Netflix ended up several years ahead of the industry, but it’s not a sustainable position
    13. 13. Grasping an Opportunity One of many Commondiverse platforms platform NetflixOSS couldIf Netflix makes the become aNetflixOSS platform significant platform easier to adopt… ecosystem
    14. 14. Making it easy to followExploring the wild west each time vs. laying down a shared route
    15. 15. Establish our Hire, Retain and solutions as Best Engage TopPractices / Standards Engineers Goals Build up Netflix Benefit from a Technology Brand shared ecosystem
    16. 16. Progress during 2012From pushing the platform uphill to runaway success
    17. 17. How does it all fit together?
    18. 18. Open Source Projects Legend Github / Techblog Priam Exhibitor Servo and Autoscaling ScriptsApache Contributions Cassandra as a Service Zookeeper as a Service Astyanax Curator Genie Techblog Post Cassandra client for Java Zookeeper Patterns Hadoop PaaS Coming Soon CassJMeter EVCache Hystrix Cassandra test suite Memcached as a Service Robust service pattern Cassandra Eureka / Discovery Multi-region EC2 datastore RxJava Reactive Patterns support Service Directory Asgard Aegisthus Archaius AutoScaleGroup based AWS Hadoop ETL for Cassandra Dynamics Properties Service console Edda Chaos Monkey Explorers Config state with history Robustness verification Governator Denominator Library lifecycle and dependency Latency Monkey injection (Announce today) Odin Ribbon Janitor Monkey Orchestration for Asgard REST Client + mid-tier LB Karyon Blitz4j Async logging Bakeries and AMI Instrumented REST Base Server
    19. 19. NetflixOSS Continuous Build and Deployment Github Maven AWS NetflixOSS Central Base AMI Source Dynaslave Jenkins AWS AWS Build Bakery Baked AMIs Slaves Odin Asgard AWS Orchestration (+ Frigga) Account API Console
    20. 20. NetflixOSS Services ScopeAWS AccountAsgard ConsoleArchaius Config Multiple AWS Regions Service Cross region Priam C* Eureka Registry Explorers Dashboards Exhibitor ZK 3 AWS Zones Application Priam Evcache Atlas Edda History Clusters Cassandra Memcached Monitoring Autoscale Groups Persistent Storage Ephemeral Storage Instances Simian ArmyGenie Hadoop Services
    21. 21. NetflixOSS Instance Libraries • Baked AMI – Tomcat, Apache, your codeInitialization • Governator – Guice based dependency injection • Archaius – dynamic configuration properties client • Eureka - service registration client Service • Karyon - Base Server for inbound requests • RxJava – Reactive pattern • Hystrix/Turbine – dependencies and real-time status Requests • Ribbon - REST Client for outbound calls • Astyanax – Cassandra client and pattern libraryData Access • Evcache – Zone aware Memcached client • Curator – Zookeeper patterns • Blitz4j – non-blocking logging Logging • Servo – metrics export for autoscaling • Atlas – high volume instrumentation
    22. 22. NetflixOSS Testing and Automation Test Tools • CassJmeter – load testing for C* • Circus Monkey – test rebalancing • Janitor MonkeyMaintenance • Efficiency Monkey • Doctor Monkey • Howler Monkey • Chaos Monkey - InstancesAvailability • Chaos Gorilla – Availability Zones • Chaos Kong - Regions • Latency Monkey – latency and error injection Security • Security Monkey • Conformity Monkey
    23. 23. What’s Coming Next? Better portability Higher availability MoreFeatures Easier to deploy Contributions from end users Contributions from vendors More Use Cases
    24. 24. SPoF - Single Point of Failure Failure to be Scalable? Failure to be Portable? Failure to be Functional?
    25. 25. Optimizing for SPoF Cloud platforms, Eucalyptus, Cloudstack, OpenStack etc. Playing feature catch-up with AWS, “Next version has X…” Eventually Functional Scalable Portable or Functional Eventually Eventually Portable ScalableNetflixOSS CloudFoundryAlready scalable and functional MongoDB etc.“Next version is more portable…” “Next version scales…”
    26. 26. Managing Multi-Region Availability AWS DynECT Route53 UltraDNS DNS Regional Load Balancers Regional Load Balancers Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone A Zone B Zone CCassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas Cassandra Replicas What we need is a portable way to manage multiple DNS providers….
    27. 27. Denominator “The next version is more portable…” for DNS Edda, Multi- Use Cases Region Failover Common Model DenominatorDNS Vendor Plug-in AWS Route53 DynECT UltraDNS Etc…API Models (varied IAM Key Auth User/pwd User/pwdand mostly broken) REST REST SOAP Currently being built by Adrian Cole (the jClouds guy, he works for Netflix now…)
    28. 28. Announcements• Denominator – New! Discuss it with Adrian Cole here today – Techblog and github coming soon• Next NetflixOSS Meetup – Five weeks from today, March 13th, at Netflix – More & bigger announcements, don’t miss it…
    29. 29. Functionality and scale now, portability coming Moving from parts to a platform in 2013 Netflix is fostering an ecosystem Rapid Evolution - Low MTBIAMSH (Mean Time Between Idea And Making Stuff Happen)
    30. 30. Next - Lightning TalksPlease save your questions for the in person sessions that follow