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Knowledge Horizon Profile

  1. 1. Customised / Ready-made Training e-LearningConsultancy
  2. 2. About Us Training e-Learning Consultancy Knowledge Horizon Ltd. is a multi-national training company that promotes excellence in all aspects related to the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Knowledge Horizon is unique as itOur Offices: challenged the conventional wisdom about how people learn.H.Q. - Dubai To achieve that we continuously aim to innovate by using theOther Offices latest technology so that learning is simplified and concepts arePune, India demystified. Our philosophy is that knowledge and learningAmman, Jordan should be simply, simple.Cairo, EgyptOmanRiyadh, Saudi Arabia Knowledge Horizon Ltd. started the Indian operation based in Pune in 2006 as off-shore development centre for self-learning courseware development work. “ To lead global innovation in making learning Simple easily accessible and enjoyable 2
  3. 3. Our Value Addition Training e-Learning Consultancy Corporations with a huge work force and institutions with a large body of students should work towards standardizing the process of training delivery as per the organisational /institutional objective of the organization or institution, in order to ensure a standard delivery at all levels and places and also to maximise the return of investment from the training /educational function. We exist to support such objectives of training functions by virtue of which, with our global experience, we can add tremendous value on a sustainable basis in delivery, development and deployment of effective training/educational materials and tools. • Help to standardize your process of training delivery • Can develop instructional designed training material for your trainers and trainees • Equip you with innovative learning material to make the learning experience easy and enjoyable. • Can facilitate you with technology to manage your training environment using our Learning Management System. • Can offer you ready made and customised courses both for classroom and online training purpose.
  4. 4. Our Experience Training e-Learning Consultancy With more than 12 years experience of classroom training, Knowledge Horizon entered into the e-Learning domain and has developed a wide portfolio of training solutions. We exclusively represented world-acclaimed academic institutions such as Warwick Business School and University of Cambridge International Examinations, in the Middle East for many years.Present AssociationsPrevious Associations 4
  5. 5. Our Quality Training e-Learning Consultancy Knowledge Horizon E-Learning Pvt. Ltd. India has been awarded with International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) 9001:2008 certification no. 56264-2009-AQ-IND-RvA from the worlds leading ISO certifying body Det Norske Veritas (DNV) which demonstrates an organisations commitment to quality- of-service standards. ISO 9001 REGISTERED MGMT. SYS. R v A C024 DNV Certification B. V., The Netherlands
  6. 6. Our ServicesWe offer customized training solutions by developing and deploying:a. Classroom Training Material for classroom delivery For Trainers/Lecturers/Facilitators: For Trainees/Students: 1. Instructionally designed presentation aid or PPT 1. Training Plan 2. Facilitator Guide 2. Workbook or participants guide 3. Q-Cards and other tools 3. Job Aids 4. Small animation for demonstration 5. Training Videos 6. Scientifically developed pre & post assessment materialb. Web Based Training (WBT) Material as self-learning material 1. Online courses using animation as self-paced learning material 2. Virtual Induction for new joinersc. Learning Management System 1. Help us in managing training functions of an organisation by managing trainees, trainers, calendar,
  7. 7. Training e-Learning Consultancy Customised / Ready-made Training CUSTOMISED CLASSROOM TRAINING MATERIAL Our objective is to standardize the delivery process of our clients training function by developing instructionally designed classroom training materials. We work veryTraining closely with our client to create value around their existing training set-up and together develop materials that can be successfully adapted across their entire training team/s. Let us look at the screen shots of some of the typical components of classroom training material that we develop for our clients worldwide: 1. Programme Plan (Scientifically designed) 2. Presentation Aid / PPT material for Trainer facilitator 3. Facilitator Guide (Detailed description about usages of each material) 4. Trainers Workbook 5. Job Aids 6. Q-Cards Suggested integration of components if required in the above classroom training materials: 7. Short videos 8. Short animated form of presentation 7
  8. 8. Training e-Learning Consultancy Customised / Ready-made Training Classroom Training Materials: We can design very effective training materials for your classroom delivery using high level Instructional Design and Graphic elements.Training 8
  9. 9. Training e-Learning Consultancy Customised / Ready-madee-Learning OUR COURSE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CYCLEe-Learning 01 At knowledge Horizon, the project life cycle begins with our consultant meeting the client to understand client requirement Requirement Study 02 Then, a team of designers analyse the target audience, content and technology for the e. Course Content Analysis 03 Based on the analysis, a design document is developed. A sample prototype is also developed Design based on the design document. These are sent for client approval 04 Once the design document is approved, production starts. The production phase includes Production storyboarding, graphic development audio/video recording and integration of the e. Course 05 After the e.Course is integrated, it is tested for language, design and functionality errors by a quality assurance team. Quality Check 06 The e.Course is then sent to the client for review. Client Review 07 The client feedback changes and bugs, if any, are incorporated in the e. Course at this stage. Bug Fixing 08 Finally, the e.Course is ready for delivery. This course can be launched on any SCORM-compliant Production Learning Management System (LMS). 9
  10. 10. Training e-Learning Consultancy Customised / Ready-madee-Learning OUR LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: SYSTEMe-Learning Knowledge Horizons solution is ideal for those committed to continuously sharpening their people skills. Training your staff will be easier, more cost effective and flexible. It offers a complete e.Learning solution to manage training and track its resources, users, progress and results. Training Time is a successful web-based solution which enables trainees to have continuous access to just-in-time learning opportunities. It makes the learning process enjoyable and more efficient. Home page: You may click on Open to view a course or as an administrator assign a course to your people. You may add and create new trainees, define trainers and create a well controlled training environ by using features like Group discussion, To Do List, Setting Announcements, Calendar, Blogs, and many more such features. 10
  11. 11. Training e-Learning Consultancy Customised / Ready-madee-Learning OUR LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: SYSTEMe-Learning Manage the training plan of each trainee from a central location: You may create the Training plan for each trainee and monitor and view the course progress report of each trainee from one location as administrator. Track course progress & report for each trainee: If the trainee scores a result between "75%-100%" passing result", the certificate will be included among the Quick links list as shown in the image below: Upon clicking the "certification", the trainees certificate will be shown in a Pdf format 11
  12. 12. Training e-Learning ConsultancyConsultancy OUR CONSULTANCY SERVICESConsultancy Knowledge Horizon is a consultancy firm continually seeking to create value for customers by providing them with innovative solutions to varied business challenges. We work with international expert houses maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality in our conduct. Our consultants enjoy vast experience in different countries around the world and are aware of regional and cultural influences on business activities. We undertake commercial Consultancy work and contract Research in areas, such as: • Training Needs Analysis • Competency Analysis • Feasibility Study • Best Practices Sustainable • Change Management • Completive Advantage • Corporate Performance • e.Learning • Leadership Development • Compensation Schemes • Corporate Culture • Corporate Govemance 12
  13. 13. Our Clients Training e-Learning Consultancy Some of our Indian clients Some of our UAE clients > Al Fahim > Aramex > Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai > Dubai Police > Dubai Police Academy > Dyncorp > Mashreq Bank > Ministry of Cultural Youth and Community Development > Ministry of Presidential Affairs, UAE > Sharjah Tatweer Forum
  14. 14. Training e-Learning Consultancy Contact Us Mr. Santosh Ranjan Knowledge Horizon e-Learning Pvt. Ltd.A-4, Varsha Park, S. No. 263, Baner Road, Pune - 411045. Tel. No. +91 20 32403306/07 E-mail: