Chapter 3.3 part 2


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Chapter 3.3 part 2 of Geogacy a sims 2 life story

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Chapter 3.3 part 2

  1. 1. *Warning* Plotty & Wordy. You have been warned.I suggest reding part 1.Enjoy XD
  2. 2. "Bill, bill, bill. Hmmm, whats this, now?"
  3. 3. Hello from Takemizu! I wanted to thank you guys again for the tickets. Its hardto think of this trip as a honeymoon, it being two years after the wedding. But,its better to have it delayed then not have one at all.
  4. 4. Speaking of delays, we almost missed our flight. Min wanted to check on thetwins one last time. Jack and Lien are doing well and having fun with Juliasboys.
  5. 5. Oh, we did get the pictures from Calcites birthday developed. They came outpretty good considering the camera was crap. Ill send them via email.
  6. 6. Just so you know we did hear the news about Uncle Aragon and Aunt Candicefrom Julia. She mentioned Wes wasnt taking it well. Im sure you guys havealready paid your respects. Ill do the same when we get back.
  7. 7. Were trying not to get too depressed over the news. With Min expectingagain, it might be years before we can get another vacation. So, we are goingto make the most of this one. Well see you in a few weeks.With LoveBrucite & Min
  8. 8. "Anything for me? Like a birthday card? One with birthday money in it, maybe?""Hehe, sorry kido. We did get a letter from your Uncle Bruce. Would you like to read it?""Are you sure there wasnt a birthday card in there? None of the envelopes are stuck togetherare they?""Im sure.""Nut bunnies.""You can have the bills if you want. How much birthday money did you get? I bet you can payall these bills.""I think I hear daddy calling. Gotta go!"
  9. 9. "Cal, I appreciate the offer to help. However, that is not helping.""But, Daddy Im a kid now and fun is a fundimental need for kids. My fun bar isdangerously low, Daddy. I have to fill it or Ill die or something."
  10. 10. "Is that so? Well that changes everything. We need to fill that fun bar quicklyand I know the best way to do it too.""Is it really really fun?""Sure is."
  11. 11. "I dont know about this game Daddy. This isnt fun at all. All this raking is like work.""What are you saying? Im having a jolly good time. Best fun Ive had in years. Weeee!""But, your not raking at all.""We only have one rake. Im waiting my turn and in the mean time, Weeeee!""Nut bunnies."
  12. 12. "I want to move out.""What! But, why sweetheart?""I am well into adulthood. I should be looking for my own lodging. I cannot letyou support me forever. Besides, you are excepting again, are you not?Breccia, dear?"
  13. 13. "Yeah, baby number 3. I would ask how you knew, but I never could hideanything from you, could I?""Youre pregnant?""Beryl, is this about the baby?"
  14. 14. "Well... The house is getting rather tight with all the new addition. But, I reallydo want a place of my own. I nice quite little cottage in the mountainsmaybe?"Somewhere far away from everyone...
  15. 15. “I dont like the idea of you living on your own, Princess. But, you are one ofmy best students. The Art of Mighty Fury runs deep in your veins."
  16. 16. "What is Papa talking about?""Never mind that. I do agree with your father. Maybe you should move in withBayl? I hear he is having trouble keeping a roommate. They all run off once hestarts talking about the TNLT. I am sure he will not mind. Think of it as astepping stone and think of all the money youll save!""I will ask him."Bayl is so busy with the TNLT he is never home. It will be like having the placeto myself.
  17. 17. "You better not be doing what I think you are doing.""What do you think Im doing so, I know not to tell you.""You said you would talk to them about these trips.""And I have, Love. They havent found anyone suitable to take my place.""Im starting to think they arent trying!"
  18. 18. "Now, Loving.""Dont you start defending them! Its your daughters birthday today and youregoing to miss it because the company you work for cares more for the bottom linethen the welfare of their employees.""The company is going through a tough time--""They are always going through a tough time! Its been years, Roderick! Theyrestringing you along with this dire circumstances crap! You might as well find yourown replacement, because they sure as heck arent doing it and probably wont."
  19. 19. "I have to go. I swear, Ill make it up to you.""Rod..."
  20. 20. "Whats that Trini? You want me to eat your cake for you? I cant do that itsyour. What? You cant finish it yourself? Well, if you insist.""Youll get a piece. Thats one piece.""But, Mama Trini said I could have it all. Didnt you Trini?""Nice try, but still one piece.""Aww, nut bunnies!"
  21. 21. "Wooo Cake!"
  22. 22. Here are little Citrines stats as I have Breccia hush the little darling to themirror. I am trying to get away from the clone thing, thank you."5/3/9/7/7And we have a nice one! Woooo! Ahh, I love variety. Little Trini is a shy, activeand playful bundle of sweetness.
  23. 23. This is the makeover shot. I couldnt decide which hair fit her best. So, Illchoose later. :D
  24. 24. Near by town house...Bayl said he did not mind. So, why am I nervous? I am making the rightdesion. Living with Bayl will be quite and uneventful. I will never lose mytemper at a child again. They wont have a reason to hate me...
  25. 25. "Beryl! I thought I heard a car drive up. You are early.""I am terrible sorry. I did not realize I would get here so quickly.""Thats ok. Hey, you can meet Grace now.""Grace?"
  26. 26. "You must be Beryl, Bayls sister?""Yes, I am terribly sorry for coming so early. If I had known Bayl was entertaining...""Quite alright, Bayl and I were discussing work. I am Grace Fitzhugh, by the way.""Grace works with me on the event committee.""And I really must be getting back to the office.""Of course, Beryl the living room is to your left. Im going to show Grace out.""Nice meeting you Ms. Fitzhugh.""Nice meeting you as well."
  27. 27. She seems like a nice-- Oh My!! They are kissing! What should I do?"What a lovely bust. I could stare at it all day. Very nice detail."
  28. 28. Gieke House #2 aka Saltys House...."Dad, according to this, all sims have an inventory we can put stuff in. But, I dontremember ever seeing this inventory thing. If everyone has one where is it? Do I haveone? Do I have stuff in it? This doesnt make any since.""Its a conspiracy, Hayden.""Ahhh...Can I go to the park? Cal said his dad is taking him and Danielle might be there.""I dont see why not.""Thanks Dad. This stuff is so confusing!"
  29. 29. Diddo that, this program is making my head hurt. Hector was a genious. Hello,what is this? Employment files for Gnomington?......"Hey, Hayden. You said your Uncle Rod will be at the park today with Cal?""Thats what Cal said. Uncle Rod just got back from a trip or something.""I see. Well, get your shoes we are going to the park.""Youre coming too, Woooo! Moooooom! I need my shoes!......
  30. 30. Alices clothing...."I do not mean to pry, but are you and Ms. Fitzhugh...well that is to say...areyou two...umm...more than co-workers?""More than...Oh! Gosh, well...oh my its warm in here!""I am sorry. You do not have to answer."
  31. 31. "No no. Your question just caught me off guard. Grace and I just started dating.I am still getting use to the idea of having a girlfriend. I get embarassed whenpeople ask. Do you have a boyfriend, Beryl?"
  32. 32. "Now, that is not a question you ask a lady.""Sorry, I didnt mean to offend you.""No, I am sorry for snapping at you. It is only fair you ask. I asked you after alland the answer is no. I do not have a beau.""Havent found anyone? Well, what about that guy? Hes been tring to get yourattention for an hour now.""Err, no. I am not looking for a beau at the moment. So, if you would pleasechange the subject."
  33. 33. "Then how about a dance? Theyre starting a smustle. Want to join?""I would rather not...""Oh come on, I know you like to dance. You did it all the time at home.""But, we are not at home and it is far too crowded..."
  34. 34. "But, we came out to have some fun.""You dragged me out to run errands with you.""I promise we can leave after one dance. It will be fun."sigh " Very well."
  35. 35. "See, lots of fun!""This is quite refreshing!"
  36. 36. "Wooo!""Watch your foot dear, you nearly got that man behind you.""I did?"
  37. 37. "Yes, you did! Watch where you are going!""So, sorry sir. I got carried away with the music."
  38. 38. "That is no excuse! You could have injured me! One second later and I couldhave broken my leg or worse!""I am sorry, Ill be more careful next time.""Do calm down sir, it was only a miss step."
  39. 39. "Miss step! It all starts with a miss step and before you know it broken limbsand a trip to the hospital and its all because you were careless! People likeyou shouldnt burden the public with your miss steps. Stay out of the way!""I really am sorry. I didnt mean to be careless."
  40. 40. "You sir, are being extremely rude!""That cry baby nearly sent me to the hospital and Im being rude?""You are prefectly fine! Nothing happened. Not even a scratch! You are makinga big deal out of nothing! I demand you apologize to my brother for your cruelwords!""Youre the one yelling at me! This is harassment!"
  41. 41. "Oh I havent begun to harass you, Sir! You are a selfish, rude man who getsenjoyment from pushing people around! If anyone is a burden on the public isit you, Sir!""That is it young lady! You will be getting a call from my lawyer! I will not standhere and take this verbal abuse!"
  42. 42. "Im serious! Im calling my lawyer and getting you arrested for harassment!""Bring it, old man! Go ahead and call the police! Youll need someone to helpyou to the hospital when I kick your %*^-^@%!""Please, calm down Beryl. Lets just forget that guy. Hes not worth theenergy.""Thats right! Run away!"
  43. 43. "Run like a scared coward!""Beryl, please."Youre scaring me...
  44. 44. Hartly Park...."Wooooo!"
  45. 45. "Breccia have dibbs on the bench or is it free?""It has been a while, Mate. How are you?""Cant complain. Breccia not here?""Shes resting at home. Pregance #3 is taking its toll. Shes eating and sleeping so much,it makes me wonder if shes having twins." That and shes still furious at me. sigh."You havent mention that to her, have you?""I would rather live, thank you."
  46. 46. "They grow fast, dont they? One second theyre diaper fillers the next theyredebating the existence of the infinite pocket.""Yeah...wait, what now?""My point being, as parents we should spend as much time as possible with them orbefore we know it theyve gone and grown up.""Breccia has been complaining, I see. I have already asked for a transfer of sorts. So,I can spend more time at home. I dont like coming home to find my children havegrown up without me."
  47. 47. "Cal, get over here! This thing is awesome!"
  48. 48. "I need to get by.""So, do I.""I was here first.""No you werent.""Was to.""Nope"
  49. 49. "If I were you, I would be more concerned about coming home at all.""I dont follow? I work for an investment firm not the military.""An investment firm doesnt train their clerks with machine guns. I know youwork for Gnomington. Just like you know I work for Gentry. No sour faces, thekids my be watching."
  50. 50. "Youre a jerk.""Youre a brat.""Am not.""Are too."
  51. 51. "Mind if I be predictable and ask how you found out? I praise myself on secrecyand would like to know where I failed.""Hectors files.""Ahh, of course. So, what does Gentry wish to do with me? I will tell you nowthat being a rat is not my forte. I dont respond well to blackmail.""Gentry doesnt know and I dont plan to tell him.""You have me at a disadvantage. If youre not going to turn me in, then what?Planning on going freelance?"
  52. 52. "Arent your arms tired?""Nah, yours?""Not yet.""I bet I can hang here longer then you.""No you cant.""Can too."
  53. 53. "That depends. An enemy spy is married to my sister. What do you think I should doabout this? I could tell Breccia and the rest of the family. But, I see that as only makingthings worse and what would be gained from it? Your exile from the family? Maybe,maybe not. I am not interested in infomation. I have Hectors files and survailencesystem. If I want to know something Ill find out myself. So, I guess that leaves me withone question for you. Do you love my sister?""I would ask that you leave Breccia and my children out of this discussion. If you thinkto use them against me I will have to consider our friendship forfeit. You wouldnt wantto be my enemy, Basalt. The position has terrible health coverage.""I take that as a yes."
  54. 54. "You bleeding idiot, of course I love her. Enough of these games. What are your intention?""Smooth out that frown. We dont want the children to wonder why Uncle Rod is so cross.Now, I dont intent on playing games. I care very much for my family as you do. I might beon Gentrys payroll, but I do not consider myself a part of his organization. The moment Ifeel my family isnt safe I am gone and I want you to do the same. I dont want to worryabout some agent following me or my brother-in-law home from work."
  55. 55. "Is that all youre concerned with?""Its the only thing that matter. I want my family safe. Dont you want the same thing?""Look, look! over here you see me, Uncle Salt? Uncle Rod?""We see you Dani!""I would never let anything happen to my family!""Shhh, shell hear you. I am glad we agree. Oh, and stay out of my buisness and Ill stayout of yours.""Fine, we agree to ignore one another."
  56. 56. "Haha! I told you I could.""The bee made me fall.""There wasnt a bee.""Yes, there was! It was huge!""Whatever, bee boy. I gotta go."
  57. 57. Shes awesome!
  58. 58. "Daddy, Can I get married?""Umm, when youre older?""But, that will take too long. What if she gets a boyfriend?""Who is she ?""I dont know. But, shes awesome! She held on to the monkey bars longerthen anybody I know.""Impressive?"
  59. 59. "Sure is! Im going to marry her. It will be awesome!"
  60. 60. Beryl...Beryl...You did the right thing... He deserved it...every second of it...Hedeserved the pain...
  61. 61. "OH! Whos there!"
  62. 62. "Are you ok, Beryl I heard a scream? Is there a burgler? Where is he? We needto call the police!""It was only a nightmare, nothing more. I am sorry I woke you.""Are you sure? No burgler?""None that I know of."
  63. 63. "Are you ok? You look terrible.""I just had a nightmare, Bayl dear. I feel terrible.""Do you remember what it was? I heard if you tell someone about such thing itmakes you feel better.""I...I really do not want to discuss it...""Its only going to bother you more, if you dont talk about it. That is what Iheard anyway. Its not like either of us could sleep again anyway."“sigh I really do not see why...Very well, I have to apologize..."
  64. 64. "I had a dream about that terrible man. The one I yelled at. I really am sorry about that.I do not know what I was thinking. I lost my temper and it was uncalled for. Iembarassed you and I am sorry.""I was surprised. But, the man was being rude. I thank you for coming to my defence. Ishould have been the one yelling at him, I just... I got upset. I am sorry you had anightmare about it. It was a stressful situation.""....I dreamt I was beating the man....""I see. I can see why you didnt want to talk about it. But, it was only a dream. Dreamscan be crazy. I once had a nightmare I was a ladybug. It was scarry I was afraid to go tosleep. But, it was only a dream."
  65. 65. "But--""Dreams are reflextions of your thoughts and feeling. You were upset about today andyour subconscious mind created the dream around that. You didnt really beat thatman. So, you shouldnt worry.""But, In the dream I was really hurting him. My legs even feel sore. Like I really did kickhim.""That is only your body responding to the dream. I heard if people dream about beingsick, they become sick. Its a funny thing how the body and mind are connected."
  66. 66. "Where did you hear all of this anyway?""I meet alot of people working for TNLT. Townies are a fountain of wonderful knowledge!Did you know that the green stuff that shows up on pizza is full of vitamins? We shouldtry it. I hear its good. I know! You should come to my TNLT meeting. The people arerelly nice.""Err, maybe another time. We should try to get back to sleep.""Youre right. Goodnight Beryl. I am sorry that dream got you so upset."But....I enjoyed it.
  67. 67. "Oh bother! Missed again. Not on top of my game tonight.""We all have our down days, Sir.""When are your down days? I swear, your performance has been ideal. Topknotch. Your efforts have secured the companys future. You should be proud.""I am glad I was able to help the company through its financial problems. Theoverseas partnerships have been finalized as well. Roger, is now in charge ofall international business."
  68. 68. "What is this? Roger? But, I placed you as the head of our international affairs.""My understanding was the position was only temporary until another was trained totake my place. With business in the final stages I took the initiative to train Rogerpersonally.""I see, the work wasnt to your liking. I am sure Roger will do a wonderful job. Tomorrowyou will be transfered back to intelligence operations.""That wont be necessary. I wish to place my resignation.""I see. I cannot say I am surprised. I had a feeling this would come about."
  69. 69. "Then, you understand why?""I understand. Your family is important to you.""They are the world to me. Working with the company has its risks and thinking of thedanger...""I understand. You are sure you wish to leave? There are small jobs, ones that take littletime and effort. I can find a place for you that allows for that percious family time you lovesome much.""I am sure the best thing for me and my family is to resign."
  70. 70. “If that is your decision and there is no way I can sway you, then I cannot stopyou. Mind you, I do not agree, but I understand.""Thank you, Sir, for understanding."
  71. 71. I understand, my boy. You are leaving the family that cared for you, protectedyou, made you, for another family entirely.
  72. 72. I understant and I do not agree.
  73. 73. "Good Morning, Hiragi Hills! Im Claudia Long your host for Morning Report with SNN."
  74. 74. "The Media world is buzzing or should I say purring? Simself Circe Hiragi announcedyesterday her plans to launch the new Lucky Kitty Channel. But, can the influentialSimself snare stockholders? The success and sudden failure of the Gnome Channel stillfresh in mind, has eyebrows lifting in caution. Only time can tell if history will repeatitself.
  75. 75. “Our top story hits a little close to home. Albert Finelle, local food critic and allaround bad tempered individual, was found beaten in his home early this morning.His injuries arent life threating and he is expected to make a full recovery. After abrief interview with authorities it was clear that the attack happened so quicklythat there was no chance to I.D. the attacker. According to neighbors, Mr. Finellehad gathered a long list of enemies with his brass attitude. Authorities believe thesearch my take years."
  76. 76. "Oh my! you dont think?""Umm, coincidence?"A elderly neighbor claimed seeing a woman in the area, but due to badlighting no other details are known."Bayl!""Coincidence!?"
  77. 77. Legacy House..."You think you did what? Just because you dreamt that you did, doesnt mean you did it.Beryl, youre not capable of hurting anyone!""Breccia, the details of the dream are accurate. Where the man was hit, how seriousthe injury was, everything in the dream is true. I beat that man. I, I may have beat Mr.Cow too. I had a dream the night that happened as well. It, it must have been me.""Thats crazy! I cant believe you think you really did it. Beryl, think for a minute. Youlack the physical strength to do all you said you did. There is no way you could beatanyone without physical harm to yourself."
  78. 78. "Now, that isnt true at all. Beryl is my top student. When we trained in themountains Beryl perfected all the Art of Mighty Fury Techiques. She broke sixlogs with a single chop. I was so proud!"
  79. 79. "Breccia, what is Papa talking about? He has mentioned the mountains beforeand I cannot recall...""I dont remeber the log chopping, but I do remember all the jumping aroundin dragon suits. Worst vacation ever, I would love to forget it all. Funny, howyou did."
  80. 80. "There might be something we can try. I did complete the medical career track after all. Ipicked up more then just a pay check.""I would hope a 401k package?""Mamas not stupid, Bayl dear. I went for the gold plan. But anyway, I remember a casewhere a patient with amnesia was hypnotized to get the information needed to identify him.We could use the same method to see if Beryl really did beat those men and why shedoesnt remember the trip to the mountains.""Could you do it now, Mama? I would really like to know if it did... what I think I did.""I wasnt trained in hypnosis, but I know someone who is and theyre cheap too!"
  81. 81. "Its a good thing we tested the shock therapy machine before we used it. Onto plan B! You just sit right there and let me work my magic. I promise noexplosions this time."
  82. 82. "Hypnosis is a tricky thing. Lots of ways to do it. Shock therapy is my favoriteone, but since we cant use it, drink this.""What is it? Are you sure its safe for Beryl to drink?""Not to worry little Fishie. Its a relaxing agent, the guys in the lab cooked up. Itwill ease your mind into a state of suggestion.""Youre going to drug her?""Quite Fishie! Here you go Beryl. Its mint flavored."
  83. 83. "Mmmm, tasty.""After your done, lay back. You will start to feel sleepy."
  84. 84. "How are you feeling Beryl?""Dizzy. The room is spinning.""Take a deep breath and focus on a spot on the ceiling. Did the room stop spinning?""Yes, but I cannot find any spots on the ceiling. Are you sure they are there? Oh there theyare! Cute little things. Did you teach them to dance? Can they sing too? Oh, they areflying away. How sad.""Umm, never mind the the spots. Try and focus on my voice. I want you to tell me aboutthe dream you had. The one with the foul tempered man."
  85. 85. "It was nice. It was so pretty in the park. It was quite. Very nice. He told me togo home, but I didnt want too. He walked me home. That was nice. Very nice."
  86. 86. "Was that a part of the dream she told you, Fishie?""No, maybe she is thinking about something else? And why are you calling me Fishie?""Quite Fishie! Beryl, do you remember the bad man from the clothing shop?""Man from the shop...He hurt Bayls feelings.""Yes, that man. Tell me about the dream you had about beating that man."
  87. 87. "I beat him. He deserved it. Why did he have to say that? We were friends. Itrusted him, but he didnt care about me. I didnt care he liked Maria. I forgavehim. We were friends. But, he said he didnt care about me. Why? It hurt somuch. So, I made him hurt too! He deserved it! Stupid Cow!"
  88. 88. "Beryl are you talking about Mr. Cowpetti?""Stupid Cow! Stupid Cow! Ill kill him! How dare he treat me this way! That stupid Cow!Bayl didnt do anything wrong! It was all your fault. You want a trip to the hospital? I cangive you that!""Beryl, focus on my voice. Did you beat up Mr. Cowpetti?""He deserved it! Stupid Cow! I hate you!""Beryl, please calm down and listen to my voice. Did you beat Mr. Finelle too?""Stupid man! Its his fault. Ill teach him a lesson! No one yells at my little brother!"
  89. 89. "Maybe its a good time to stop?""Right, Fishie. Beryl, can you see the spots on the ceiling? They are red and green andthey can dance. Do you see them?""Pretty spots...""Yes, they are pretty. Now, close your eyes and think about the spots. they are singingto you. Can you hear them? A soft nice song. Listen to the song.""So, nice...""Its time to go to sleep, Beryl. Listen to the song and go to sleep."
  90. 90. "What are we going to do? Is she alright?""Quite Fishie. She is fine. The concoction worked better then I thought. I cantwait to tell the guys at the lab.""What!?""Shuhhh, Fishie!"
  91. 91. "Now youve gone and done it Fishie. Sorry, Beryl we didnt mean to wake you.Are you feeling alright?"
  92. 92. "Muahahaha!""Umm, Beryl?""Beryl, youre going to fall. Please get down.""How dare you treat me this way! I am a princess!""Ok...Beryl, please calm down. Do you want some water? Fishie get somewater.""I will make you pay!"
  93. 93. "Woah, Beryl. I have milk if you wa--"
  94. 94. "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!""Fishie!! Get her off!""I will make you pay! How dare you treat me like this!""Fishie Help!""But, how? oh my!"
  95. 95. "What do I do? Beryl please stop.""DIE! Stupid Cow!""Fishie!! Help me!!"
  96. 96. "I will break you! Stupid Cow!"
  97. 97. "I didnt hit her too hard, did I?""Nah, she hit my harder.""What do we do, now?""Hope she wakes up sane, Fishie."
  98. 98. "She attacked you? Beryl?""Oh Yeah and shes got a mean right hook."
  99. 99. "She always did favor her right. Biotite is good with his left, but he needs tobuild up his upper arm strength a bit more. If only he wasnt so lazy."
  100. 100. "Which brings me to the heart of the matter. Beryl sleep fights.""You cant be serious?""Oh I am. From what we discovered Beryl did indeed beat both Mr. Cowpettiand Mr. Finelle within an inch of their lives. She cant remember it, becauseshe was asleep. Whenever she is extremely angry or upset her subconscioustakes over and seeks out the source of that anger."
  101. 101. "Is there a way we can stop her sleep walking, err fighting?""What she needs is some good hard training. Something to get all thataggression out of her system."
  102. 102. "Be serious Daddy! Mom tell him to stop this nonsense already.""Your father may have a point.""That may not be a bad idea."
  103. 103. "Hey Auntie Beryl! I didnt know you would be here. Want to watch a moviewith me?""Shhush Cal."
  104. 104. "Oh Beryl, Sweet heart. How long were you there?"
  105. 105. "Cal, have you done your homework?""Nut bunnies, Im going. I never get to stay for the good stuff."
  106. 106. "I, I knew there was something wrong with me. Its all my fault. I hurt Mr. Cowand the man from the shop. I even hurt Gin. Its all my fault. I am a terribleperson. I am so sorry.""Are you willing to make the effort to cure this sleep fighting thing?""It has to stop! I cannot live knowing I can hurt someone at any moment."
  107. 107. "Then I suggest we take your fathers advice. You are too nice for your owegood. You have kept all your displeasure bottled up. That build up is what Ibelieve causes these raging night fights. We need to find outlettes for all thisanger or you may have another blow up. Training with your father may be thebest way."
  108. 108. "You want me to learn to fight? How is that of any help? I do not want to hurtpeople.""You already know how to fight. Your subconscious used those skills to whackthat cow into a milk stain. It also got me square in the jaw. I believe that yourconscious mind needs to relearn these skills so, you will be better able tocontrol them."
  109. 109. "The Art of Mighty Fury is the ultimate art of protection and self-defence. My Rival hasfailed many times in his attempts to hurt this family because I use the Art of Mighty Furyto protect this house. I taught my children the secrets so, they too could protect thefamily when I am gone. These skills focus on the balance of power and control. One mustbe at peace with ones mind to truely understand all that is the Art of Mighty Fury. Youhave forgotten this balance, but I am sure once you remember the sleep fighting will end.The Art of Mighty Fury was created to ensure this peaceful balance and to take over theworld, but you kids are lazy and never wanted to make the effort.""Umm, what?"
  110. 110. "Bring out the dragon suits and dust off the obstacle course, we are startingwith the basics!""Papa, you have gone mad."
  111. 111. "Please Beryl, at least try this method and dont keep anymore displeased feelings toyourself.""Alright, I am displeased! I am not going to learn to fight. What if I hurt someone again?""You could hurt someone anyway if you dont try. You attacked me without a thought. Whatif the next person cant defend themselves?""No, I cannot have that happen!""Then listen to your father.""But..."
  112. 112. "This is rather nice.""First we focus the mind, then you work the body. Tomorrow we will train withthe grenades. So, wear spandex.""Err, What was that? Lemonade? I love lemonade!""Grenade, Princess.""Lemonade, Papa dear!"
  113. 113. "...and the flamingo jumped high in the air landing a kick right between the eyes of theevil rooster, liberating his people from the evil cluckers harsh rule. What type of bedtime story is this?""Grandpa picked it out. Isnt it awesome?""I think were done with story time. Off to bed, young man.""Can I have 5 more minutes?""And what do you plan to do in 5 minutes?"
  114. 114. "Get my teddy bear from outside?""Is this a stall tactic?""And if I said yes?""Go, get your bear. You have 5 minutes."
  115. 115. "Me com tu.""Trini, get back inside. You dont have a jacket. Youre going to get sick.""Go wif yu.""Go back insdie Trini. Youre such a pain."
  116. 116. "Plumbob this hurts!"Woo! Baby #3 right on time."This better be the last one!"You darn right, it better be. I have too many generation 4 kids already.
  117. 117. "Me want tu go tu!""Geez, Trini. Ill be right back. Go back inside.""Me want com!""Whatever, Ill just be a sec."
  118. 118. "Wipe those smiles off or Ill tare they off! Geez, this hurts!""Breathe sweet heart. Its almost over.""I am breathing!"
  119. 119. "There you are Mr. Bear. We need to get inside. Its cold out here."
  120. 120. Welcome Baby Chert to the family. Take a long look, this little boy is the lastbaby for this household. No more. I cant handle anymore.----------------------------------------------------Chert is highly compressed Silca. Think of a quartz that has been smashed intoa fine powder, then press that powder together so hard it becames a rock.That is the simplified explaination. Chert can break off into sharp pieces. Manycultures have used it as a cutting tool. Some arrow head are made of Chert.
  121. 121. "What was Mom sceaming about? Trini? Are you still outside? You better beinside, like I told you to."
  122. 122. "Trini? Are you out here?"--------------------------------------------------This ends Chapter 3.3 pt 2. I hope you enjoyed it. Do not hate me for the cliff-hanger. It had to be done. Hopefully I wont leave you hanging too long. :D==>>
  123. 123. Memorial Photo of Aragonite and his elegant lady, *cough* Fish Hat lady *cough*Candice.What can I say about these two? Well, they died plantinum. Which I am suprised evenhappened since they didnt achieve their LTWs. I lucked out with a few "woo hoo" rollsand boom plantinum.Aragon & Candice leave behind two sons, Trent & Wes and two grandsons, Gabriel &Jaden. Which you will see in later chapters.With the passing of the 1st born of generation 2, an era begins its slow march to theend. :(