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The Legrand Legacy--Gen2 University Part2--Burn


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The Legrand Legacy--Gen2 University Part2--Burn

  1. 1. Generation 2 University Part 2- Burn
  2. 2. Welcome to Simself Towers!!! The home for the new simselves in the neighborhood.
  3. 3. “I’m excited to be here.” You see, after I built most of the apartment, I was just plain bored. I decided to let the simselves decorate the recreation rooms on the main floor.
  4. 4. “Reigning simself here. Where are you?” I called after entering the lobby. Someone is supposed to be at the front desk. Where are they?
  5. 5. “Oh well, guess I’ll go check it out for myself.” I truly was excited. I had a lot of ideas about what they did.
  6. 6. But none of them compared with what I saw.
  7. 7. “Hiya Rose. This was the most fun any of us have had in awhile. So what do you think?” ______________________________________________________________________________ From left to right we have; muffinsgirl14, aka Gabie, is currently writing Just a Little Auracy. Mia Moonstar, aka Mia, is currently writing The Hill Asylum. Pony is currently writing The NEW Pokemon legacy. Animeangel1983, aka Ani-Mei, is currently writing an apocalypse called Where angels fear to tread, and Altered fates an alternate universe legacy.
  8. 8. What do I think? None of the furniture matches. The walls and floors are covered in stuff I’ve never used before. Hmm. Stuff that I’ve always longed to use. A smile spread across my face. “I love it. I’ve always wanted to do something as fun as this.”
  9. 9. “I knew you would.” “Pony, are you going to play, or can I have all of your chips?” Mia called. “You leave those alone.” Pony called back. “Gotta go Rose.” Pony ran over and sat back in her chair.
  10. 10. Gabie sighed. “I was kind of hoping Rose would of grumped about the way we decorated this place. It would have been all the more fun.” “You can’t get what you want every time,” Ani-Mei said as she flipped a chip into the center of the table.
  11. 11. I headed over to the couch. I had a feeling that that person didn’t live here.
  12. 12. “Hi Keika. You really love face time, don’t you?” “Yep. Especially when you only put up a chapter once a month.” “You know I’m lazy.”
  13. 13. “You said it would be a week. Not a month.” I gave her a sheepish grin. “Anyway, Rosie, you know you aren’t lazy. It’s your senior year, and RL has been rather demanding.” “I guess. That and you’re probably moving out soon.” “What does that have to do with the price of beans in china?”
  14. 14. “I had to go out and find all of the sims 2 expansion packs so that I could continue playing the sims after you left.” “Riiiight. Anyway, enough talk. It’s time to continue on with your legacy.”
  15. 15. Keika’s right! Welcome to Uni part 2! Last time the Whites from Keika’s the White Legacy invaded. There was also much skilling and friend making. Then they went on vacation to relax. Desi got lost on a walk, and ended up helping the Witch Doctor. He gave her a doll, which she wasn’t exactly thankful for. At the end the Quads had a big fight again, which ended with Brielle getting yelled at by all of them. They immediately felt bad, but the damage was done. This is where we will be picking back up on the story.
  16. 16. “Brielle, We’re… well… I’m sorry. I haven’t really been much of a brother lately. All I’ve done is pick fights. I should have seen what it was doing to you… to us. You feel the tension in your heart, don’t you?” Brielle made a soft noise in confirmation. “I’ve always thought of us as best friends, and I was blind to how much my arguing hurt you.” Anton sat down on the wood part of the bed.
  17. 17. “It’s not your fault Anton, I’m the one who took you guys for fools. I thought a little laughter would chase away everything. All it did was push it away for a worse argument later.” “It is my fault. Desi brings up stuff that bugs me, but I’m the one that chooses to fight rather than just stop it. I’m a real idiot.” A small smile spread across Brielle’s face. “Yeah, you can be pretty stupid sometimes.” “Hey!” Anton said, both of them cracking up.
  18. 18. They rose and gave a manly hug to each other. “Seriously though, Brielle, I’m going to stop being such a jerk.” “Thanks Anton. You haven’t really been a jerk, just mentally impaired.” “I think that’s worse. Though I suppose it is more accurate.” The duo then went back downstairs to join their siblings, and Puck.
  19. 19. They spent some time at the spa to release the tension that had built up that day. “Is this the right spot miss?” the Masseuse asked. “…mmm...” “I’ll take that as a yes, then.”
  20. 20. Over in the sauna… “Desi, you need to stop pushing Anton’s buttons.” “Whatever do you mean?” Desi blinked her eyes in sarcastic innocence. “You know that he likes to argue with you, and you are so doing it on purpose.” Desi pouted.
  21. 21. The boys decided to spend time in the hot spring, though their choice of attire is rather strange for hot water. “So Puck, what’s it like to kiss a girl? Other than family, I mean.” “I’ve only ever kissed your sisters so…” “That’s an odd thing to think about. But, how was it?”
  22. 22. Puck put his arms behind his head a grinned off into the distance. Anton grinned and copied him. “I thought so.”
  23. 23. At the end of the day everyone joined them in the hot spring.
  24. 24. It was decided to spend the last day on the beach. The girls went sun tanning, while the boys played on the pirate ship. Brielle would have rather played on the ship, though.
  25. 25. “Ow, this is so not cool!” Desiree screeched upon receiving a nasty sunburn.
  26. 26. Charnell also received a burn, and it looks to be even worse than Desi’s. Needless to say the girls were not happy.
  27. 27. Brielle disappeared onto the ship. She was the only one to receive a tan, and wanted to be as far away from Desi’s wrath as possible.
  28. 28. “Sunburned Sweet heart, what do you think of a date to end this vacation.” “Anything to take my mind of this burn, you so thoughtfully mentioned,” Charnell said with a slight edge. The two had a marvelous time.
  29. 29. Which led to the real reason that Puck had asked her on a date.
  30. 30. Before they knew it, it was time to leave. Even though they had faced problems, they still had a good vacation. Desi had to listen to Charnell and Puck talk about their engagement the entire plane ride home. By the time they got back to campus she was very put out.
  31. 31. So, she wasted no time in calling over the matchmaker to find herself a man. “Hmm,” Madam Eliza said. “I sense an imbalance in the future. Someone is manipulating what is meant to be.” “Madam?”
  32. 32. “Oh, sorry my dear. What kind of man are you looking for?” “I need a man who is perfect.” “Oookaaay. How much are you willing to pay?” “Here’s three thousand.” The matchmaker raised an eyebrow. It wasn’t that much for a perfect guy. Oh well, she thought as she found a man worth that much. He fell from the sky and landed with a thud.”
  33. 33. “Hi, my name’s Bobby.” The boy said, after brushing himself off. “Yes, you will do.” Desi said shaking his hand. “What?” He asked confused.
  34. 34. “You need a new haircut, because right now it looks just like one of my brother’s hair. When we make out I don’t want to feel like I’m kissing him. That would be awkward” “Um…I like my hair.” He said in an attempt to protest.
  35. 35. “And I hardly even know you, why are you talking about kissing already?” He continued. “Come now, you’ll look amazing. Just let me try again,” Desi said. “Wait…” he futilely attempted to brush her off.
  36. 36. “See, perfect,” Desi said. “I do like it better, actually,” He said in stunned amazement. “We’ll make the perfect couple, you and me,” she said cheerfully. “Um… I think I should be headed home.” Bobby stood up and started down the sidewalk.
  37. 37. Desi pouted, then remembered that she had something in her pocket. She pulled out the doll that the masked man had given her. “I wonder if that guy was telling the truth. I’m sure he was pulling my leg, but...” Desi looked at the tag. “I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. Okay Mr. Mickles, I want to be romantically involved with that Bobby.” The doll glowed and Bobby halted on the sidewalk.
  38. 38. He came back and wrapped his arms around her. “Sweet thing, I’m sorry I got mad.” “I forgive you.” Desi said. So the doll did work.
  39. 39. I knew it would. The rest of the day was full of kissing deliberately in front of Charnell.
  40. 40. And then a proposal as well. “Bobby, I know we just met today, but perfection can’t be halted by mere details. Let’s get married.” Desi grinned. Bobby took the ring and more kissing ensued.
  41. 41. On that same night, something else was in motion. “Francois, I don’t like the look of this place,” Edouard said warily. “Sorry Ed, but I have business to deal with.” “Business that that Yvonne girl gave you? I don’t trust her, she seems… off.” Francois rolled his eyes and ignored Edouard’s protests.
  42. 42. Edouard found a seat inside. “How am I supposed to help if he won’t listen to me?” he asked the air.
  43. 43. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a woman approaching. He tried to ignore her, but she was coming straight towards him. She stared at him. It was unnerving, but he couldn’t look away. “Can I help you?” He finally asked, with less force than he had planned.
  44. 44. Ed stood up, with every intention of leaving, but she came even closer and started waving her hands in front of his face. “What are you…” He trailed off as he saw trails of purple light swirling off of her hands. It swirled about and shone like moonlight. Watching it spin he became dizzy and his vision fuzzed.
  45. 45. Then she was biting him, and he was completely under her power.
  46. 46. “Ed?” Francois had finished his business, but Ed wasn’t in sight. He heard noises from the bathroom.
  47. 47. Someone was retching in the bathroom stall, completely losing themselves. “Ed?” “Francois?” A weakened voice replied. “It’s time to leave, sounds like you need to leave anyway.” There wasn’t a reply, but Francois exited the bathroom.
  48. 48. Ed slowly slid out of the door.
  49. 49. “Dun-dun-DDDUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!” Keika, what are you doing here?! “Here that, Rosie? You just broke your narrative style on set. My mission is complete.”
  50. 50. Over at the greek house a party was just wrapping up. Everyone had fun. Though, probably not the cow mascot since they got beat up by a cheerleader. (Sorry to interject, but notice that boy talking to Brielle? He was in the last chapter and introduced as her science partner. Just thought I’d remind you.)
  51. 51. After the party they walked outside and had a rebuild. “I think we should have waited to rebuild,” Desi said. “Why?” Anton asked. “Because there is no upstairs, and the bottom floor plan sucks because we just wanted rooms.”
  52. 52. “Hey, Desi, what’s on your mind?” Brielle asked. “Charnell beat me to maxing all of the skills. Not only that, but Anton has maxed his as well.” Across the campus, before night fell, someone was just getting back from the party they had thrown.
  53. 53. “Yo, Baldy, how was the party?” Benedick grinned as he took a bite of his chili. “Good.” “And your girlfriend?” “She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my science partner.”
  54. 54. “Right, and I’m not your twin. I’m not complaining. You’ve gotten us back on the playlist. Do what you have to do to keep it that way.” “Benedick, stop breaking the fourth wall.”
  55. 55. “But Lindy, it’s so much fun.” “I know, but I don’t want you to keep us from getting face time because of it.” “Anyway,” Benedick continued. “She completely agrees with me about that Brielle chick being your girlfriend.” “Do not.”
  56. 56. “Aww, come on Lindy. You just said that before he walked in.” “Don’t listen to him Claudio. I just said that I was happy you were getting out and talking to girls. I was hoping you would finally forget Briana. That girl was a jerk.” “I just remembered I have an assignment I need to do.” Claudio put down his bowl and left the room.
  57. 57. “Way to go Lindy, bringing up Miss Taboo.” “You’re the one who started on the girlfriend topic. You don’t see me bugging you about your girlfriend.” “Because she’s a wonderful cheerleader. Speaking of which she should be getting here soon.”
  58. 58. Benedick walked out and dipped her into a kiss.
  59. 59. Another couple was kissing, but this one was their first.
  60. 60. “I should probably be getting home,” Hope said with a smile. “See you tomorrow.” Anton called after her.
  61. 61. Charnell found a present at her door when she arrived back from class that night. She picked it up. “Sparkling white grape juice,” Charnell read. She noticed a tag hanging off. Thanks for the great party, Charnell!
  62. 62. “Look what I found on our doorstep, Puck. You want some?” “Sure.”
  63. 63. “I know, let’s click the glasses, like they do in all of those movies.” “That sounds like fun.”
  64. 64. They clicked them and Puck’s spilled. “Great.” He said as he set down his glass. He moved over to the sink so he could clean it up.
  65. 65. Charnell took a good drink from hers.
  66. 66. She dropped her glass and it shattered on the floor. “Holy Cow, that’s vile,” She gagged.
  67. 67. “Charnell, are you okay?” “Yeah. I think it’s gone bad. Oh, yuck, I need to wash my mouth out.”
  68. 68. After the drink had been disposed and the glass cleaned up, they set about skilling. “How many more of these pitchers do I need to make to earn a gold badge?” Charnell complained. “At least you know what you’re doing,” Desi said. “I haven’t a clue where this piece goes.”
  69. 69. “Ha, take that chess board. I maxed my skills.” She continued to grin to herself.
  70. 70. The graduation party was on shortly thereafter.
  71. 71. “Mom, I’m glad you could come.” “There is no way I would miss my son’s graduation.” “Where’s Bo? Isn’t she coming too?” “You know you’re sister. Stubborn that one.”
  72. 72. “Claudio, I’m going to miss being your science partner. It was really fun.” “Yeah, we always did some… neat things.”
  73. 73. “Yeah… I’m glad we were partners,” Brielle said. “It made it so we could be friends.” “Yeah. Friends.” Brielle giggled. “We’re acting like this is goodbye. Pretty silly, huh. You’re always welcome to visit me in Veronaville.”
  74. 74. “Veronaville?” “Well, most likely the neighboring town. Veronaville is kind of crowded.” “It’s just that my parents live there.” “Really? That’s neat, because mine do too.” They smiled.
  75. 75. “I’ll miss seeing you everyday.” Brielle said with a hug. “Me too.” “Till we meet again.”
  76. 76. “Charnell I’m proud of all of your hard work. I can’t wait for you to come home. It’s getting really lonely.” “Mom, what about Edouard and Francois?” “Oh, I didn’t…” A sad look covered Anette’s face. “They ran away.” “Oh.” Charnell didn’t know what to say.
  77. 77. “Hey Desi. Would you and Bobby like to move back into the main house with myself and Puck. I would miss being with my siblings after all this time of being together. That and I think mom could use the extra company. Apparently the twins ran away.” “Really? They did?”
  78. 78. “Bobby and I would love to.” “Don’t you think you should ask before deciding for him?” “Oh Charnell, Bobby loves whatever I love. After all, we are perfect for each other.” Charnell scratched her head. She wondered if Bobby knew what he was getting into with Desi.
  79. 79. Desi ran over when the door opened to reveal that Bobby had made it to the party. “Bobby, you finally made it! We are going to move in with Charnell after college. Isn’t it wonderful?”
  80. 80. “Of course sweet thing, whatever you like.” “Guys the PDA is sickening. Don’t you think you should find a room?” Hope said as she tried to walk in the door.
  81. 81. “Hope, my wonderful gal, would you like to hold onto the greek house until the next legacy sims show up?” “I would be happy to. How about some PDA?” “Sounds great to me.”
  82. 82. And finally it was grow up and leave college time.
  83. 83. I’ve been putting this off, but here’s their stats. I’m also too lazy to take individual pictures. Anton- Fortune, Gemini, 3/6/7/5/5, Become Criminal Mastermind. Brielle- Fortune, Aries, 10/10/3/2/3, Become Criminal Mastermind. Charnell- Popularity, Taurus, 9/5/5/8/5, Become Mayor. Desiree- Knowledge, Aries, 9/10/7/7/1, Become City Planner. Puck- Popularity, Taurus, 7/2/6/2/8, Become Captain Hero.
  84. 84. “I suppose this is the end of the chapter then.”
  85. 85. “Hey, Rosie.” Juliette said. “Since your playing us again, that means that mine and Jason’s kids are coming home soon, right?” “True that. Claudio, Benedick, and Rosalind are coming soon.”
  86. 86. “Yay!” Juliette cheered as Jason dipped her into a kiss. “You know, I should really expect the PDA by now.”
  87. 87. I slid off of the stool. “I guess I should be headed home then.”
  88. 88. “Rosie, Rosie, ROOOOOOSIEEEEEE.” Keika yelled as she skipped into the house. “Do you really need to be everywhere that I am?” “That’s not important. The important thing is that Dez and I are engaged!”
  89. 89. “Wait, what?”