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Evaluation of openings


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opening of a massege

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Evaluation of openings

  1. 1. Business Communication Evaluation of Openings and Newspaper’s Article Hamza Javed BCS 4th 2121-115001 Preston University Kohat
  2. 2. What Opening Paragraphs consist ? The opening of a message determines whether the reader continues reading, puts the message aside, or discards it. We should write main idea or good news first. If message contains bad news then buffer first.
  3. 3. Evaluation of Openings
  4. 4. Following are the first sentences of three messages to a Japanese business executive. what are their difference which would be effective or ineffective. Why?
  5. 5. A.Per our conversation on march. We would like to negotiate a contract with you to distribute your products in the Chicago area. In opening we write complete and concise information “First impression is the last impression” Comments:- •It is a effective one because it contains main idea necessary and complete information and also a good news. All the information is related to the reader.
  6. 6. B. Would you like to sell your products in a totally new market ? Comments:- •It is ineffective •It starts with a question which is not a good method •Incomplete message •It does not contain much information in openings and main idea or good news
  7. 7. C. We respect our relationship with you. Comments:- •It is ineffective •Incomplete message •Not contain related information •It does not make any sense to write in opening of a message
  8. 8. Newspaper Article
  9. 9. I took this article from a website
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  11. 11. comments •It is deductive one •It contains good news and main idea •All necessary and desirable details and data •Resale material •Sales promotion material •Education material etc.