Making Cornwall Agile


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Case study of the Agile Cornwall programme run by Oxford Innovation with Software Strategy.
Presented at the Agile Cambridge conference, September 2011.

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  • RI -> Distributor -> Infertility Clinic -> Infertile Couple / PatientStories have improved as time goes on
  • You can predict when this will be way before you actually get there.
  • Agile matches the way that developers want to developNo Gantt, simple project plans, no task lists, no assigning of tasks to individuals, high visibilityMuch greater confidence in the software being produced – it smells betterPredict accurately end points (A 3 month development prediction was accurate to the day !)Identifies problems – they stick out. We had to add other specialists in the team and will probably add more
  • Making Cornwall Agile

    1. 1. Agile CountryMaking Cornwall AgileAllan Kelly allan@allankelly.netAgile Cambridge Twitter: allankellynetSeptember 2011
    2. 2. Allan Kelly• Agile Training & Consulting for Business alignment• Author: – Changing Software Development: Learning to be Agile, Wiley 2008 – Business Patterns for Software Developers, Wiley 2012 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know Henney, 2010 Context Encapsulation in Pattern Languages of Program Design Volume 5, 2006 2
    3. 3. BusinessPatterns forSoftwareDevelopersDue out March2012, pre-ordernow!John Wiley & SonsISBN: 978-1119999249
    4. 4. What is Agile Cornwall?
    5. 5. History Objective-1 “Convergence” Grow Cornwall Coaching for High Growth
    6. 6. Agile can help! Mike BarrittObjective:• Help Cornish SMEs• Create jobs in Cornwall European Social Fund
    7. 7. Who has been helped?
    8. 8. What are the results? 15+ job created New company created! Sullivan Cuff & RI have passed ISO13485 (ISO 9000 for medical devices)
    9. 9. Research InstrumentsAs a User I would like the software toremember my settings so that I don’thave to re-calibrate and re-configurethe software each time I use it. As an Embryologist I would like to be able to replay stored videos of procedures so that I can see how they were performed As a Patient I would like to see confirmation that both me and my embryo have been identified correctly so that I can relax and feel confident
    10. 10. Dev Manager This isn’t estimation, that’s RI Mystic-Meg stuff, we KNOW when we’ll be done Burn Down Development Effort90.080.070.0 82.0 73.560.0 63.550.0 57.0 47.040.0 46.0 28.030.0 0.0 4.0 0.0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 RI Viewer Priority
    11. 11. RI - The Benefits (own words)Dev team Outside devTeam Other teams want to adoptenthusiastic, focused, motivate Agile principlesd Quality dept is happierEncourage changes in Snr Management have graphsrequirements to play withEasier management Marketing speak the same languageHigher quality Customers given accuratePredictability + Flexibility timescalesIdentify problems quickly Development process is simple
    12. 12. Xanpan – Kanban + XP + …Company board – whole company!
    13. 13. 15-16 September, Falmouth AOTB was amazing.Mary & Tom Poppendieck, Kevlin Cannot believe that you managed to pull thisHenney, Steve Freeman, Rachel thing off in Cornwall.Davies, Jason Gorman, Lorna Incredible collection of speakers, fantasticMitchell, Benjamin Mitchell, Antony networking, beachMarcano, Jon Jagger, …. party
    14. 14. What did we do?
    15. 15. 3 Dimension Model What is the company making? How is the company organized? Company: Strategy Advice for senior managersLess Directive What processes are followed? Are you delivering? Product: Process More Directive Advice for teams What is the architecture? Is the code tested? Are you finding Code: Technical bugs? Advice for programmers
    16. 16. Who’s on first? Michael Barritt Benjamin Mitchell Company: Strategy Allan Kelly Product: Process Code: Technical Jon Jagger Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
    17. 17. Training + Coaching• Agile Foundations training workshop – Followed by Process/Product Coaching• Test Driven Development Workshop – Followed by Technical Coaching
    18. 18. Process Coaching• Review the board Light touch coaching• Talk to team, talk to managers• Answer questions• What’s working well?• What’s causing problems?• What needs changing?
    19. 19. Technical Coaching• Focus on Test Driven Development Team found a bug in• Clients using: C, C#, C++ legacy code using TDD the day after the• 2-day C# TDD course in March course• Ongoing coaching a few days a month – Pair programming
    20. 20. And marketingMarketing know whatproduct needs buildingEngineering build it• Important to link up marketing engineering• Build the right thing, build it right
    21. 21. What did we Learn?
    22. 22. Lessons Learned: Difficulties• Training + Coaching works – When we didn’t success is slower• Success is relative – Company we don’t consider a success, they do!• Horse to water – Not everyone continued after training• Difficult people – Does align with some people own views
    23. 23. Lessons Learned • Even cheap isn’t cheap enough • Senior Team have problems too – Management coaching required • Process first can be effective • Limits of remote coaching – Limits of light touch? • Who’s success is it anyway? – Can a Coach ever claim success?
    24. 24. Lesson Learned: 3-D Coaching Company: Strategy Building the right thing Code: Technical Building it right Product: Process
    25. 25. 3D Coaching “CPC” Code: Technical• All dimensions add value Product: Process – No hierarchy• Use together or in combination Company: Strategy• Difference audience inside • Dimensions can have company legitimate reason to – So use different coaches hold back e.g. – Different coaches have different specializations – HR issues, investment decisions, trust
    26. 26. Whats the best way to take a bridge? Both ends at onceBrigadier General Gavin Maj. Julian Cook Quote: A Bridge Too Far • Cornelius Ryan (Book) Image: Nijmegen bridge from • Richard Attenborough (Film) FaceMePLS, Creative Commons License on Flickr
    27. 27. Our bridges have 3 ends! Lean Start-Ups Company: Strategy Product Management Product: Process Scrum, Kanban Code: Technical XP – TDD, Clean Code
    28. 28. QuestionsAllan Kelly Software Strategy Ltd. Twitter: allankellynet Don’t forget to buy (pre-order) the book