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Prezentacija "PROFITING WITH ORACLE SIEBEL CRM THROUGH LEAN TIMES" koju je Dušan Glišić održao na ComTrade Fabrici Znanja.

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  1. 1. PROFITING WITH ORACLE SIEBEL CRM THROUGH LEAN TIMES Dusan Glisic, Executive Manager Business Solution Center
  2. 2. Today’s Environment is Challenging “Recession’s Dark Cloud Looms Over Corporate Earnings- Reporting Season” “GDP Expected to Show Contraction” “Chinese Economy Shows Signs of Vulnerability” “81,312 Homes Lost to Foreclosure…”
  3. 3. Traditional Customer Relationships.. Direct In Direct Customer (Household, Company) Partner Vendor
  4. 4. Social Relationship Management C2C, C2B etc Prospect Social Networks Customer Company Competitor Customer Prospect Partner ? Company Prospect Vendor
  5. 5. Your New Customer Base • Grew up on the Internet, share by default. • Expect social structures from all applications. • Blur the line between professional and personal. • Email is for old people!
  6. 6. “There's absolutely a benefit in making changes during a downturn. As one of our vendors said: „A downturn is a terrible thing to waste.‟ It's easier for everyone to understand the need for the change when things are tough and the risks are lower.” - Frank Blake, CEO Home Depot in WSJ – June 5th, 2008
  7. 7. The Consolidation of what's not different Drive standardization and simplification Standardization Simplification Business supported by a Single Number of customer databases ERP per 1000 end-users 80% 1.51 69% 0.26 PEER GROUP WORLD-CLASS Source: The Hackett Group
  8. 8. 5 CRM Imperatives for Lean Times 1. Keep your Customers Close 2. Drive Experiences Users Crave 3. Go Where Your Customer Are 4. Help Customers Help Themselves 5. Make Margins Matter 6. Conserve Cash
  9. 9. 1 Keep Your Customers Close “In industry after industry, loyalty leaders are growing at more than twice the rate of their competitors.” Fred Reichheld - Author, The Ultimate Question
  10. 10. 1 Keep your Customers Close Loyalty Processes Increase the duration & value of your most valuable customer relationships • Incent customers differently – deliver differentiated & innovative programs that drive behavior and build value • Deliver great experiences across channels – consistently recognize, support and reward customers based on value at every touchpoint and in real-time CRM • Adapt quickly and cost-effectively to improve competitive advantage – leverage best practice processes and accelerate rollout of partners & offerings
  11. 11. 1 Keep Your Customers Close Incent Customers Differently Innovative, Differentiated Rewards Dynamic Redemption Pricing • Flexible incentive • Multiple redemption choices Advanced Integration price options • Tailored corporate- • Bid-driven redemption with Marketing employee joint reward pricing schemes • Automated point loan • Support for variety of lifestyle rewards • Enterprise data sources for promotion targeting • Improved loyalty program ROI and member experience
  12. 12. 1 Keep Your Customers Close Deliver Great Experiences Across Channels Real-Time Reward & Recognition Multi-Channel Member Care • Highly scalable • Pre-configured Loyalty Real-Time Loyalty event triggered member services Engine communications • Bulk member actions • In-Store Loyalty for rapid service Engine recovery management • Automated generation of member communication • Fulfillment integration with Oracle BI Publisher and Siebel Email Marketing
  13. 13. 1 Keep Your Customers Close Adapt Quickly and Cost Effectively End-to-End Automation Complete Partnership Management • Member Enrollment • Accrual Management • Flexible cross-industry • Loyalty Partner Management Application Integration program offerings • Redemption Management • Simplified partner • Promotion Management billing controls and • Tier Management triggers • Systemic cost management for joint promotions • SOA enabled web services • Seamless integration with 3rd party applications (retail PoS, web portals, kiosks) • Reduce TCO and speed multi-channel deployment
  14. 14. 2 Create Experiences Users Crave
  15. 15. 2 Why Social Networks are Important Network Effect creates Exponential Value value Social networks email time
  16. 16. 2 Why Social Networks are Important Customers trust each other! PR person 20% CEO 29% Industry Analyst 53% Academic 57% A Peer 75% Source: Edelman Trust Report 2007
  17. 17. 2 Oracle E-Commerce
  18. 18. 2 Oracle Social CRM Applications Office/Mobile Mashups Social Apps Gadgets
  19. 19. 2 Oracle Sales Prospector Offers insight on what to sell next based on analysis of buying patterns of customers with similar attributes
  20. 20. 2 Oracle Sales Campaigns Empowers sales reps to create sophisticated html campaigns in email and track the result
  21. 21. 2 Oracle Sales Library Provides a shared library to facilitate finding and sharing of sales content
  22. 22. 2 Oracle CRM Gadgets
  23. 23. 2 Oracle – Mobile Productivity Create Appointments Business Intelligence On the way to meeting Search Share leads Alerts Contacts Find an Address After the meeting Lookup Check Schedule Call Approvals Update Leads Throughout the day Check To Dos HR Jot Notes Follow-up Connect with Teams
  24. 24. 3 Go Where Your Customers Are “In industry after industry, loyalty leaders are growing at more than twice the rate of their competitors.” Fred Reichheld - Author, The Ultimate Question
  25. 25. 3 Go Where Your Customers Are Web-Bases Sales Extend CRM to where your customers congregate with integrated storefronts • Enable personalized sales experiences – integrate commerce capabilities with customer insight and communities • Respond to business needs – quickly manage promotions, product content, & price changes across channels • Close more sales – enable customers to easily CRM move across channels and assist purchasing to increase conversion rates & order size
  26. 26. 3 Go Where Your Customers Are Enable Personalized Sales Experience In Context Offers Configuration • Real-time offers to up- • Complex products sell/cross-sell Site Management • Promotions • Closed-loop, • Asset based ordering predictive analytics • Related products • Multiple look & feel brands • Behavior configuration
  27. 27. 3 Go Where Your Customers Are Respond to Business Needs Dynamic Catalog Centralized Administration • Rule-based product • Manage once, deploy display anywhere • Advanced pricing & SOA-Based Composite • Catalog, eligibility, promotions Application compatibility • Pricing, promotion, configuration • Easily extend and integrate to meet unique business requirements
  28. 28. 3 Go Where Your Customers Are Close More Sales Product Advanced Chat Recommendations • Up-sell and cross-sell • Integrated with Siebel based on browsing Contact Center Cross Channel • Web Page „Push‟ and purchasing history Collaboration • Cart and checkout assistance
  29. 29. 4 Help Customers Help Themselves “The Web is rapidly emerging as the self-service channel of choice as a result of growing broadband penetration and the low-cost of the Web channel for companies and customers alike.” Self-Service Strategies Report, 2007
  30. 30. 4 volume Customer Self Service volume Self Assisted Self Assisted Service Service Service Service cost/interaction cost/interaction
  31. 31. 4 Help Customers Help Themselves Better Service at a Lower Cost Tailor interactions to deliver the ultimate service experience • Empower customers & strengthen relationships – offer a rich, dynamic experience customers will prefer to calling • Resolve issues rapidly - proactively offer intent- based solutions with advanced online support tools • Reduce service costs – direct inquiries to the CRM most cost-effective channels
  32. 32. 4 Help Customers HelpRelationships Empower Customers and Strengthen Themselves Account Management E-Billing • Self-registration • Delegated B2B • Interactive bill presentment administration User Generated Content • Billing analytics • Integration with Siebel • Bill payment account, contact, and user management functionalities • Discussion forums
  33. 33. 4 HelpIssues Rapidly Help Themselves Resolve Customers Collaborative Service Integrated Knowledge Management Requests • Service request submission and interaction management • Proactively suggest Advanced Search • File attachment before SR or chat • Skill-based routing through • View related solutions Siebel Contact center or documents • Track recently viewed solutions • Keyword and faceted product search
  34. 34. 4 HelpService Costs Reduce Customers Help Themselves Multi-Channel Advanced Chat Integration • Customer account, • Chat active SR, recently • Email Proactive URL Push viewed KM • Service request notes documents visible to agent • Recorded chat sessions saved. • Robust co-browsing experience
  35. 35. 5 Make Margin Matter “…companies need to manage the profitability of individual customers and transactions with greater precision, develop richer insights into their customers‟ changing needs and price sensitivities...” McKinsey Quarterly, September 2008
  36. 36. 5 Make MarginsSolutions Price & Order Management Matter Consistently introduce new products and prices more quickly & effectively across channels – Recommend and enforce optimal prices – analytics- driven deal management ensures the optimal price on every deal – Expose Siebel Customer Order Management capabilities to various channels - utilize out-of-the-box web services – Address promotion and customizable product scenarios – leverage enhanced promotional capabilities CRM
  37. 37. 5 Oracle Deal Management
  38. 38. 6 Conserve Cash
  39. 39. 6 Conserve Cash • Upgrade • Consider On Demand
  40. 40. 6 Siebel 8.1.1 TCO savings with every release 73¢ reduced costs 57¢ 49¢ 7.7/7.8 to 8.1 7.5 to 8.1 7.0 to 8.1
  41. 41. 6 Oracle CRM Solutions – Complete CRM Transact, Analyze, and Engage Siebel CRM Oracle CRM On Demand Oracle Social CRM Comprehensive •Feature-Rich SaaS •Highly Task-Focused Functionality Offering Deep Industry Support •Easy to Use •Foster Collaboration Highly Customizable •Fast to Deploy •Increase User Productivity Integration (AIA)
  42. 42. 5 CRM Imperatives for Lean Times 1. Keep your Customers Close 2. Drive Experiences Users Crave 3. Go Where Your Customer Are 4. Help Customers Help Themselves 5. Make Margins Matter 6. Conserve Cash
  43. 43. More Oracle Siebel Results 33% increase in customer retention. Revenue increases of 3 to 5%. Costs and cycle times down. Response rates up 76%. 700 MRM users worldwide. Planning cycles reduced from 4 to 6 months. Increased alignment and visibility. 3,500 MRM users worldwide. Increased pipeline by 160% or $1 billion. 6% increased in trips by high value customers. $12 million per year cost savings. 26% incremental business than control groups 44
  44. 44. Dusan Glisic, Executive Manager Business Solution Center