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Success Television Leadership Skills Video s & Coaches

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Leadership Training Videos & Coaches

  1. 1. Success Television Videos Can Be the Solution to Jump Start Your Trainings
  2. 2. Successful Authors and Coaches Engage Your Audience Play Video Preview
  3. 3. Videos Teach Leadership Skills Play Video Preview
  4. 4. How Success Television Videos Can Help Leadership Business Fortune 500 Trainer: uses Speaker : School: company: the videos to teaches gives me “back up the shows frontline “the star business points I’m managers and power” that students making and supervisors “leadership supports my “what good validate my skills and speech. training leadership is”. ethics.” points.”
  5. 5. Video Benefits and Delivery Options •People remember what they see and hear more than what they're told •Highest engagement with video than any other media •Videos demonstrate concepts that aren't easy to explain in a safe way •DVD: Maximum flexibility for training and self learning •Streaming: computer based training
  6. 6. Success Television Expert Network Best-selling authors, coaches and trainers offer tele-seminars, articles, videos, speeches Wellness Wisdom Career Leadership Positive Motivation Psychology Relationship “How to…”
  7. 7. Success Television •Started by founders of CNNfn •Publishes and distributes self-improvement media (videos/ articles) •Provides leadership video trainings and speakers •Extensive video library of business leaders (Jack Welch, Stephen Covey, Marshall Goldsmith, Anita Roddick, Andrew Weil, etc.) •Growing network of experts who contribute articles on life improvement in Career, Relationship, Wellness and Wisdom. •Distribution to Yahoo, Earthlink, CLO, ASTD, Twitter/SuccessTV and partner channel: www.YouTube.com/SuccessTelevision
  8. 8. Engage and Retain Your Key Talent Now