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ARC301 Intro to Chaos Monkey & the Simian Army - AWS re: Invent 2012


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Join the product and cloud computing leaders of Netflix to discuss why and how the company moved to Amazon Web Services. From early experiments for media transcoding, to building the operational skills to optimize costs and the creation of the Simian Army, this session guides business leaders through real world examples of evaluating and adopting cloud computing.

ARC301 Intro to Chaos Monkey & the Simian Army - AWS re: Invent 2012

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  2. 2. 2B requests per day into the Netflix API 12B outbound requests per API day to API dependenciesPersonalizatio Movie Movie Similar A/B Test n Engine User Info Reviews Metadata Ratings Movies Engine
  3. 3. 30x growth in two years!
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  5. 5. Legend Github / Techblog Priam Exhibitor Servo and Autoscaling Scripts Cassandra as a Service Zookeeper as a ServiceApache Contributions Astyanax Curator HonuTechblog Post Only Cassandra client for Java Zookeeper Patterns Log4j streaming to Hadoop Coming Soon CassJMeter EVCache Circuit Breaker - Hystrix Cassandra test suite Memcached as a Service Robust service pattern Cassandra Multi-region EC2 Eureka / Discovery Asgard - AutoScaleGroup based AWS datastore support Service Directory console Aegisthus Archaius Chaos Monkey Hadoop ETL for Cassandra Dynamics Properties Service Robustness verification Edda Explorers Latency Monkey Queryable config history Governator - Library lifecycle and Server-side latency/error injection Janitor Monkey dependency injection Odin REST Client + mid-tier LB Bakeries and AMI Workflow orchestration Blitz4j - Async logging Configuration REST endpoints Build dynaslaves
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