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Presentation progress academy 2013 uk v0


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Presentation progress academy 2013 uk v0

  1. 1. Our MissionOur mission is to help grow both small and large companies as sportsteams and individual athletes in their strategic objectives through theirhuman resources and competences.We resolutely opt for a long-term partnership. Only by providing expertise -thanks to excellent trainers, keynote speakers & coaches with content -and by guaranteeing a clear ROI (return on investment) for our partners,we will achieve this mission.Our VisionProgress Academy is the leading organization in which topexperts work together on competency & result oriented programsand models. These programs and models provide solutionsthrough appropriate training, keynote speeches and customizedcoaching for today and tomorrows challenges of their partners.
  2. 2. We thank our partners for theirconfidence (non exhaustive List) 3
  3. 3. Team of Experts developing Result Oriented Tools FocusManagement® model, Wheel of Leadership®, i-Coachingmodel, Systemic coaching, Mindset Change Model, 3D Method, Sense of Urgency selling
  4. 4. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE with offices in Belgium and FranceBelgium :Audi, BDO,Belgique Loisirs,ExxonMobil, AirLiquide, Quick,Abbott, Océ, ... Dubai : Jan Denul (Management trainings for fleet captains)France :ArcelorMittalCCI... Netherlands: Amadeus BeNeLux Schindler BeNeLux board of directors Saint-Gobain BeNeLux... Luxemburg : Europe : BNP Paribas – BGL Alpharma (pfizer) sales team Petro Center PfsWeb (European HQ) Atos CEDEO quality Label (Lloyds register) ...
  5. 5. The training “Sense of urgency selling” of Progress Academy has been elected as one of the top50 most innovating trainings in 2010 by HR Tribune (July 2010)Progress Academy has aCEDEOquality label editedby Lloyd’s registerThe flemishgouvernement stated thatProgress Academy is aqualified training provider
  6. 6.
  7. 7. For a lasting impact of your sessions, we use the Progress Academy 3D method : 3 result-oriented steps for a forecasted, reliable and consistent return oninvestment from your future projects in training and coaching within your organization. 1.DISCOVER 2.DELIVER 3.DE-CONDITION & CONDITION
  8. 8. 1. Discover We help you to discover the current paradigms of your company and your employees..What is a paradigm?A paradigm is a conceptual frameworkthat determines our current and futureconduct.How do we proceed?Through intake interviews, mysteryshopping, websurveys, … we discoverthe paradigms of the target audience of:  The mission-vision-values of the company  The current and future challenges and desired competencies  Your services / products  Your market segment  The socio-economic factors  Your current and potential customers / marketsThe discovery of these conceptual frameworks, leads our trainers /coaches to the preparation of a tailored intervention program foryour staff or organization
  9. 9. Examples Websurvey
  10. 10. 2. DeliverWe help your employees to deliver clear result-oriented actions that take intoaccount the strategic objectives of the department and of your organization.How do we proceed?• "less is more": no abundant information, 
 but wework around four major objectives / competencies.• 80% business games/cases – 20% theory• Non pre-recorded video exercises• Group discussions and brainstorming moments• Constant feedback by the trainer and the colleagues• Checklists and competency tests• Power-tools• Up to date techniques and models.• My Action for Progress: after each transfer ofknowledge result-oriented decisions are taken by theparticipants and shared with the groupYour participants will encounter during our trainings the same situations theyhave in their daily reality. The advantage is that the handover of skills andmodels is much better and the motivation and active participation of youremployees is very high.
  11. 11. 3. De-condition & ConditionWe help your employees, their managers and the HR department to continue tostrengthen the new paradigms, behaviours and skills. 
People are habitual in essenceand yes, we believe in Pavlovs deconditioning.A very important skill of our trainers is their ability to decondition the old habits of theparticipants and reinforce the new oneHow do we proceed ?• Progress Academy provides to managers andHR department the necessary follow-up tools.• Progress Academy provides multimedia toolsfor new paradigms and behaviour conditioning•.Progress Academy delivers "Return oninvestment evaluation tools" for the Pavlov conditioning his dogsmanagement or HR department• Coaching of the managers or HR departmentin the use of the "De-conditioning &Condition" tools
  12. 12. De-condition & ConditionChecklists linked to the powertools and cards that the participants received during the training.
  13. 13. De-condition & Condition Checklists for the management or HR Dpt.
  14. 14. De-condition & Condition ROI tools for the management or HR Dpt.
  15. 15. De-condition & Condition Rememory mails for the participants
  16. 16. De-condition & Condition Webinars for the participants.
  17. 17. Comments from participants• I now know what to answer on questions of my customers...• Just the perfect trainer...• Very interesting en captivating seminar...• Excellent !• I recommend this seminar to all salesmen...• Course fit for immediate use, many tips and advise...• Long time since we had such a good training !!! And we already had a few...• Not to be recommended to the concurrent...
  19. 19. Individual Competence Coaching: Acquiring, developing or improved application of appropriate communications, management, sales and/or leadership skills Sales Coaching on the job: Ideal module for experienced sales people.
The best and most efficient coaching for your top sellers Executive Coaching: This module is suitable for top managers and CEO’s. The coach is responsible for: Consulting: our coach advises and assists you in all your professional activities. Providing tools and services forCOACHING your organization and assist you in their implementation. Competence Coaching: learning of certain speech, management or leadership skills to be more efficient for your department and organization. Personal Coaching: guidance on all psychological and mental processes in order to continue to perform optimally I-Coaching licence: Training of your internal coaches in the Progress Academy coaching model and in its usage. 20
  20. 20. I-coaching model© Goal Action Emotion Observation Focus Identity Competences
  21. 21. Video – coachingIn addition to existing traditional coaching sessions we offer further follow-up via video coaching. We use for example skype, ichat, or other customer supported tools.Benefits:• No trips to the coachee• Flexible• Continuity what coaching is concerned• Lower costs for efficient monitoring
  22. 22. • How to build trust • Communication skills ( the power of emotions & words) • Nonverbal communication skills (the power of body language) • Communicate to influence and convince • Business presentation skillsCOMMUNICATION • Interpersonal communication • Feedback techniques • Empathy listening techniques • Assertivity • Conducting a meeting • External & Internal communication models • Efficient telephone communication • Customer focus communication • Proposal writing • Intercultural relationships and Communications 23
  23. 23. • Business action plan • What Customer service means • Prospecting techniques: “make more to get more” • Questioning techniques • Sales techniques Level 1SALES • Advanced selling skills • Sense of Urgency selling (Top50 most innovating trainings in 2010 – HR Tribune) • Closing Skills • Up- & Cross selling skills • Nonverbal selling skills (the power of body language) • Speak with Impact to increase your sales • Relationship Management • Networking 24
  24. 24. • Account Management • Key Account Management • Negotiation techniquesSALES • High level negotiation techniques • High level negotiation techniques for the buyer • Cost Breakdown Technique for buyers and sales people. • Leading and stimulating a sales team • Coaching on the job for sales 25
  25. 25. • FOCUS Management© • PODDC Management skills (planning – organizing – directing - delegating - controlling) • Competency Management & Interview techniques • Evaluation & Interview techniques • Setting goalsMANAGEMENT • Recruitment & Interview techniques • The power of decisions (Problem- analysis and decision-making process) • Motivating subordinates • Change management • Mind-set Management Training • Managing situations of conflict • Project Management (Prince2 and/or PMI based) • Managing a project team 26
  26. 26. FOCUS Management© 27
  27. 27. • People Management • Time management • Stress management • Team Management • Developing High performance teams • Coach the CoachMANAGEMENT • Train the trainer •Self-management concepts: • Nutrition management for more energy & creativity* • Mindfulness meditation ( how to enjoy more your work & life)* • Better Self-management through typology awareness *for these trainings we work in partnership with distinguished speakers and trainers 28
  28. 28. Comments from participants• I now know what to answer on questions of my customers...• Just the perfect trainer...• Very interesting en captivating seminar...• I recommend this seminar to all salesmen...• Course fit for immediate use, many tips and advise...• Long time since we had such a good training !!! And we already had a few...• Not to be recommended to the concurrent...MORE PERSONNAL TESTIMONIALS ON OUR WEBSITE
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Leadership training programs • The wheel of leadership© (Leadership mastery training) • Identity Transformation through Leadership (ITL) • Self-LeadershipLEADERSHIP • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders ( the power of emotions in business) • Sense making & Inspiration Leadership • Leadership styles • Speak with Impact for leaders • Team leadership 31
  31. 31. The wheel of leadership©
  32. 32.
  33. 33. THE PURPOSE: ACTIVE JOBS High Active Learning Motivation to develop new behavior patterns LOW STRAIN ACTIVEJob Decision Latitude (Skill use + Decision authority) Risk of Psychological PASSIVE HIGH STRAIN strain and Physical illness Low Job demands High
  34. 34. Systemic CoachingSystemic constellation makes solutions "visible" in relation to any personal or professional issues.Through a practical method, we look together with you and your team to "what is real" and get a look on natural changes. This unique way of working gives insight, growth and lasting results for both the individual, the team and the company.
  35. 35. KEYNOTE speakers "Storytelling" is the trademark of our Keynote Speakers, combined with humour, top expertise and pioneering tips & tricks.More info on
  37. 37. Progress Academy on the netThe Progress Academy Corporate websitewww.progressacademy.euThe ProgressAcademy You tube Academy FAN page with quotes, hints & tips, feedback ofparticipants,… trainers twitter accounts.Senior trainers LinkedIn accounts. 38