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Baidu Advertising Guide


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For brands just getting started with advertising in China, Baidu is a top choice. Learn everything you need to know about getting started with Baidu ads in this guide.
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Baidu Advertising Guide

  1. 1. Your Guide to Getting Started with Baidu Advertising
  2. 2. 195milliondailyactiveusers ontheBaiduapp Topstat Source: Statista
  3. 3. Baidu Other search engines Baidu currently owns more than 70% of the search space in China
  4. 4. Why advertise on Baidu? #1 Largest Chinese search engine in the world #2 Reach high-income audience #3 A low cost, high return channel #4 Add a new revenue stream #5 Powerful targeting features
  5. 5. Types of Ads Baidu Search Ads Baidu Display Ads Baidu In-Feed Ads Baidu Brand Zone Ads
  6. 6. Which ad type is right your brand?
  7. 7. Baidu Search Ads 1lineexplainer: GooglePPCofChina Existing brand awareness in China Medium-high budgets Familiarity with your Chinese audience Great for:
  8. 8. Baidu In-feed Ads 1lineexplainer: Adsthatblendwithorganic content First time advertiser in China Budgets on the lower side Looking to reach a wide audience Great for:
  9. 9. Baidu Display Ads 1lineexplainer: AdsonBaidu'sdisplaynetwork Contextual targeting Medium-high budgets Text, Image, Flash and Floating ads Great for:
  10. 10. Baidu Brand Zone Ads 1lineexplainer: Dominatethesearchresultsfor relevantkeywordsastheonly brand Globally well-known brand Budgets on the higher side High CTR Great for:
  11. 11. Baidu Success Factors Localize your landing page Use the extensive targeting options Set the right KPIs for your campaigns
  12. 12. Steps to get started on Baidu with Create your account Make ad deposit Submit documents Add campaign budget Wait for campaign set up Your campaign starts running
  13. 13. About We make advertising in China a piece of cake Easy Setup. Extensive Reach. Advanced Reporting. Create your Chinese advertising campaigns in just a few clicks in our easy-to-use English dashboard.